Monthly Wrap-Up: March 2016

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March 2016: the quiet month

I started off well in March – I was back to reading, back to blogging, it seemed like I actually managed to schedule a post in advance a couple times and maybe could even hold to my schedule – but that got derailed. My grandmother passed away this month, and, well, that put a damper on things.

March Reads

Books Read:

Sounds Like Me: My Life (So Far) In Song by Sara Bareilles (audio)
Spinning Thorns by Anna Sheehan
The Storyspinner by Becky Wallace (re-read)
The Skylighter by Becky Wallace
Right of First Refusal by Dahlia Adler
No Love Allowed by Kate Evangelista
Ink and Bone by Rachel Caine

Book of the Month:

Ink and Bone
March Stats
Total books read: 7
Total pages read: 6,464
Average rating: 3.4
2/7 (29%) standalones, 5/7 (71%) series
3/7 (43%) paper, 3/7 (43%) pixels, 1/7 (14%) audio
2016 Stats
Total books read: 18
Total pages read: 4,088
Average rating: 3.6
17% standalones, 83% series
39% paper, 56% pixels, 6% audio

March Reviews

March Posts

On the Big Screen

TV Series:

House of Cards: It’s funny, I’m not the biggest fan of the series (though I’ll admit it’s good) but I watched the new season way before the rest of my family and friends. And it was GOOD. So much better than season 3. I actually started cheering on the Underwoods again, which is such a weird feeling.

Nashville: Nashville is back and it’s instantly assaulting my feels again. Seriously, this show is like crack. I can never get enough. Every time the end credits come on I’m like, “NOOOOOO.” I could watch this forever.

Younger: I’ve kept up with most of my other airing shows, but Younger deserves a special mention because OH MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD #TeamCharles and LOLMG Game of Thrones parody and UNF this show is so fun.


The Lord of the Rings: I’d been itching to do another rewatch – as per my annual urge of “OMG MUST WATCH LOTR AGAIN NOW” – and ended up doing it with my mom over Easter break. Flawless movies are still flawless. Although I don’t have them on Blu-ray yet, and that’s something I’m gonna fix ASAP. Next time: stunning HD quality on my wonderfully huge TV. So I can swoon over every glorious millimeter of Faramir, Aragorn, and Legolas. Also, what gave me extra feels this time around? Arwen and Elrond. He’s the cutest little overprotective papa ever. (5/5)

Through My Speakers

A Dutch song (with some English lyrics throughout) for my grandmother…
(You can find a full English version here.)

In Real Life

  • I participated in a Quiz, representing my company as it went head to head against other local companies. Umm, yeah, our team consisted solely of people under the age of 26. As such, we came in a shared last place. ^^; But it was a hilarious evening with lots of beer.
  • Spent some time with my mom: we had a delicious fondue at the beginning of the month, and I stayed at her place last weekend for Easter, where we watched LOTR and ate lots of yummy things. We didn’t do much, but I needed that weekend to recover from the past month.
  • I went to the opera with the biffle (because yeah, he’s an opera fan) – La matrimonio segreto. It was better than the ones I’ve seen before, but I’m still not a big opera fan. They repeat the same sentences like 5 times each. o_O And then it lasts 3 hours. Yeah…. Not really my thing. Anyway, then he came back to Rotterdam with me and we had a nice weekend there. We discovered the Fenix Food Factory, which is now one of my favorite places.
  • But mostly this month was marked by the passing of my grandmother. It hit me harder than I expected, even though she was 87 and died peacefully in her sleep – something most people would sign for right away. My dad did come back for the funeral, so I got to spend some time with him and that was nice… but it’s been a rough month. Not a very happy month.

That’s it for me! How was your month?

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6 responses to “Monthly Wrap-Up: March 2016

  1. So sorry to hear about your grandmother, love <3333

    OMG HOUSE OF CARDS WAS SOOOOO AMAZING THIS SEASON OMG. Last season was my least fave I feel but this made up for it so much. And yasssss so happy Nashville is back but omg everything with Will makes me cry. Avery makes me cry. SO MUCH CRYING.

  2. So sorry to hear about the passing of your grandmother, Debby. All the hugs and support your way.

    Ink and Bone made your book of the month, yay! Isn’t it great? I loved it to pieces!

    • Thanks Kara ♥

      Ink and Bone was awesome! I mean, not totally flawless, I really wanted some more world building, but it was engaging and entertaining as hell. Also: Wooooooooooolfe ♥♥♥

  3. Sorry to hear about your grandmother! <3

    Also, Younger is amazing. I'm quite a few episodes behind and haven't SEEN the interactions I'm guessing happen with her and Charles, I know I'll ship it. I actually am both Team Josh and Charles LOL I love them both and would be happy with either!

  4. I am so very sorry for your loss. Even though we know we are going to lose our grandparents, it is never easy when it comes, and you are never really prepared. *hugs* I hope that you find the closure you need and the love you seek during this time.

    LotR is still an outstanding piece of cinema. They are still my favorites movies, period. They are standing up to time, and I always love to rewatch them around Christmas. Elrond at the wedding scene always kills my heart. It is so touching. The rawness of the emotions on the movie is just the best.

    SO much love to you, Debby!