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Snuggly Oranges was created on October 20th, 2012, out of a deep love of young adult books. Currently, the blog is owned, managed, and contributed to by one person. So who is this person anyway?

Debby is a 23-year-old obsessive reader. She started reading relatively late in life, but has since then proven to be worthy of one of those coveted Bookworms Anonymous membership cards. Seriously. It’s a problem. Although she’s not a particularly fast reader, she enjoys a variety of genres and wishes she had more time to read. However, reading is not her only passion. She is a self-declared fan of almost every kind of story telling, and thus watches a variety of TV shows and movies (even sometimes trespassing into foreign language productions), listens to a lot of music, and plays the occasional video game.

Debby hails from the Netherlands, although she spent more than half of her life abroad (and hence, her English skills are in fact not awful, and she refuses to read in anything other than English). When she’s not reading, obsessing over books, or spending hours on the interwebz (i.e. perfecting the blog), she busy hunting for her first real job. She graduated with a Master of Science degree in Marketing Management in July 2014.

In her reviews, Debby seeks to be as honest as possible. In fact, that’s how she is in daily life. (It really annoys some people.. huh.) This honesty will be accompanied with a side of sarcasm and sometimes even some wit. But all reviews are meant for enjoyment and to inform readers of books they may potentially want to read. Reviews are kept spoiler-free, unless stated otherwise. Debby’s perfectionism (and OCD) will not only show in the constant tweaking on the layout of the blog, but also (sometimes) in the length of her reviews.

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