My Top Ten All-Time Favorite Fantasy Series

Posted September 13, 2016 by Debby in Books

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My challenge for this week’s topic was basically to get to 10 books without needing to cheat. For a contemporary genre, that was absolutely hopeless. Even for the sub-genre banterfluff, I don’t think I could manage it. But fantasy series? Check. This means no fantasy standalones, no paranormal books, no sci-fi-ish books… And BOOM. That narrows it down enough that I have 10 series to list, all of which I love from the bottom of my heart.

My Top Ten All-Time Favorite Fantasy Series

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone The Lightning Thief Throne of Glass

1. Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling: DUHHHH. Sorry not sorry. It is the best. It is my all-time favorite. And nothing will ever change that.

2. Percy Jackson & the Olympians by Rick Riordan: I don’t feel like I rave about Percy nearly enough, because though he still makes appearances in Riordan’s newer series, they do not nearly compare to the original. That series was flawless and full of laughter and great adventures. Maybe I need to do a reread soon…

3. Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas: I’m still a tiny bit behind on this series, but I’m diving back into it now, and it really feels like seeing your best friend again after a really long time. Seriously. I’m just all smiley and happy during my commute reading time now. Celaena is just the best. And the writing is amazing. And the world is so interesting. And it’s just intense.

A Darker Shade final for Irene Six of Crows The Bone Season

4. Shades of Magic by V. E. Schwab: And no one on earth was surprised. But seriously, this series is epic. The world building is awesome, the characters are so intriguing, and KELL AND LILA FOREVERRRR.

5. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo: This one may not be entirely fair because the sequel isn’t out yet, but I loved the first book SO MUCH, SO GODDAMN MUCH, I can’t imagine ever daring to take it off this list. Basically, Ocean’s Eleven in a rich fantasy world with magic and amazing characters and ships? LOVED EVERY MINUTE.

6. The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon: You know it’s a good series when even if you have to wait for longer than a year between installments, your love never dims. That’s how I feel about this series. It’s just so thoroughly developed in everything, and it has such intense moments, and Paige is so awesome, and the ship kills me. ♥♥♥

The Wrath and the Dawn The Burning Sky shadow_bone_sketch_both3 The Falconer

7. The Wrath and the Dawn by Renée Ahdieh: Do you want achingly beautiful romance, even more luscious writing, a stunning, original world, all based on A Thousand and One Nights? Seriously. Not enough people have read this, so believe me that it was worth adding to this list. It has staying power.

8. The Elemental Trilogy by Sherry Thomas: YEAH, I went for it. Because although this series may qualitatively lose a couple points here and there, the characters make it super entertaining and engrossing. Elemental magic, gender-bending, hate-to-love romance… Catnip for me.

9. The Grisha by Leigh Bardugo: I mean, the ending was not entirely to my liking, but this series was extremely absorbing and beautiful. Leigh knows what she’s doing, and that’s why she’s on this list twice.

10. The Falconer by Elizabeth May: Steampunk fae in Scotland. What more could you want? Just watch out for the cliffhangers, because they’re killer. It may actually be smarter to just wait until the third book is out… Or, you know, join the club of us emotionally violated readers over here.

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3 responses to “My Top Ten All-Time Favorite Fantasy Series

  1. I chose the same topic as yours and we have more than half books in common! 😀 I couldn’t imagine not putting HP on this list because it’s like the ultimate fantasy favorite! <3 I'm also obsessed with Six of Crows and can't wait for Crooked Kingdom. And yasssshhh to TWATD! I've been urging so many people to read it. Great list!