Top Ten Books On My Summer 2014 TBR List

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Yes, I have two Top Ten Tuesdays today because I’m catching up on last week’s topic. So don’t forget to check out today’s other post! Anyway, time for another seasonal TBR list. Which means it’s time for me to look back on my spring TBR list. 8/10! Passable, but I was hoping to keep a streak of dominating these TBRs. Oh well, I’m blaming thesis hell, because what else is new? I hope I’ll catch up on Free to Fall and Graceling soon, but in the meantime here is my summer TBR! It’s a bit ambitious, since I’m not including all my review copies and book club books, but this is what I FEEL like reading.

Ruin and Rising Eona heir of fire

1. Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo
Guys. GUYS. AMAZON IS PREDICTING THIS WILL ACTUALLY BE IN MY HANDS TODAY. You don’t understand the significance of this moment. This would be the first pre-order to actually get to me ON release day. *knocks on wood* Usually even a pre-order is 5-10 days late because they just don’t have their stock in on time. BUT ANYWAY. Yeah. This book. Will read. ASAP. No spoilers. No no no spoilers.

2. Eona by Alison Goodman
This is our book club pick this month, since we all loved Eon in April! I’m so excited to continue (and finish) the story – because seriously, the first book ended just as it was getting so intense and awesome. I can’t wait to see where the story goes.

3. Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Maas
As soon as I have a free moment from books I’m obligated to read for review or book club, you best believe I will be devouring this one. Does that need further explanation?

A-Little-Something-Different all lined up the fine art of pretending

4. A Little Something Different by Sandy Hall
EEEEE I’m so excited for this book! Yes, it’s a review book for August, so obviously I was going to read it, but seriously it sounds amazing. You’re just reading from 14 POVs (including a squirrel) and they all just ship this couple and want them to be together. Sounds pretty darn perfect.

5. All Lined Up by Cora Carmack
Cora Carmack is a freaking sweetheart, and I’m soooo glad I got to meet her at BEA. I’ve been in the mood for more new adult contemporaries for the past couple weeks, so I hope I can get to this one soon. Knowing Cora, it’ll have me swooning.

6. The Fine Art of Pretending by Rachel Harris
I am so ready for fluffy contemporaries, guys, and this one I just cannot wait for. I mean, fake dating. Friends becoming more than friends. It’s practically made for me. Cannot. Wait.

The Swift Boys and Me The Boyfriend App One Man Guy since you've been gone

7. The Swift Boys & Me by Kody Keplinger
Did you guys miss the part where Kody and I are basically BFFs now? Ummm I’m still not recovered. Nor did it help when she followed me on Twitter this weekend and we had this long conversation about the movie adaptation of The DUFF. (When your favorite author follows you and they follow less than 300 people? YEAH, YOU FREAK OUT A LITTLE.) Anyway, though I am used to her books being YA, I’m super excited to read her middle grade debut. I know I’ll love her voice ♥

8. The Boyfriend App by Katie Sise
Christina has made me want to read this for soooooo long. Apparently it’s really awesomely fluffy and I will ship the ship? Well we mostly agree on contemporary romances, soooo YES I’m excited to read this.

9. One Man Guy by Michael Barakiva
Guys, I am the proud owner of the first book Michael Barakiva ever signed. I know. Be jealous. Anyway he totally blew me away at the Teen Author Carnival, so I bought his book, chatted with him for a while (he’s a sweetheart) so YEAH I wanna make sure I read it ASAP. It sounds sweet, funny, and awesome.

10. Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson
And more summertime funtime! You can clearly see by this list what I’m in the mood for. Anyway, everyone seems to be loving this book, and I haven’t actually read Morgan Matson before, so I’m really excited to make that happen soon!

That’s it for me! What made your summer TBR list?

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11 responses to “Top Ten Books On My Summer 2014 TBR List

  1. I can’t wait for Ruin and Rising to come out! It looks amazing, and I’m in love with the cover. I’m really excited for Heir of Fire too. I haven’t heard of A Little Something Different before, but it sounds so cute and different!

  2. 8/10 for your spring list, that’s good. I.. failed. I failed hard, haha. I hope to do better with my summer list.

    Ruin and Rising will be tackled soon. I’m going to the store now in the hope to buy it, because Bol screwed up my pre-order *cries*
    Eona, yeeeeay! I really wanted to continue reading right after Eon, but I managed to ‘save’ it for this month. Can’t wait to get started.
    Heir. Of. Fire. Yeah.
    A little something different, sounds definitely different. 14 POV’s! Wow.

  3. YES YES YES to Since You’ve Been Gone. It was PERFECT summer read. I wish I hadn’t devoured it so quickly so I could enjoy it more into the summer. Ruin and Rising, I’m terrified. Heir of Fire is sitting RIGHT NEXT TO ME as we speak and I’m terrified for that too. I want to love it so much. So many great books on your list!

  4. I just BINGED Eon/Eona and EONA WAS SO GOOD. ONE OF MY FAVES EVER EVER EVER. And your review of Eon was part of what got me reading the series in the first place!!

    It was especially great because Ruin and Rising was a bit of a disappointment to me 🙁

    Can’t wait to see what you think of both!