Monthly Wrap-Up: July 2016

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July 2016: slump, slump, slump it up

Wow, where in the world did July go? I swear, it flew by unnoticed while I was far too busy staring at my phone, catching Pokémon. *cough* Anyway. July was by far my worst reading month this year, and that’s all because of Nevernight. *pouts*

July Reads

Books Read:

Nimona by Noelle Stevenson

Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here by Anna Breslaw

Vicarious by Paula Stokes (re-read)

Book of the Month:

July Stats
Total books read: 4
Total pages read: 1,533
Average rating: 3.25
2/4 (50%) standalones, 2/4 (50%) series
4/4 (100%) paper
2016 Stats
Total books read: 51
Total pages read: 17,142
Average rating: 3.5
29% standalones, 71% series
63% paper, 35% pixels, 2% audio

July Reviews

July Posts

On the Big Screen

TV Series:

Say Yes to the Dress: Ummm… yeah. TLC has this on every day as I’m having dinner. I got a tiny bit addicted. … Just a little bit.


Star Trek (2009): Rewatch to prepare for Beyond – and oh my god I still love this movie so much. Chris Pine is freaking perfect. The whole storyline is awesome. The characters are awesome. This is a total feel good movie for me. (4.5/5)

Star Trek Into Darkness: BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH IS LIFE. Yep, rewatch. And still so awesome. I could watch these two movies all day erry day. (4/5)

Into the Woods: My colleague suggested this to me (slash, reminded me I still needed to watch this) and LOL. Basically, AGONY is my everything. (See: CHRIS PIIIIIIIIINE) For the rest, I’m a bit lukewarm about it, though the cast is fantastic. We did this musical at my high school back in the day, and the songs just aren’t my thing. (3/5)

Star Trek Beyond: I’M SO TORN ON THIS. Like, I enjoyed it. But also, story-wise it was pretty bad. You could feel the careful plotting and constructing, dragging it out to over 2 hours long… It felt very calculated. So there were moments I liked and I like Jaylah, but it’s definitely my least favorite in the reboot so far. (3/5)

New Obsession

Pokémon Go happened, just in case you were living under a rock. And DUDE. It took over my life. At home, in the tram, in the bus, at work, during lunch… pokémon pokémon pokémon. I even rewatched a couple of the movies and the first few episodes of the anime. And I do kind of plan on continuing because ALL OF THE NOSTALGIA FEELS. I REGRET NOTHING.

In Real Life

  • Started off the month with a BANG, with our annual company overnight trip. We had a survivor-esque activity, a MURICA themed party (which obviously I rocked the hardest), and spent the next day sailing. It was a lot of fun, but my exhaustion from my trip in June totally hit me. I was wiped out for a good week and a half after that.
  • DAHLIA CAME TO AMSTERDAM! We met up for dinner and it was really lovely. She even indulged me and signed all my books 🙂 Gosh I love book people. And her husband is super nice. ♥
  • BIFFLE WEEKEND. I hadn’t seen him in like 3 and a half months, but we finally got some quality time to hang out. And started brainstorming stuff for our trip to Cuba in November. I’m terrified but also excited.
  • Book clubbbbb! Another wonderful meeting with some of my bestest friends 🙂 Many, many rants, many more laughs, and just a great evening. And we actually found a really freaking good restaurant this time around. Also: exciting news is exciting.

That’s it for me! How was your month?

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3 responses to “Monthly Wrap-Up: July 2016

    • It gave me SO MANY FEELINGS though, seriously. The first episode alone with Pikachu not wanting to get in his pokéball? Honestly I was a puddle of feelings because TOO CUTE.

  1. I never played the original Pokemon games, but I have a younger brother who is OBSESSED. Heseriously has over 400 of the trading cards… but I can’t blame him, because I’m obsessed with Pokemon Go now! I’ve started watching a couple episode here and there with him!