Monthly Wrap-Up: June 2015

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June 2015: in which I made some blog changes!

June was a busy, busy month. I got more comfortable at work, but it’s been pretty time consuming, and all of that together with other pressures on blogging led to me resolving to make some changes to the blog. But, it’s a good thing. I already feel much more relaxed, and I’m having fun making plans for my reduced blogging schedule and all the free time I’ll have left over. AND, of course, I read some awesome books.

June Reads

Books Read:

The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord
Tangled Webs by Lee Bross
Under the Lights by Dahlia Adler
A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas
Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins
The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson
The Watchmaker of Filigree Street by Natasha Pulley
The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien (audio)
William Shakespeare’s The Clone Army Attacketh by Ian Doescher
The Heart of Betrayal by Mary E. Pearson
Jesse’s Girl by Miranda Kenneally

Book of the Month:

The Start of Me and You
June Stats
Total books read: 11
Total pages read: 3,890
Average rating: 3.68
1 2015 debut authors read
3/11 (27%) standalones, 8/11 (73%) series
7/11 (64%) paper, 3/11 (27%) pixels, 1/11 (9%) audio
2015 Stats
Total books read: 66
Total pages read: 23,335
Average rating: 3.48
13 2015 debut authors read
32% standalones, 68% series
41% paper, 50% pixels, 9% audio

June Reviews

June Posts

On the Big Screen

Legally Blonde: Rewatched after seeing multiple people doing the same on Twitter. But seriously, how great is this movie? Elle is like a feminist icon. And that ship still gives me feeeeeeels.
Legally Blonde 2: Rewatched as well. It’s never as good as the first, but it’s still funny. I miss great romcoms like this, I feel like we don’t get these anymore.
Avengers: Age of Ultron: THIS MOVE WAS SO GOOD GUYS. The subtle witticisms, the pretty action scenes, but most of all: those characters. I’m thinking this summer I’ll rewatch all the MCU films. I just can’t get enough.

TV Series:
I actually didn’t binge ANY series this month, but I have some thoughts on those that are/were airing:
Game of Thrones: THAT ENDING KILLED ME. I literally fell onto the floor and started crying. Don’t. Touch. Me.
Younger: So glad this series is getting a second season! I love getting the inside look into the publishing industry, though I know a lot of it’s exaggerated. Also I just love seeing Hilary Duff on my screen again.
Suits: SUITS IS BACK and I am soooo excited. I already had some happy tears in my eyes at the series premiere. I just love those characters so so much. I’m ready for my ship to happen this season – hopefully BEFORE the mid-season break.

Through My Speakers

In Real Life

  • Mostly I’ve been getting used to the job, and I’m actually surprising myself with how well I’m adjusting to all the new people. My colleagues are all rather young – a majority are in their 20s, I think – and we have drinks after work every Friday, which has been super fun.
  • I treated my mother to a high tea at Hotel New York as a belated mother’s day gift! It was nice, though the service was pretty awful, and we had way too much food left over.
  • I’ve been going shopping a lot, mostly because I finally booked my vacation! The BFF and I are going to Turkey for 8 days at the end of August/beginning of September – to a beautiful beachfront all-inclusive resort. Much sunshine, reading, and drinking is in my future. I cannot wait. Less than 2 months to go!!!
  • Book club! We tried out a new restaurant and laughed for hours, as per usual. Seriously though, we’re starting to finish each other’s sentences at a rate that is slightly alarming. (JK LOVE YOU GIRLS.)

That’s it for me. How was your month?

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5 responses to “Monthly Wrap-Up: June 2015

  1. I absolutely love this post! I’m ashamed to say I’ve never watched Avengers, but I plan to watch it real soon! Add Game of Thrones to that list haha. Oh my God turkey! Im so jealous! I hope you have a great time there!!

  2. I’m impressed at how many books you read. 🙂 The Start of Me and You has been getting such good remarks.

    Oh Game of Thrones… 🙁

    HILARY<3 Have you heard her new album? Oh my gosh, you have to listen to it. I need to watch Younger! I haven't seen it yet.

    It sounds like work has been going well. 🙂 What do you do? I want to go to a high tea! It sounds nice, minus the, er, bad service and abundance of food. Lol. Shopping's fun! I hope you and your BFF have a lot of fun in Turkey.

    It's so cool that you're in a book club! That sounds fun and it's always awesome when you start finishing someone else's sentences or thinking the same things. <3

    My month has been okay! i started watching Friday Night Lights and continuing my Boy Meets World rewatch (in the middle of season 4 right now). Other than that, I haven't been up to too much.

    I hope you have a good July.

  3. Re: Legally Blonde: I feel like they stopped making romcoms to make those raunchy comedies, and that was not a good trade. 🙁

    Also, excellent ratings for things I see up there. Except for the one known issue, we’re generally right in line on our ratings, not off by more than .5. 😀

  4. SECOND SEASON OF YOUNGER YAAAASSSSS. I’m almost done with the first season and I. love. it. so. much. I screeched when they mentioned Goodreads.

    I also still need to see Avengers, this reminded me haha

  5. Can you believe that I have yet to see the new Avengers movie? The whole crap with Renner kinda soured it, but OMG Hemsworth <3.

    I'm thrilled to know that the new job is working out – going to a place you hate every day is so horrible.