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Hello internet! It’s time for something a little different on the blog – today, I’m taking part of a mini-tour to reveal the cover of the (for me) highly anticipated P.S. I Like You by Kasie West. Yes, Kasie herself asked me to help her, and my reaction was all like…


To say that she’s one of my favorite authors isn’t just a little bit of an understatement. But, so, without further ado, take it away, Kasie!

Hello!! Kasie West here! Thank you Debby for hosting me today and thank you readers for wanting to see my cover! And I’d love to tell you about what else you’ll find in this blog post.

  1. The cover (of course)
  2. A summary of the book
  3. A sort-of interview by me about me (yes, I’m very narcissistic like that)
  4. A raffle! You can win an ARC of P.S. I LIKE YOU (I don’t have ARCs yet, but as soon as I do, I will award this prize)
  5. And remember to visit all the blogs participating in the cover reveal today because each blog has different content (including some extra scenes from previous books)! And if you leave a comment on each blog that counts as another entry for the ARC!

And here she is… the cover!

P.S. I Like You

Signed, sealed, delivered . . .

While zoning out in Chemistry class, Lily scribbles some of her favorite song lyrics onto her desk. The next day, she finds that someone has continued the lyrics on the desk, and added a message to her.

Soon, Lily and her anonymous pen pal are exchanging full-on letters — sharing secrets, recommending bands, and opening up to each other. Lily realizes she’s kind of falling for this letter writer. Only who is he? As Lily attempts to unravel the mystery, and juggle school, friends, crushes, and her crazy family, she discovers that matters of the heart can’t always be spelled out . . .

Kasie West brings irresistible wit, warmth, and sparkle to this swoon-worthy story of love showing up when you least expect it.
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I hope you’re as excited to read this book, as I am to publish it. I can’t give you any more of P.S. I LIKE YOU right now, but I’d love to share with you some answers to a question I’ve gotten since I started publishing.

A question a lot of people have asked me over the years is if I am like any of my characters. My standard answer is that I didn’t base any of my characters off of myself but that I’m sure some of me has snuck into each story somehow because I am the writer. So today, I was trying to decide what I could tell you about myself that I haven’t answered in previous interviews, I thought I would analyze that question a little more, think about each story, let you know exactly where I had snuck into my books without me realizing before now.

I have 5 books out, but I’m just going to talk about the three contemporaries (since this is a contemporary cover reveal).

Book 1. The Distance Between Us. There is a scene between Xander and Caymen where they are talking about their biggest fears. Caymen says dogs (so she doesn’t have to say him) and Xander says failure. He says he’s sometimes so scared of failure that he doesn’t try certain things at all because there is a chance of failing. That is totally me. I’ve had to learn to overcome that. Especially in publishing. This is an industry of failing and trying again. When I first started writing I was frozen by that fear. I thought about just keeping my writing to myself, just writing for the fun of it, not putting it out in the world because what if someone said I wasn’t good enough?! What if someone told me no?! I had to and still occasionally have to talk myself past those thoughts. So yes, I put that in Xander. (Debby: That is SO me as well. Awww!!! *hugs*)

Book 2. On The Fence. I have two brothers who are very athletic and big goofballs, kind of like Charlie’s brothers. So I did draw from that a lot for some of the scenes with her brothers. My brothers also play disc golf. And if you’ve read the book, you’ll know there’s a whole scene that happens around a disc golf game. So while the book wasn’t straight out of my life, it felt familiar, comfortable, easy for me to write in a lot of ways. And when I re-read it sometimes (no, I don’t sit around re-reading my books all the time. In fact, once they’re published I rarely re-read them. But sometimes when I decide to do some extended scenes I have to get myself back into the tone of the book and re-read) I get that same feeling almost like they’re scenes from just outside my memories.

Book 3. The Fill-In Boyfriend. Gia has very little of me in her. She’s probably the character I am the least like. But when I was a teenager I did share one common thought with Gia. You see, I grew up in an average home. My parents were middle class, great, loving parents. I remember feeling, like Gia, that because I had no personal tragedies, that made me shallow. I remember thinking that until something major had happened to me, I wouldn’t seem deep or interesting. So just like Gia had to learn that finding depth doesn’t happen by looking inward, but rather outward, I had to learn that as well.

Okay, okay, enough about me. Now it’s about you! Enter this raffle so you can win an ARC of my next book. (So that’s still kind of about me, but hopefully it will benefit you as well.) 😉

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Kasie West
About Kasie West

Kasie West lives with her family in central California, where the heat tries to kill her with its 115-degree stretches. She graduated from Fresno State University with a BA degree that has nothing to do with writing. Visit her online at


THAT – FREAKING – COVER!!! I mean, I have always loved all of Kasie’s covers, but this is without a doubt my favorite to date. Seriously, Kasie, whatever you sacrificed to the cover gods, it was worth it. And thank you so much for coming to share it here on the blog! I’m just staring. And staring. And staring. And I love it and can’t wait to have it in my hands!! 🙂

What do you guys think??

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89 responses to “Cover Reveal + Giveaway: P.S. I Like You by Kasie West

  1. When I saw “cover reveak for PS I Like You” I was all: “Really?!?” “It’s been revealed already??” “YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!” and oh boy I’m so in love with the cover!! It’s such a cute, adorable and a lil quirky coverrrrr!! And that summary!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANTS!! *makes all the grabby hands*

    I need my yearly dose of fluff and adorableness Kasie style! For not being a big contemporary lover, Kasie always, ALWAYS manages to make me love her books somehow!!

  2. kayla keefer

    I love Kasie West’s books they are such cute stories and the covers are adorable I can’t wait to read this one!

  3. I feel as though this cover, while beautiful, doesn’t match the others, and I confess to being a little disappointed, BUT, it is so so pretty and I think the whole look is really nice. The summary though, I NEED THIS BOOK NOW. *grabby hands*

  4. I LOVE THIS. Kasie West is one of my absolute favorite authors and is totally an auto-buy for me. I can’t wait to get my hands on every book by her, ever. I still have to read THE FILL-IN BOYFRIEND but otherwise I’m all caught up 😉

  5. I’m so excited for this book! And while the cover is definitely cute and I understand why it’s different than her other contemporaries, I don’t really like that it’s different. There are faces on the cover! Lol. But it’s still really cute and I cannot wait to read this book!

  6. Karen Tejuco

    I’ve read all of Kasie’s books and nothing has ever disappointed me. Almost everything exceeded my expectations even. But really, her book covers are as good as what’s inside. I know not to judge a book by its cover but it’s hard not to when it’s as cute and just beautiful as Kasie’s. And this particular cover, of P.S. I Like You is hard to resist. I swear even if I didn’t know who Kasie West is and I saw this cover, and the plot of course, I still wouldn’t be able to let go. Take my money!!!! HAHA the only thing I hate is that it will be released next year. How do I wait that long? How???

  7. Jen zingaro

    I love reading Katie’s books because she does such a good job developing the characters. Makes you feel like you are in the story. They are usually so sweet.

  8. I just adore Kasie West’s books because she is so good at creating seemingly real teenage characters who deal some pretty heavy stuff and grow as individuals; Kasie’s stories have depth and purposed, but they are also super sweet and fun, and I love that!
    I’m so excited for “P.S. I Like You” to come out, and the cover is absolute perfection!!

  9. The cover is adorable! I’ve pretty much become a Kasie West fan this year after reading The Distance Between Us and On the Fence and I’m definitely looking forward to reading more by her!

  10. The excitement rushed all over me when I found out about the new book since I’m a fan and I really admire all of Kasie’s books. And now that I’ve seen the cover ?, I am sooooooo hyped to get a copy and read it! ??

  11. Katie

    After I read The Distance Between Us (My first Kasie West book that I read). I couldn’t get enough of her books. They are amazing! They draw you in with the story, the characters, the plot. Just amazing! This cover is by far one of my favorites. It’s so cute and fun. I can’t wait to read this book!

  12. AHH! Love this cover! I always love all of Kasie West’s covers, they give me the warm fuzzies, I want to hug them. I love all of her books, but especially her contemporaries! The Distance Between Us is my absolute fav because I adore Caymen <3

  13. Maren

    First off, I absolutely adore Kasie West! I hope everyone has has the privilege of meeting her in person at a book event because she is the sweetest! I’m so excited you have another contemporary coming out!

  14. Mary G Loki

    I like the bashful look the girl is giving- its cute! I have not read any West’s work before but I am def interested!

  15. Stephanie

    I have read all of Kasie West’s books so far and have loved them all! That is really saying something as YA contemporaries are not my first choice in genre to read. But I definitely plan on reading this one and all her future books as I love her stories!

  16. Riya

    I am just as excited as you for this Debby!!! I think reading your blog posts just gushing about Kasie West’s books are largely the reason why I read them. I’m not much of a contemporary reader, but I absolutely love these books and can’t wait for the new one!

  17. dchan

    I love everything about the cover. It’s slightly different from her other covers (we actually see their heads), but still very cute. Can’t wait!!

  18. Deborah

    Geez! I can’t wait until next year! I so badly want to have at least one of her books. I have always read them online but I want to have one so I can just stare at it all day and scream, stare and scream, stare and scream again.

  19. Ikao

    It’s different from the other 3, but well this one is realllly cute!!! look at that girl’s expression, it’s like mine when I read Kasie’s books lol. I can’t wait for the book!!!

  20. Shaine Chua

    I’ve always been a fan of Kasie West since The Distance Between Us and I’ve followed her books since then! I’m so excited for this one! Thanks for the chance! ?

  21. Jorgeatte Rostata

    Hahaha! The cover has a familiarity to me. We literally made mustaches and lips as props for a parade once in our school.

    And gaaahhh!I can’t wait for more Kasie West’s books.

  22. Hannah

    I just recently – in the last week – discovered Kasie West. I’ve read 2 of 5 books in 4 days, which is an accomplishment considering I have a 2 year old so really I’m just losing a lot of sleep so I can stay up and read. But I. Can’t. Stop. Reading. It’s almost ridiculous. Needless to say I am an instant fan of Kasie! I am about to start Fill-in Boyfriend, and I’m a little sad that I will only have two books left after this.

  23. The cover and summary already has my finger twitching to buy the book! I’m so in love with Kasie’s stories and I love that we learn more about her in this tour stop. Thanks for sharing more about yourself with us, Kasie!! I love the humor in these books and I was definitely one of the ones wondering whether a part of her was written within the pages of each one! I can’t wait to get my hands on P.S. I Like You and all her upcoming books!!!

  24. Rebecca Thompson

    I’m dying!!! The cover is so cute!!!! I think it just became my new favorite cover. 😀 I’ve read and own all of Kasie West’s books and love them all! Can’t wait for P.S. I Like You to be released!! I hope to be an awesome writing like Kasie someday! 😀

  25. Such a beautiful cover and great summary 😀
    I’ve read all of her books and I’m so excited for this one! Can’t wait!
    From her 3 contemporaries, I like The Fill-In Boyfriend the most. She wrote, “I remember feeling, like Gia, that because I had no personal tragedies, that made me shallow. I remember thinking that until something major had happened to me, I wouldn’t seem deep or interesting.” She got me this time. I felt it too in high school… That’s why I love this book so much. Thank you, Kasie!

  26. AHH THIS COVER!! i’m so excited and happy for you that you got to do a cover reveal with one of your favorite authors. i saw this floating around twitter and knew i HAD to read it ASAP. i haven’t read any of kasie’s other books yet (wait.. wait..) but i’m dying to pick one up as i love contempoaries! which would you recommend i pick up first? i see you’re a huge fan ahah xxx

  27. I am a new fan of Kasie’s having only read The Distance Between Us. But I fell in love with it and cannot wait to read the rest of her books! 🙂

    The cover is too cute!! I love the mustache! 🙂 haha.

    Thanks for the chance to win a copy!

  28. Emily

    oh. my. goodness. THE COVER IS SO STINKING ADORABLE!!!!!!! I love it so much!!! *drools*

    thanks for this opportunity!!

  29. Priscilla

    I’ve always wanted to read Kasie’s books since I found your blog, Debby! But I haven’t been able to do so because my mom wants me to tidy up my things before I buy any more stuff. This cover just makes me want to do that so much more!!!! Love it so much! Thanks for sharing with us<3

  30. Talia

    I love this cover! It’s so cute and fun- just like all the rest of the covers of her books. I love how adorable all her books are, and how likeable the characters are.

  31. Melanie

    OH MY GOODNESS I NEED THIS BOOK!!! I am so excited to read this! I love all of Kasie West’s books!
    <3 And that cover! It's so pretty 🙂

  32. Kasie’s books are always so beautiful and realistic, it makes you feel as if you are actually in the book. The covers are as perfect as the story inside them 🙂

  33. Christine

    Love, love, love Kasie West’s books!! This cover is so cute and sweet–completely fits her style 🙂 I am beyond psyched to read this one!!!

  34. alishba nadeem

    KASIE WEST, I LOVE YOU…!!!!!!!! I cant EVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and thankyou soo damn much for giving us the extra scenes O.O Love you!! Thanks for existing!!!!