Book Haul #25: In Spite of the Pre-Birthday Book Buying Ban

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August is a wonderful month. One in which I usually get my book buying under control, because hey, birthday approaching. Can’t mess with the wishlist and possible doubles, so I’d better just STOP, right? Plus, I bought a REALLY BIG present (non-book related) for myself and that means I’m dead broke. Woohoo! But still, these four books were definitely worth buying.



Demonglass and Spell Bound by Rachel Hawkins: After reading and loving Rebel Belle, I knew I had to check out the highly praised Hex Hall series too. I bought book two and three a while back through Abe Books because the hardcovers for those are out of print. (Yes, I am desperate about hardcovers.) Now I just need to buy the first book and I can do a series binge later this year! ^^;

Rebel Mechanics by Shanna Swendson: I read my ARC of this and thought it was SUPER fun and creative, plus the ending left much shippy possibility open for the next book. And then I found out that the sequel wasn’t yet 100% a sure thing and my heart BROKE so obviously I’m supporting the book with sales so hopefully Macmillan allows the story to continue. (This book is def worth buying, people!)

The Wrath and the Dawn by Renée Ahdieh: This is our book club pick for this month, and I’m really nervous because the hype might still be too much for me to handle right now. So say NOTHING. Plzkthnxbai.

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9 responses to “Book Haul #25: In Spite of the Pre-Birthday Book Buying Ban

    • Apparently nothing’s set yet, though the author has worked out a proposal for a second book. And if they don’t like it, she may try to get it out there another way. So, fingers crossed!

    • Hahaha, I knoww, I’m so proud of how I’ve cut down on book buying lately. I’m going to try to keep it up too so I can save money for some bigger home improvement purchases (*cough* really want a new TV). But the addiction is real, so I get you.


    • I DON’T KNOW, THAT’S WHAT I HEARD. But I did find on the author’s livejournal that she said she was writing a proposal for book 2 in June/July, and if they didn’t like it, she’d try to get it out there another way. SO FINGERS CROSSED.

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