Monthly Wrap-Up: November 2015

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November 2015: more highs and lows

November did not really change the iffy trend of October. Again there were good things – happy times at work, TWO biffle visits, reliving my anime and video game feels – but also bad. One of my uncles passed away, and though it was expected and I barely knew him, my mood spiraled. So I did miss two blog posts this month and I stayed off of social media quite a bit. Luckily, I am pretty well out of the funk by now.

November Reads

Books Read:

Just Visiting by Dahlia Adler
The Trouble with Destiny by Lauren Morrill
Bounce by Noelle August
The Epic Adventures of Lydia Bennet by Kate Rorick and Rachel Kiley
Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery
Cinder by Marissa Meyer (reread)
Scarlet by Marissa Meyer (reread)

Book of the Month:

Anne of Green Gables
(excluding rereads)
November Stats
Total books read: 7
Total pages read: 2,550
Average rating: 3.71
0 2015 debut authors read
3/7 (43%) standalones, 4/7 (57%) series
5/7 (71%) paper, 2/7 (29%) pixels
2015 Stats
Total books read: 104
Total pages read: 37,261
Average rating: 3.64
15 2015 debut authors read
30% standalones, 70% series
49% paper, 45% pixels, 6% audio

November Reviews

November Posts

On the Big Screen

TV Series:

The West Wing: I finished. ASDFJKL; I mean Josh and Donna foreverrr. Also the last season was INTENSE. The debate episode gave me SO MANY FEELS. God I love Aaron Sorkin. I will miss this series now. And I wish there was more Josh and Donna because, damn, I got so little for my patience o_o

Card Captor Sakura: RELIVING THE ANIME FEELS. This was probably like my 8th or 9th rewatch. I think this is my most watched anime of all time. But that’s because it’s SO GOOD. It’s cute and adorable, and it brings all the feels. Of course, I was in a very emotional place, so it all hit me even harder. I literally teared up all the time – scenes between Toya and Sakura, scenes between Syaoran and Sakura – and was constantly flailing and yelling at my screen about how I couldn’t handle it. Umm. Yeah. A bit obsessed. But it made me really happy and I needed that ♥

The Blacklist: I let this show slip when season 3 started, but I started catching up again this weekend and damn, I am liking it. When I’m not watching I always think I can take it or leave it, but it is a good show.

Supergirl: I HAD TO. But I’m kind of torn. It’s fun, for sure, and entertaining, but qualitatively it’s almost too cheesy sometimes? I’m still kind of on the fence about this one.

The Royals: This show is my crack and it is everything. ELEANOR 4 GODDESS OF THE UNIVERSE. Also, I really need her and Jasper to figure things out. The feels are real.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: I had some catching up to do on this one as well and OH MY GOD THIS SEASON IS SO GOOD AND OH MY GOD MY SHIP MY SHIPPITY SHIP IT I JUST I CAN’T ASDFJKL;


The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay Part 1: Rewatches, all, obvi, and all great, obvi.

Mockingjay Part 2: OH MAN. Okay, I thought it was great, for sure, but it is my least favorite in the series, for sure. I won’t mention any spoilers but three main thoughts: 1. DAMN THOSE MUTTS WERE WAY SCARIER THAN I EXPECTED. 2. GALE = HOT DAMN. BREAK ME OFF A PIECE OF THAT. 3. I wanted to cry more. It could have been more heartbreaking. I didn’t cry at all until the scene with Buttercup. And that was only like a couple tears. So idk.

The DUFF: I KNOW, it’s taken me ages. Like, okay, okay, I majorly fail. But yeah. I liked it. I will say it’s nothing like the book, but the body positive message is there, it’s damn entertaining, and Robbie Amell is another serious hottie that I would bang. (wut is happening to me omg) But it did change the WHOLE relationship dynamic between Bianca and Wesley and that makes me sad. And some parts were too awkward to look at, for serious.

Video Games:

Tales of Zestiria: I’ve been a fan of the Tales series for ages, so yeah, I had this game pre-ordered and everything. It’s SO COOL to be gaming again. JRPGs are my jam. Like, no one gets this, but whatever. I will say I’m not fully wowed by this one yet – particularly story and character-wise, I think it’s the weakest of the Tales games I’ve played/seen. But it’s entertaining, and as always the battle system is super fun. I’m not super far yet, so I still have high hopes.

Star Wars Battlefront: YEAH I don’t know. The biffle made me buy it and holycrapisuckatshootersomgwutamidoing.

Through My Speakers

I have gone full scale Belieber now, but seriously this song is amazing and the album is amazing and I listened to this at least 40 times this month. I regret nothing.

In Real Life

  • There’ve been some fun things at work: a pancake lunch, Sinter”kaas” celebration (though I had to work on a Saturday for it x_x), and I wrapped up my work as visual content guru. As of today, December 1st, I’m working on marketing for our US team! So, yeah. Exciting and stressful.
  • As said, my uncle died and… well not a super fun month. I visited my mom the day we got the news, and the whole extended family came out for the funeral. It was really nice to be there together with them though, and it was a great service. We had a lovely dinner afterwards and… yeah. I felt numb mostly, but I was comforted to be there with them.
  • The biffle visited twice – for a very exciting job opportunity. Two full interview days that he’s had to fly in for, so it’s intense, but… hopefully we’ll have good news soon! 🙂 We mostly ate and drank… which is basically all we ever do. We did go out to eat with his brother and his brother’s girlfriend, and that was a very interesting and fun evening.
  • Book club yesterday! I realize now that I was in kind of an iffy mood because I’m just exhausted from the weekend, but it was fun nonetheless. The restaurant we ate at this time was super swanky. Chocolate fondant for dessert? Yes. Always yes.
  • Thanksgiving’s over (though I didn’t celebrate it), so the Christmas spirit has arrived chez Debby! I bought and lugged a whole new Christmas tree and decorations halfway across the city this weekend, so YEAH I’m intense about Christmas.

That’s it for me! How was your month?

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4 responses to “Monthly Wrap-Up: November 2015

  1. Sung bought Battlefront and tried to make me play it. I would stumble around, get shot, and then throw the controller at him like nope nope nope. I just cannot play any video game that requires me to not only aim a thing but also AIM MY VIEW. Auto view for all of time.

    I did however help him improve at it because at least in the part he was playing, picking up the coins was more important than actually shooting people.

  2. Sorry to hear about the loss of your uncle. November was a bad month for me as well with deaths and it definitely affects reading and life in general. I’m so glad that Anne of Green Gables was your book of the month. It’s one of my favorites this year. A complete surprise! I really miss watching anime and need to get around to them eventually. Loved Mockingjay Pt.2 as well. I agree with The DUFF. I enjoyed it even though it was so far from the novel.