Top Ten All Time Favorite Contemporary Books

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I chose contemporary for this topic because, well for most other genres, the books I’ve read are in series and then it’s just repetitive and everything. Since most contemporaries are stand alone, I have a LOT more to choose from. These are all my absolute favorites, and all of them have 5 star ratings. Let the gushing begin.


One reason I love contemporaries is that they can carry so much emotion. They can reach my heart in a way that other genres will not. The Perks of Being a Wallflower remains the single book I’ve cried to most in the world. I cried for the last quarter of that book. Nonstop. And I cry again any time I reread it or watch the movie. The Fault in Our Stars is an obvious one. The lovely writing and wonderful characters make the plot hit you ten times as hard in the feels.


Another reason for my love for contemporaries is an obvious one. I mean, they don’t call it realistic fiction for nothing. But yeah, in contemporaries I can find those characters whose lives and circumstances so closely resemble my own that I end up reflecting on my own life. They can inspire me to change and do better. All of these books have done that: Adorkable, A Midsummer’s Nightmare, Just One Day (in spite of its disappointing sequel), The DUFF, and This Song Will Save Your Life.


And finally, contemporary can grant us some of the most beautiful (fluffy) romances. Good times and feels ALL around. I need that in my life every so often. I am a hopeless romantic at heart. My favorite fluffy pure-romance books are On the Fence (review coming soon!), Meant to Be, and The Distance Between Us. Basically, all hail Queen Kasie West.

Honorable Mentions: Smart Girls Get What They Want, Ask Again Later, Golden, Fangirl, and Shut Out.

That’s all! Which genre did you pick for your list?

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12 responses to “Top Ten All Time Favorite Contemporary Books

  1. AHHHH I love the way you broke it up! And as someone who juuuust read The Fault in Our Stars for the first time… um… Sunday, yeah. Tears. Lots. So many tears you probably wouldn’t believe me if I told just how many. And that at several points I actually cried, “No!” in this broken, tear-stretched voice, even though I was alone in my room and it was 3 am. IT WAS AN EXPERIENCE.

    Anyway. Your list. Your list is brilliant. Kody Keplinger, Sarra Manning, Kasie West. Total perfection.

  2. Nice graphics Debby 🙂 The fault in our stars made me tear up a little too and that doesn’t happen often. Such a beautiful story. This song will save your life is still one of the best contemporaries I’ve read. The beginning and ending touched me. On the fence looks so cute and I want to read Meant to be 😀 And of course, Adorkable 😉 I’m still waiting for the right mood.

  3. I have to agree, Kasie West is a fantastic contemporary author, and I also enjoyed John Green, but I couldn’t get into The Perks, I just couldn’t connect to Charlie.. this is a great list though Debby! 🙂

  4. I went the science fiction route today, but I definitely considered listing contemporaries. I’ve only really started reading contemporary in the last year or so, but it can be one of my favorite genres when done well!
    This Song Will Save Your Life! I think, at this point, TSWSYL is probably my favorite contemporary. It’s hard to talk about just how much that books mean to me(and how much I wish it had come out when I was still in high school!).

    Eep and Kasie West’s contemporary books! I love them so. They’re just perfect when you need a romance that will make you go “Awwww.”

  5. Although I haven’t read many, contemporary has really fallen on my radar lately and I’ve loved what I have read. I will have to keep some of these in mind for when I pick a new one up 🙂

  6. THE DUFF!!!! Frig… I loved that book so much <3 The characters were awesome and I loved the story. I need to read A Midsummer's Nightmare, especially seeing how I loved Keplingers writing so much in The DUFF!

    And totally agree about the Distance Between Us! I haven't read on the fence yet, but I do have a galley so I'm glad to know you love it just as much 🙂

    I really want to read Ask Again Later as well! I first passed it over but I have see so many raves about it (yourself included!) that I simple need to try it out now!

    Awesome list Debby!!

  7. I really need to read The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I haven’t seen the movie either, and I feel like I’m missing out x 2.

    I need to read Kasie West’s contemporary stuff. I’ve only read Pivot Point, which I loved, but I think I enjoyed it so much because of the amazing characterization. And Trevor <3

  8. I wish I had picked contemporaries now. I love this list – I am going to steal some of these titles. I’ve been itching for a new contemp for a bit.

  9. I enjoyed your graphics this week, Debby! And I have to absolutely agree about the reasons contemporaries can be so great. I really love the middle category you mentioned especially, as there are certain books I’ve read (Golden by Jessi Kirby, and Just One Day by Gayle Forman) that really made me stop and think about my own life. Great list!

  10. Ally

    Ahh!! I agree with so many of these!! I loved to read contemporary novels (especially after dystopians lol) and it’s so hard to pick just 10 favorites! I love how you broke them up! I’m so excited to read On The Fence!