2014 Reading Statistics

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I’m finally totally wrapping up 2014 this week, with this last post: my reading statistics. Previously I’ve talked about my book favorites in the end of year survey, my other 2014 favorites, but now it’s time for the numbers! Long time followers will know that I have quite an obsession with tracking my reading in excruciating detail, but I mostly do it so that I can easily make this post to look back on the year. The following charts and graphs were made using my 2014 yearbook spreadsheet.

General Statistics

2014 assorted stats

Don’t be alarmed by those 46 series started – I’m noooooot continuing all of them. I’ve already decided to drop 10 of them. The others… well, we’ll see how long my interest holds up

Yearly Overview

2014 books read

2014 pages read

2014 average rating by month

August and September were by far my best reading months – but yeah, being unemployed means you have a lot of extra reading time. December trailed off because of my Christmas break and sort of reading slump. The low average rating there definitely shocked me though. May and June also weren’t the best in terms of books read – but that’s because of BEA and finishing up my thesis.

2014 ratings distribution

HA, all of you who think I’m a Negative Nancy or whatever have been proven wrong. I’m honestly shocked as well though. I guess the negative reads have stuck out more in my mind?


2014 series

I’m actually shocked that series didn’t QUASH standalones by a whole lot more. It always feels like I’m reading way more series. I’m glad to see though that the ratings are quite equal. Series are even doing a tiny bit better – if I’m honest I wasn’t expecting that.


2014 classification

This makes total sense. 2014 was the year of New Adult for me. I was skeptical about the classification before, but um, Cora Carmack happened. Basically. I regret nothing! It’s sad that of all the different classes, YA has the lowest average rating, but it also makes sense: I read it the most, so I’m more critical I suppose.


2014 genres

I am quite shocked that almost half of my reads are contemporary, but I guess it makes sense. I do read a lot of fantasy and sci-fi too, but especially when I’m mood reading, I need the fluff. And also – the New Adult thing happened. 2014 was a tough year for me personally, and when I feel down, I always go for contemporary reads.

2014 average rating by genre

Hmm, again I like contemporaries best! Fantasy does really well as well though, and so did historical fiction this year. I actually never really read historical fiction before 2014 but I *knew* the genre would work for me. It makes sense to me that sci-fi is relatively low. Though I love the premises, so many recent sci-fi dystopias just don’t cut it.


2014 publishers

HarperCollins at the top. This is not surprising. It is frustrating though. But I do think it’s probably an improvement over 2013. I’m not rushing into every Harper galley drop anymore. I honestly wasn’t expecting Penguin to be second – I never get review copies from them, but apparently I buy a lot of their books on my own?

2014 average rating by publisher

HarperCollins near the bottom – no surprise. But Macmillan? That IS surprising. (It’s mostly St. Martin’s fault though – had some bad luck with them in 2014.) Sourcebooks wins because of Miranda Kenneally.


2014 sources

With some quick addition, I am PROUD to say that only 48% of my reads are for review. Honestly, I expected that would have been more than half. But I’d like to decrease it in 2015 anyway.

2014 average rating by source

NetGalley and Edelweiss are doing poorlyyyyy. This is why I want to limit the number of review books I get. I just seem to not enjoy them as much as my own purchases and gifts. But again, in the second half of the year I had my BEA books and some physical copies from publishers, and these seem to do better. I need to be more discerning. NetGalley and Edelweiss are too easy to just click and download. Must stop.


2014 format

2014 was the year I started listening to audiobooks! I still prefer print, but it’s nice to switch it up once in a while. And actually 70% of my reads were physical copies! Yeah, man. Nothing beats a real book.

2014 average rating by format

This does not surprise me. I’ve found that I’m often less in love with my review copies in the long run. I guess that’s because I pick them up before friends can warn me off. I’ve made great strides in this though, and I’m getting more picky about the review copies I request. (Also the low audiobook rating is completely because of Vampire Academy. I STILL LIKE AUDIOBOOKS OKAY?)

Onwards to 2015!

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8 responses to “2014 Reading Statistics

  1. *__________________________*

    *Bows down to your statistic skillzz*

    Gods, this is awesome. I made a spreadsheet for 2015 as well so I might be slightly obsessed with stats as well during the year 😛

    I love how you also made an average rating per publisher, that’s super helpful! It wasn’t until last year that I realised that I had more luck with books from particular publishers. Slow, I know xD

  2. All the graphics! My nerdy heart is exploding with joy, haha.

    I am rather new to netgalley/edelweiss, but I have noticed that most of my approvals seem to come from Harper Collins. I guess they are pretty free with giving out e-arcs, which can also mean that the books aren’t necessarily that fabulous?


      Hmm, I don’t think the fact that HC accepts so many more people means that the books are of lower quality – just that in their marketing strategy they highly value bloggers and our word-of-mouth ability. They probably set aside a lot more budget for that than other publishers. But in general, HC publishes a lot of titles, and I’m learning that the kind of titles they put out often don’t work for me.

    • Aww, thank you! Series are seriously intimidating, but I’m working on it this year. I’m trying to keep myself from buying books in series I haven’t started yet until I’ve finished some of the ones on my shelf. We’ll see how that goes though xD I’m still so behind on so many.

  3. Amazing graphics Debby! My nerdiness appreciates this 😀 You always inspire me to put more time in my statistics.

    August was a great month for you, with 17 read books. I was also surprised when I saw my percentages of stand-alones vs series. I also thought I read less stand-alones, because everything seems to be part of a series lately.