Monthly Wrap-Up: October 2015

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October 2015: a mixed bag


Boy am I glad this month is over. We had high highs and low lows. The month started off like shit – dramatic news in the real world and string of meh reads notwithstanding, my computer crashed and was out of order for 11 days. It cost me a lot of money and a lot of stressful nights to fix it. (This also explains why I missed 5 posts this month.) It’s also been busy and stressful at work. But there were some fun events in the second half of the month that managed to lift my spirits. So I’m gonna try to focus on that.

October Reads

Books Read:

Newt’s Emerald by Garth Nix
P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han
Velvet Undercover by Teri Brown
Just Ella by Margaret Peterson Haddix
Da Vinci’s Tiger by L.M. Elliott
Every Breath by Ellie Marney
Every Word by Ellie Marney
Every Move by Ellie Marney
Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Book of the Month:

Six of Crows
October Stats
Total books read: 9
Total pages read: 2,969
Average rating: 3.56
0 2015 debut authors read
3/9 (33%) standalones, 6/9 (67%) series
6/9 (67%) paper, 3/9 (33%) pixels
2015 Stats
Total books read: 97
Total pages read: 34,711
Average rating: 3.63
15 2015 debut authors read
29% standalones, 71% series
47% paper, 46% pixels, 7% audio

October Reviews

October Posts

On the Big Screen

TV Series:

The West Wing: There wasn’t a WHOLE lot of TV series watching this month – because of Computergate – but I did manage to make progress in The West Wing. I’m now at the beginning of season 7 – the FINAL season. Thoughts: still good, very smart, very Sorkin-y, but GODDAMMIT WOULD JOSH AND DONNA JUST KISS ALREADY?


Inception: I’ve been meaning to rewatch this for AGES, and when my computer crashed and I was left with the DVDs I had on hand, it seemed like the perfect time. Amazing movie is still amazing.

Rubinrot: I introduced my book club lovelies to this. I WILL NEVER GET OVER THE FEELS but yeah they didn’t like it that much BUT OH WELL I DON’T CARE WHATEVER WHATEVER GIDEON IS ALL MINE.

Rent: Another book club sleepover movie. I *almost* managed to not cry this time. So you know. Progress?

Through My Speakers


In Real Life

  • I started off the month with some family time: a trip up to my uncle’s house for a thank you dinner for helping them with the move this year, and a visit from another uncle to frame up some art in my apartment, a trip to IKEA, and some lucky help with Computergate.
  • The book club readathon sleepover happened, and it was super fun although that week was probably the worst week of the year for me x_x But whatever, books, onesies, food, movies, drinking, and good company. Can’t really go wrong there.
  • fob1
  • I saw Fall Out Boy live in Amsterdam for the second time, together with Daph! IT WAS SO COOL. Seriously, you could kind of tell that the guys have been on the road forever – Pete was less enthusiastic than last time, Patrick’s voice was a little worn – but it was still awesome. Lots of jumping and screaming and dancing and happytimes. They even went into the middle of the hall to play an acoustic set and were about 10 meters away from us. OH. MY. GOD.
  • fob2
  • And finally, the other highlight of the month: I met Leigh Bardugo!! She came to Rotterdam on her Magic and Mayhem tour and it was AMAZING. There’s a full recap of the event scheduled for Thursday, so be sure to check back ♥
brekker's bitches

That’s it for me! How was your month?

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2 responses to “Monthly Wrap-Up: October 2015

  1. Ooof, that is terrible about your computer! I remember catching a tweet saying your dad helped you but I had no idea it was so DEAD dead. I’m glad to see you’re back fully online!

    There is so much awesome happening here. The CONCERT! I loved your instagrams and pics. You look so pretty and the band! THE BAAAAND! I have wanted to see Fall Out Boy for yeaaaars. I lived vicariously through you 🙂

    Meeting Leigh and going to that Six of Crows party is also jealousy-inducing! I hope your November is all high highs and no low lows! <3