Literary News: Divergent Movie Drama Starts

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 The Divergent fandom went into an uproar this week with the first real announcements pertaining to the highly-anticipated movie adaptation. According to multiple sources, including author Veronica Roth herself, Shailene Woodley is in final talks to star as Tris, and Alexander Ludwig (Cato in The Hunger Games) declared via Twitter he had a meeting to talk about getting the role of Four.

The hardcore fans appear not to be amused. (Frankly, you just don’t want to step into the Divergent tag on Tumblr anymore.) Criticism of Shailene Woodley abounds due to her role in the The Secret Life of the American Teenager (although others are again praising her for her performance in The Descendants), and her lacking the “Tris” look. However, Veronica Roth gushed in her Tumblr post about how Shailene fit the look exactly – she looks like a slight person with youthful, delicate features, someone who shocks you with how strong and capable she becomes.” Alexander Ludwig has been criticized for not “being like Four”, which seems to be a rather narrow-minded assessment of his acting skills. Fans are now calling out for him to go for the role of Peter instead.


Personally, I wouldn’t mind with either casting. Although I despise The Secret Life like many others, and Shailene didn’t amaze me in The Descendants either, I believe if Veronica Roth herself is confident about the casting, I have no right to complain. She’ll dye her hair and get made up to look the part, and then in 2014 we’ll finally know if this was a huge mistake. As to Xander, well, I’m just going to be happy to see him on my screen again. I’m not going to make assumptions about him being able to play Four just because he played a villain once. If he is cast, I’m guessing he can pull off this role as well. (I have this thing where I believe casting directors actually know what they’re doing. I know. Weird, huh.)



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6 responses to “Literary News: Divergent Movie Drama Starts

  1. Being in that teensy tiny minority of book-lovers who actually didn’t like Divergent, I don’t really have a casting preference. But I have a Divergent-obsessed friend who was livid with their choices.

    But the thing about books-to-movies is that most people have a certain look in their head from the book, making it absoultely impossible to please everyone – or even the majority, in a lot of cases – with the casting choices. I think acting skills are more important than getting the exact right look. I was strictly against Woody Harrelson as Haymitch for the Hunger Games movie since he didn’t fit my mental image of the mentor, but Woody did such a great job that he’s my favorite character in the movie.

    Like you said, I think it’s important to keep an open mind and save judgement until after you’ve actually seen the movie. And I kind of think Alexander Ludwig could pull Four off, if people can look past is role as Cato and realize that there is still more than enough time for them to tweak minor physical features to look more Four-like.

    • I’m sort of on the fence about the Divergent series lately because I loved the first but the second I thought was terrible… And apparently I’m one of the only ones that thinks that, which I just don’t understand, but sure.

      I certainly agree, everyone has a different image of a character, but I don’t understand people who get so livid that they start shouting that the movie’s going to be ruined, the worst movie ever, and that they may just not go see it anymore. That’s such an overreaction when you haven’t even seen anything about the actors playing those parts. And I totally agree with you about Woody Harrelson – he didn’t look anything like Haymitch in my mind, but he blew me away.

      I’ll be pretty excited if Xander gets it, but it’s not looking all too likely anymore. It’s all just rumors. I think they just need to freaking make their casting decisions and set them in stone and then the fandom can just shut up about it. ^^;

  2. I think the biggest mistake people make is thinking the movie has to be the same as the book. They’re two different forms of entertainment, they don’t have to be exactly alike, and they don’t have to appeal to the same group of people. If you don’t like decisions made about the movie…don’t see it. A bad movie doesn’t lessen the quality of the book it was based off of. Though I’d be lying if I said I don’t feel a small twinge of disappointment when they botch the movie version of one of my favorite books up.

    I actually know a few people who didn’t think Insurgent was nearly as good as Divergent, though I haven’t read it.

    If they don’t cast him as Four – which I can understand, maybe they feel he doesn’t fit the part like they were hoping – I hope to see him in something else soon. He did a really good job as Cato, imo. Especially that last climactic scene.

    • Oh I totally agree, if you compare books and movies you’re really setting yourself up for disappointment. I’ve taken to seeing them as totally different entities… and if they’re comparable, that’s just a great and pleasant surprise.

      Oh I can’t wait to see Xander in more movies. Indeed, that last climactic scene was amazing, I think he’s going to go quite far.

    • Haha, sorry to burst your bubble, but this was back in October. It doesn’t look like he’s in the running anymore, although it hasn’t been confirmed who HAS gotten the role. I think we should be hearing that very very soon though, since they start shooting at the end of March.