Top Ten Tuesday #5: Top Ten Favorite Romances

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Top Ten Favorite Romances

Man, this is going to be difficult, because as a YA reader, almost everything I read has a bit of romance in it. Even so, some are definitely more endearing than others. (And in YA there’s also a lot of bad romance, so yeah.) You can click on the couples and series names to get to my reviews of that series (if I’ve reviewed them here).

1. Katy & Daemon from the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Okay, my love for this series is no big secret, but a lot of it has to do with the romance between these two epic characters. For me, the build up of a relationship is the best part. After the characters get together I have the tendency to get a bit bored if it gets to be too sappy or too angst-filled. The build up here is epic, and it led to an amazing relationship I can’t get enough of. For me, love-hate or hate-turns-to-love kind of relationships are the absolute best. And this is the best example of that, that I know of. These two continually steal my heart. Can’t get enough of them.

2. Percy & Annabeth from Percy Jackson & the Olympians and The Heroes of Olympus by Rick Riordan

Ha, a romance from a (kind of) middle grade series! But seriously, I don’t mind that there’s no “hotness” to this romance. It’s just the kind of teasing, playful, light romance that I love. Those two are gold together. Honestly, I need The House of Hades really badly.

3. Finnick & Annie from The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Does this even need explanation? It’s funny how much this romance touched my heart given that it’s almost never in the foreground of the story. It doesn’t get a lot of screen time or attention. But every moment and every mention is amazing. I mean, Finnick is (I think) my second favorite character, after Katniss, and I get all of the feels when it comes to him. Fandom has also shaped my opinion about this relationship, if I’m honest, but it’s so great. If you love this couple and haven’t already – definitely watch the Finnick and Annie web series by MainstayPro. (Honestly, check out all their videos.)

4. Penryn & Raffe from Angelfall by Susan Ee

This is perhaps a really surprising pick because Angelfall is not about the romance. It’s a story of survival and has epic amounts of action and intrigue. But these two. They do weird things to my heart. Perhaps because it’s so subtle, every little hint as you see them fall for each other just makes me melt.

5. Hazel & Augustus from The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

Man, do I need to explain? Where’s my tissue box? This is one of those touching, heartwarming romances that really stays with you for a long time. I can’t even imagine not liking it. It’s just beautiful and made even more beautiful by John Green’s awesome writing style. I really can’t wait to see that relationship on the big screen, but in the meantime, the aforementioned awesome MainstayPro made a video one scene of The Fault in Our Stars as well, which gives me all the feels.

6. Akiva & Karou from Daughter of Smoke & Bone by Laini Taylor

It’s been a while since I read this one, and I still haven’t gotten around to Days of Blood & Starlight (don’t hurt me) but this one’s not on my Goodreads “best romance” shelf for nothing. Maybe this kind of approached an instalove situation, in the sense that it was a attraction/lust at first sight kind of thing. But Laini’s prose is flawless and makes the whole romance so endearing. I’m scared to read the sequel, quite frankly, because I don’t know where that romance is going to go.

7. Elizabeth & Darcy from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Pride and Prejudice is definitely my favorite classic of all time and it has a lot to do with this love story. It’s kind of like Daemon & Katy – hate-turns-to-love. I’ve always loved it, and I have an unhealthy obsession with the movie, but lately… this obsession has gone up another notch because of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. ALL OF THE FEELS. If you’re not watching that yet, you’re doing something wrong. You’re missing out.

8. Allyson & Willem from Just One Day by Gayle Forman

It’s surprising how much I love this romance considering it builds up over and lasts one day. But it was so heartwarming. It was believable and touching, and it really brought out the hopeless romantic in me. I’m just so frustrated with the ending. I need more. I need Just One Year, and I need it yesterday.

9. Katniss & Gale from The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

YES, I’m a Gale fan. I’m sorry, but he just intrigued me more than Peeta did. Though I agree that in the end, the way the story went, Peeta was better for Katniss than Gale would have been, I will forever dwell in those few lovely scenes in Catching Fire. They stole my heart. If there had been more of those in the series, this would definitely be higher on the list.

10. Juliette & Warner from Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

I feel so guilty putting this on the list. The thing is, I was a massive Adam fan before Unravel Me. But Unravel Me was so convincing. Tahereh really defies expectations and I began to see Warner in a whole different light. I’m still not sure I think he’s best for Juliette. But I can see that I could be convinced. Chapter sixty-two, though. Favorite romance? Check. That hotness is beyond words. More of that, and I’m convinced.

Honorable mentions:Β 

To be honest, there’s two series that I would include were it not for them being love triangles where I really don’t know which side I’m on… and those would be Unearthly by Cynthia Hand (okay I may be a bit pro-Christian here) and Everneath by Brodi Ashton. Especially Everneath. I just don’t know.

Let’s Talk!

So… what are your favorite romances? Let me know in comments!



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24 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday #5: Top Ten Favorite Romances

    • HAHA! I know right?? I’m so obsessed with it, it’s almost unhealthy or something. And no one I know IRL is watching it, so I have to gush about it online xD But yeah, it’s such a great adaptation and it makes me love the original 10x more.

  1. I NEED to read the Lux series. Amber’s reading updates convinced me to buy this book but I haven’t read it yet and I need to!

    Obviously Percy and Annabeth are different from all the other couples on your list but they are SO CUTE.

    OH MY GOODNESS how could I forget about Finnick and Annie?!

    Hazel and Gus are <3333

    I love that you love LBD as much as I do. I just… oh my. I want my own Darcy. Or my own Bing Lee. Whatever. One of them.

    I wanted to put Allyson and Willem on my list, but I decided to wait since I want to see how their relationship develops in Just One Year (and I am convinced it will be brilliant and wonderful and heartbreaking and they will be one of my favorite couples EVER.)

    I’m not team anyone except for Katniss in THG. Honestly, in all those times I’ve read it I never ONCE understood why people were on any team hahaha. Though I have to admit that I always hoped Katniss would end up with Gale, because come on. Gale.

    WARNER?! WHYYYYYYYY!!!! (I’m 135 pages in and still VERY MUCH Team Adam!)

    WOW. I hope you liked my need to respond to almost all of these haha!

    • YES YES READ LUX. Dude, it really is number one for me. Nothing beats it. Just. Wow. <3

      Hahahaha, this whole comment makes me so happy, I’m glad you agree!!!

      I claim Darcy. You can have Bing. πŸ˜›

      I was a bit torn on Allyson & Willem indeed, because it’s not over yet. But then I was going through the books I’ve read and the romances I liked, and then I went back to my review of Just One Day and melted all over again. In fact, I’m going to order a hardcover copy today. I’m just in total love with it.

      GALE GALE. Haha, I agree. When I was reading it the first time I didn’t really pick a team. I didn’t really focus on the romance, because I was enraptured by the story and the action, and I appreciated Katniss’s view on it too much – no time to think about romance when your life is on the line. But now every time I reread, every mention of Gale just has me melting in a pile of goo. I dunno. I just love him. I think Peeta is just too sweet for me. Gale all the way.

      I KNOW I FEEL SO GUILTY ABOUT WARNER. But… yeah.. Just keep reading. I neeeeeed to talk to people about all these FEELINGS. (I still pretty much disliked Warner at that point too… it’s very late in the book that it started to change.)

    • I will DEFINITELY read it soon πŸ˜€ And oh yes, I’m perfectly fine with Bing <3 He's so sweet! I agree that if I were to choose one of those guys, it would have to be Gale. Because... duh! ARGH I HOPE I DON'T CHANGE MY OPINION ON WARNER πŸ™ I feel like some child whining "BUT I DON'T WANNA" hahaha. But I don't. Teehee!

    • HAHAHA. I’m pretty sure if you really stubbornly stick to that attitude you can still hate him at the end… xD Although I would be able to argue for a long time with you about how closed-minded and ignorant that is πŸ˜›

  2. Excellent list!! LOVE that you include Finnick & Annie! Team Gale, here!! And, obviously…. where would romance be without Darcy!! πŸ™‚

    Could def do without Warner on this list. omg. pleeeeaaaaseee NOOO! the wound is still fresh for me!

    • Haha YES! I thought everyone in the whole freaking world was Team Peeta xD I’m so glad I’m finally finding more people who see that Gale is just freaking awesome. And yeah, couldn’t possibly leave Darcy off the list. Nope.

      Hahaha, sorry!! It just… yeah… Chapter sixty-two!! πŸ˜›

  3. THAAAAAAAAAAAANK YOUUUUUUUUUU <3 So happy you also put them on here!

    I reread 62 yesterday. Its just.. electric between them. No one seems to understand that has to MEAN SOMETHING with Juliette’s “condition”

    • Hahahaha, of course!! <3

      I want to reread it. Probably will sometime today. But even aside from like the hotness and the electricity, and the fact that she pretty much … can’t be with Adam? Whatevs. But it’s the emotional connection – how similar they are. How she has to give him a chance to prove himself, or she would be a hypocrite. And he makes her better… Just… :3 the whole speech in that chapter really got to me. asdfjkl;

  4. Raffe and Penryn <3 LOVE Them! I am writing my review on Angelfall today actually.

    I am totally with you on Team Gale! I have Elizabeth and Mr.Darcy too!

    I need to read both The Fault in Our Stars and The Days of Blood and Starlight ( I loved Daughter of Smoke and Bone)

    Ashley @The Quiet Concert

    • YES! Oh I can’t wait to read your review πŸ™‚ I just love Angelfall so much… I want the sequel πŸ™

      YAY more and more team Gale people are appearing! That makes me so happy. I thought I was all alone. And it would be a crime not to include Elizabeth and Darcy I mean. xD

      Aw yeah, I totally need to get to Days of Blood and Starlight but so many books, ergh. Soon. I hope. πŸ™‚

  5. FRIGGIN’ KATY AND DAEMON SLHFHDGIHDIGHDLHGI. Ehem. I have a lot of feelings, especially after the ending of Opal. x___x I should probably just stick to freaking out on Twitter, because I sound like a crazy person. Anyway, YESSSSSSSSSSS to Katy and Daemon! *runs back to Twitter*

    • Hahahaha, I’m saving this comment forever xD That’s basically how I feel about them too though. THEY’RE SO EPIC. And Opal was so cruel. Just. No. asdfjkl; GIVE ME ORIGIN.

  6. I’m glad I’m not the only one who is obsessed with Finnick and Annie! I cherished the scenes in where they appear together and cried when he died, thinking oh my goodness, what will Annie do now?! ):

    • YAY! *high fives* They were so precious and like… everything that a relationship should be. Yeah, when Finn died I couldn’t believe it. I kept reading, got like five pages further, and then processed it, “WAIT HE DIED?!??!?” Most heartbreaking moment right there…

  7. Penryn + Raffe and Lizzie + Mr. Darcy would probably be on my list, too. But I love that you picked Finnick and Annie from THG–unusual choice! And this reminds me that I need to read the Lux series, everyone seems to swoon over the romance in those. πŸ™‚ Fun post.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

    • YAY I’m so glad you agree! Finnick & Annie isn’t a classic choice, but they stole my heart! WOW you haven’t read Lux? I hope you like it when you get to it!!

      Thank you!

      *cough* *freaks out a little that Wendy Darling commented here* *cough*

    • YAY I’m so glad more fans of them are coming out! I mean, it was a perfect romance pretty much… … until Suzanne Collins decided no one was allowed to be happy πŸ™