Monthly Wrap-Up: January 2015

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January 2015: In Which I MOVED

Damn, it’s already February! As you may have noticed, the blog was pretty quiet in January, because I MOVED. This was very very tiring and stressful and blogging just shifted down the priorities list. But I’m picking things back up for February and hopefully I won’t be overwhelmed with all the things I need to catch up on.

January Reads

Books Read:

Feed by Mira Grant (audio)
The Crown of Embers by Rae Carson (audio)
Inked by Eric Smith
Beastkeeper by Cat Hellisen
The Bitter Kingdom by Rae Carson (audio)
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll
Rebound by Noelle August

Book of the Month:

January Stats
Total books read: 7
Total pages read: 2,527
Average rating: 3.57
0 2015 debut authors read
2/7 (29%) standalones, 5/7 (71%) series
2/7 (29%) paper, 2/7 (29%) pixels, 3/7 (43%) audio
2015 Stats
Total books read: 7
Total pages read: 2,527
Average rating: 3.57
0 2015 debut authors read
29% standalones, 71% series
29% paper, 29% pixels, 43% audio

January Reviews

January Posts

On the Big Screen

I didn’t watch a LOT of things this month, because I hardly had time for it. BUT I’m most excited about the Agent Carter premiere. From the first couple minutes of the first episode, I was completely sold. Peggy Carter is kicking ass and taking names and I need more of it in my life forever and always.

In terms of movies, I did do my annual Lord of the Rings marathon. I just absolutely adore every single minute of those movies, and even though I know every line, it never gets old. And actually, I kind of want to make my marathon semi-annual. I needs more.

I also rewatched Howl’s Moving Castle with Mel and Daph yesterday because THEY HAD NEVER SEEN IT OR ANY OTHER STUDIO GHIBLI MOVIE AND OMG WUT. It’s not my favorite Ghibli movie, but we had read the book together in 2013, so it was fitting. And they liked it! YAY.

Through My Speakers

In Real Life

  • I moved. It was not very fun, but moving seldom is. But now I have my own place, which is lovely and quiet and spacious (compared to before) and I have MORE BOOKSHELF SPACE WHEEEEEEE. Anyway, thanks a billion to my mom and uncles for helping, because I could never have managed on my own.
  • We had book club, as always, and it was super fun, and Daph and Mel came over yesterday for the Boekenfestijn book fair (which sucked) and we had dinner and YAY.
  • Seriously, moving took up my whole month.
2015-02-01 12.08.00

That’s it for me. How was your month?

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3 responses to “Monthly Wrap-Up: January 2015

  1. I am already stressing myself for my own move that will be in all probability between March & April… I’m glad that I’ll have help for everything and I cannot wait to move to my own place where I’ll have a library room but… it’s gonna be a tough time for sure! I think I’ll probably put the blog on moving hiatus or something!

    But look at all those books looking so happy in their new place and their new shelves! It’s all worth it!

  2. Oh, you spoke right to my heart. RIGHT TO IT. I love LotR. I love rewatching it at Christmas. If you do a marathon, then I would LOVE to watch it with you. Because those movies are my favorite movies, ever. The top.

    As for Howl’s Moving Castle, yes yes yes! That movie makes me cry every single time. It is my favorite Studio G film (yes, I loved Spirited Away, but I loved HMC MORE).