Book Nerd Problems #5: The Series Plague

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This is a periodic discussion feature here at Snuggly Oranges about the many problems one can run into as a book nerd.

#5. The Series Plague

I don’t know about you guys, but lately I’m quite overwhelmed by all the series in YA. The more I browse through Goodreads, the more I think, “Do stand alones even exist anymore?” Well, I know they do, and 2013 is packed with stand alones I’m excited for, like Poison, Transparent, September Girls, This Is What Happy Looks Like, Invisibility… *cough*

It’s obvious why series exist.

Fans always want more. Enough is never enough, especially when you get emotionally attached to the characters. You just want to know that they end up okay and have awesome lives. And if there’s a romance, you want to know there’s a real happily ever after for them. And writers and publishers, I mean, it must be nice to have a longer term project. If successful, it will guarantee a nice stream of revenues over the course of the series. There’s movie adaptation potential – I mean, you know they’re all jumping on the series bandwagon as well. So yeah: higher revenue streams, more loyal and invested fans, I get it.

But committing to a series is hard.

I mean, you’re not adding one book to your TBR list. No, you’re adding at least three (in case of the trilogy bug) or more. It seemed for a while there every YA book had to belong to a series. I mean, why not milk it for all it’s worth? But with 32,857,382,395 YA series out there… it’s quite exhausting. And what’s annoying me the most is that some of the series starters just don’t cut it anymore. You feel that they’re hopping on the series bandwagon and the actual quality of the story decreases.

The Problem

We’ve just barely scratched the surface.

This doesn’t count for every series starter, but in some of them, you really feel them jumping on the bandwagon. They’re trying to get you hooked but clearly hold back on the substance, which they want to develop in the sequels. (That means you, MILA 2.0.)

Cliffhanger endings.

They’re a given with the series plague, but never fully satisfying. In fact, a lot of the time they’re downright frustrating. Often the book just feels unfinished. And this leads into the next point…

Waiting sucks.

The wait between installments in a series is just deadly. I’m not a patient person, and I absolutely hate having an unfinished story. So definitely in the case of cliffhanger endings… I have to wait a year for the resolution to that?

My memory is really bad.

It’s hard for me, especially when I’m reading a lot, to remember the events of books in series if I have to wait a year for the next one. And sadly, more often than not, authors don’t do a great job of jogging my memory of previous installments. And as a book blogger, who has time to reread? (But PSST: as of today, The Recaptains can help you with this problem.)

Filler material across the series.

While I’m reading some series, I do sometimes get the feeling that this is filler material. Basically, it’s just plain boring in some parts, and you feel them try to stretch it to fill three books while maybe it could have been done in two, or even one. I’m looking at you, Insurgent.

*hides from the Divergent fangirls*

The Result

Stand alone books get bonus points.

The series plague is making me more actively seek out stand alone novels. When I’m browsing catalogues or Goodreads, if I see it’s a stand alone, I’m much more likely to put it on my list.

I am more and more unimpressed by series starters.

Look, if you’re holding back, you’re not going to impress me. You need to pull out all the stops. You don’t want me to leave the book thinking…

I am a lot more selective about which series I will continue with after reading the first installment.

Thinking about the ratings I give, the logical conclusion would be that any series starters that get less than 3 oranges from me, will be dropped. But lately even 3 oranges doesn’t really cut it. I really have to be convinced of the series’ potential in order to carry on.

I may wait until the whole series is out until I start to read it.

Like I said, my memory’s not that great, so it may be better for me to hold back until the release of the last book is approaching and then do a series binge. But aside from the memory problem, I also kind of prefer this way because then I haven’t been pulled out of the series. I mean, if it’s been a year since I read the previous installment, my love for the series and its characters may have waned… and I’ll enjoy it less because of that.

Let’s Talk!

What about you guys? Are you getting tired of the trilogies/series trend in the publishing world at the moment? How do you decide whether you will continue with a series or drop it? Do you have a minimum rating? Let me know in the comments!

Beauty must appeal to the senses, must provide us with immediate enjoyment, must impress us or insinuate itself into us without any effort on our part. Claude Debussy
 ** This discussion post was brought to you by Doctor Who. Because Debby is a huge nerd.



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47 responses to “Book Nerd Problems #5: The Series Plague

  1. Completely agree with this – I find it hard keeping up with series, even if I really like them. I takes a lot of will power to wait until the final installment comes out though!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one… I have a lot of trouble keeping the list of series I’m actually following pretty manageable.

  2. Lol! I don’t mind too much about the waiting but like you, my memory is bad and by the time the next book is out my initial love for the characters and the books is waaayy… less.

    That is what happened to me with The Chemical Garden series by Lauren DeStefano. I loved the first book, Wither, but by the time I read the second book I couldn’t connect with the characters again 🙁

    • Yeah, I think the waning of affection for the characters, plot, and the world is the worst part. It’s just a select few series where that doesn’t happen. But that does show how much I truly love those series.

      I still haven’t tried The Chemical Garden series, though maybe I’ll get around to it now that the final book is out. Sorry it didn’t work for you 🙁

  3. I can relate to pretty much every point on here. I feel like if I read a book in a series and have to wait for the next one, that story disappears from my mind and the only way I can read the next book is by re-reading the first book. And with so many books out there, I usually don’t want to!
    BUT, I have this thing where like once I start, I feel like I have to read the rest of the series even if I dislike it. I’m definitely working on this one. It’s just that whole “Oh, it’ll get better. Hang in there.”
    So if I read a series, I usually wait until they’re all released and then go storming through them all at once. It makes it easier for us who forget and then there’s no waiting (because I’m seriously an impatient person.)
    It’s definitely a huge trend right now though and they’re everywhere. Every time someone recommends me a book I go “Ooh yes” but then I see there’s two more books being released to make it a series and I go “Ooh maybe later.”
    I don’t want to feel like I have to read three books if I don’t want to. Do a series if you want, but write each book as a separate thing and don’t just chop a story into three parts to publish them separately. Or that’s my two cents, anyways. (Sorry for rambling…)

    • I definitely know what you mean. The worst thing is when I finish a series starter and I’m not sure about it, but everyone else loves it and promises the sequel will be even better. And I hate leaving a story unfinished even if I don’t like it… But I’m working on that.

      I wish I could wait on series until they’re done, but I hate missing out on the hype when all my blogging friends are raving, haha. Finding a balance is so hard.

      Don’t apologize! I love hearing peoples’ opinions about things like this. I definitely think series installments should pretty much be standalone books. That would be so much better.

  4. “But with 32,857,382,395 YA series out there…” Is this an actual figure? XD

    “My memory is really bad.” Just wait, I might have a solution to this 😀

    I’m loving the Doctor Who gifs!

    Whether or not I continue with a series depends on how much I enjoyed the first book. If the first book doesn’t grip me, then I assume that the other two won’t either. For example, Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood. I was so. freakin’. bored while reading it, and the first book is meant to grab you and not let you go. Like Obsidian did!

    I wouldn’t say I have a precise rating, but in general my two-star ratings on GR means that the book was ‘Bland’, and so I won’t continue. When it comes to the three-star ratings – ‘Enjoyable’ – it totally depends on the book. Some I’ll let go because while they were enjoyable, they were’t quite good enough, others I’ll read the sequel(s) to because I’m curious, or I felt connected enough with some aspects of the book.

    I would love for there to be more standalones, because I agree – I think a lot of authors stretch out the story too much. Then again, if I love a series then I’m always wanting more because HELLO, I can’t get enough. There will never be enough Daemon and Katy. :’)

    • Of course! You know how I do my research and stuff. Would I lie to my loyal readers? xD

      Doctor Who ftw.

      I totally agree, the first book of the series needs to grab you. But sometimes I continue on anyway because people promise me it gets better later (*cough*Where She Went*cough*), which I think is why I’m so scared to continue on with the Covenant series.

      Thank you for your input! I think I’m more or less the same in regards to continuing on with series. And YES DAEMON AND KATY ♥ that series should continue on forever.

  5. I agree, although in some cases I do love trilogies. Most of the time the author ddrrraaaaggggsss it out so nothing happens in the middle (Supernaturally/Insurgent/Scarlet to some extent/Fever). I understand if the author has lots of ideas and a huge story, but not if its one small strand they’re trying to keep going, keeping answers from you until you really don’t care anymore. Then you have ones like Prodigy which had a neat, almost one-off story, and I can’t wait to read more. So it really depends, but it seems the trend these days is to have bad trilogies 🙁

    • Yeah, I did like trilogies but indeed, it just feels like most authors are stretching it for way more than it’s worth. It definitely makes me have a much greater appreciation for the series that don’t do that. Prodigy sounds great that way, and I really need to read the Legend series one of these days. It sounds like it’s one of the better trilogies.

  6. I think you just took all my thoughts on series and created this post. I greatly prefer standalones over series. This is mostly because I never remember what happened in the previous books and also because my interest just doesn’t hold over multiple books. I have a very small attention span, so I like to jump from story to story rather than spending an extended amount of time on one story. And it does feel like series are the trend these days. There are so many books I’ve read this year that I thought were standalones, but it turns out they’re part of trillogies or series. I wish more standalones were written.

    • Hahaha, glad you feel the same way! It’s so annoying when you think a book’s a standalone but it turns out to be a series. It’s not even well recorded on Goodreads these days. While I was writing this post, listing the standalones that were on my TBR list, I suddenly discovered The Art of Wishing was actually in a series, as was Chantress and The Distance Between Us… While I haven’t even read them yet, I already kind of feel cheated.

  7. I’m definitely selective as well with series… When a first book comes out, even if it sounds awesome, I’ll often wait until at least the second book is out before I’ll pick it up because I just can’t handle loving a book and then waiting a year to continue on with the story. Makes me so mad!

    • It’s so hard to keep yourself from jumping on the series if everyone’s raving about it… So yeah, I try to do the same but often there’s just PEER PRESSURE and asdfjkl;. I really just need to find time to reread books.

  8. I use to need to read every series through to the end if I read the first book and didn’t just completely hate it. Now, however, I’m OK with not finishing a series if I’m not gripped in the beginning. I do like to know what happened, but meh. . . I only have so much time to devote to books, and I want to give that time to the stories I just love.

    • Oh I can relate. There’s nothing I hate more than an unfinished story. Even if I hated the first book, often I’ll read plot summaries/spoilers to know what happens in the rest of the series. But yeah, since my TBR list is so long, I definitely stopped reading series I find mediocre.

  9. I’m not sure how I feel about series. Like you said: I really love it when I get invested into a story and the characters. There can never be enough HP books for me :p But sometimes I feel like they are just stretching the story endlessly, so they can put it in three books. Those series make me so tired, because I still want to know what is going to happen.. So it’s sometimes great to read a book and just end it; no cliffhangers (I absolutely HATE them if I have to wait for the next installment) or unanswered questions. If the series is well-written, I love them. If I feel like they are milking the story, I want to throw them against the wall.

    • Ugh, there just need to be more HP books… that’s one series I could get behind going on forever. But yeah, now that it’s a trend, it’s definitely become a question of quantity over quality. For series that I feel are stretching it and I’m not really enjoying it, I sometimes just read plot summaries and spoilers first to see if it would be worth it to read it and see if it’s worth it to see how it gets to that end point. I hate to leave a story unfinished, even if I don’t like it.

  10. Yes. This.

    When I was a teen, I loved the idea of a good series. I even used to like the wait, because though it was frustrasting as hell, at least a part of my remained with the series, invested in the characters, in between books, and I appreciated that. But now…now, it’s like “Why can’t anything just end?”

    And those cliffhangers…don’t even get me started! Writers and publishers have been pushing the limits of what is an acceptable cliffhanger for too long, and have toppled right over the edge with these books that literally stop mid-scene with no hint of resolution.

    I still like a well-done series (Daughter Of Smoke And Bone, Unearthly, Everbound), but the ones that are in it just for the separate price-tags and the trend-hoppers…not even worth it. And by rule-of-thumb, if I forget about a series by the time the next book comes out, I don’t even bother with it.

    LOVE this post.

    • True enough. It seems like years ago the series were of a much higher quality and now publishers just want to push them out, thinking “quantity over quality”. Sigh. It doesn’t work.

      Yes yes yes, the good series now get infinite bonus points. DoSaB, Unearthly and Everneath are great examples of that. I want more of those.

      Thank you 🙂

  11. I have to say that I usually prefer series to singles. I love investing in good characters and like you said… if it is an amazing story– i just want more and more and more. Think Vampire Academy. 🙂 But with some series… you are right. There is so much filler space you might as well just read the first and last 10 pages of the middle book. But there are some authors— Veronica Rossi— Tahereh Mafi that just bring in nonstop in every book!! I’d be so depressed if those series were singles! It’s also really annoying to feel like you HAVE to finish a series- I know some people can just read on and quit, but I have a hard time. I HAAATED Matched. I liked the idea and the first book was probably worth 3ish oranges, but book 2 and 3… OMG just stop already.

    and hey….. thanks for the shout out! RECAPTAINS ARE HERE TO SAVE THE DAY!

    • That’s true: series provide way more opportunities to create great depth in characters and plot, but the last few series I’ve read I feel like the authors aren’t using that opportunity… The good series are just becoming rarities, but that does make me love them so much more.

      I feel exactly the same about Matched. I think I gave it 3 oranges, indeed, maybe even two, but I quit. That was so disappointing.

      😀 I love the new blog! It should definitely help out.

  12. Well… Here’s the thing. I love series. More than stand alones. A lot more, in fact. The only reason I have for not wanting to read series is because I know that it will end some day. And I tend to either love (*cough* obsess *cough*) the characters in the series (or at least some of them) or hate them. I can’t be in the middle. And even with characters I hate (Voldemort anyone?) I’m still sorry to see them go. I saw a picture on Facebook a few weeks ago saying “I wish I could unread a book so I can read it again for the first time”. And I really wish I could do it. Because yes, I reread books like a crazy person but it’s not the same. I love series and seeing them end is rather painful. It’s like breaking up a friendship, or worse.

    That’s the only reason I have for choosing stand alones over series. Of course, I prefer series where every book has another main character, like Kenyon’s Dark Hunters or Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood. But even with series with the same character, if done great (Vampire Academy) I get to care for those characters a lot. Stand alones have a way of making me wish a character or another would get their story told.

    It is difficult to keep things straight when the series is very long, but it’s still not enough to be honest 😛 Like you, I hate waiting, but sometimes the wait is worth it. So yes, I’m still a fan of series. Not exactly trilogies though, because they’re too short and I’d rather postpone the ending..indefinitely *blush*. I do understand why some authors choose to do trilogies, there’s no risk of readers asking themselves “oh, what else can happen now?!”.

    • It’s true that I get way more invested in series than standalones precisely BECAUSE of the waiting, the extra space that allows for character depth and everything. And yessss, I wish I could experience Harry Potter again for the first time. That would be so great. Seeing the end of a great series is definitely painful.

      I don’t know I think I’m a bigger fan of series sticking with the same main character across all installments. Though I haven’t read many series where that’s not the case.

      Wow, you really like stretching series, haha. That’s cool! I’m afraid I’m not as patient.

    • When it comes to reading, I wear the badge of masochist with pride and honor *laughs* Yes, I do like long series. But that’s because I hate so part with them. I actually wanted to sob like an idiot when the last Harry Potter book came out and I refused to read it… FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR! I postponed it that long, because I knew that that was that. *pouts*

    • WOW that’s intense, haha. I think I finished that one within like 4 days of its release. I was racing some other people haha. I didn’t want there to be any possibility of spoilers.

  13. Yes yes yes, especially to the my memory is really bad part. I read like four books a week so there is absolutely no way for me to remember everything that happened in the previous book a year later. I remembered when Insurgent came out and I had just read Divergent about four months earlier. I was like what kind of faction is Amity again?!

    As for the waiting until the entire series is out, then read it, I don’t think I’ll ever succeed in doing that. Once a new series is out, I see so many people talking about it on goodreads that it makes me so curious that I HAVE to check it out, no matter what. And then I face the consequences if it’s a not so good book or if it’s an awesome book, but I forgot everything that had happened a year later when the sequel comes out.

    • Damn, four books a week, that’s insane. But yeah, with so many stories in your head, it’s impossible to remember the books you read a year ago.

      I totally know what you mean. I always think it’s smarter to wait but once my blogging friends start freaking out it’s almost impossible for me to say no.

  14. Yes, yes and yes. Awesome post!
    I’m really starting dislike series, for reasons you mentioned above. Cliffhangers and the waiting after them is the worst, imo.

    Oh, and I’m excited for September Girls and Invisibility too!!! 🙂

    • I’m so glad I’m not alone! Series are awesome… when done well. But the publishing world needs to go back to the concept of quality over quantity.

      Yes yes yes! Those two sound epic! 🙂

  15. Ohmygod, tell me about it. As much as I love series, it’s jsut so damn tiring continuing the whole thing, especially if I’m reading it as each new installment come out. When I encounter an awesome series, I usually can. not. wait. for the release of the next book. But 3 weeks later, I’ve all but forgotten I was waiting for it because I’m excited for yet another series. The next year comes and the book is released. I spend at least a week contemplating if it’s worth my time rereading the previous book because no matter how much I loved it, I barely remember half the characters.

    Sometimes, I wish I just hadn’t heard of the series until all the books come out so I don’t have to deal with this memory loss. But then where is the fun in that? I don’t get to participate in the fangirling of the title release, the cover release, then ohmygod! A synopsis! Next thing I know there’s a release date and I can barely contain my feels. It’s just all part of the joy of reading a series.

    There are hardly any stand-alone titles that I know will be published this year. Hardly any that I want to read or have. THere are so much series books, especially Book 2s, or is it just me?

    • I think when you’re there from the beginning with the series and experience all the highs and lows and waiting, it makes it much more memorable in the long run. I love it, but now that I read a lot, the memory thing is asdfjkl; horrible.

      Yeah, I also think this year is full of book 2s… But I’m more actively seeking out standalones. I hope they turn out well because I can’t take starting many new series.

  16. Oh my gosh, YES! I really am not a fan of a series, and I’m always disappointed when a book I really liked announces its sequel is in the works. Looking at you, Karen Healey.

    I HATE starting a new series, because I hate to leave things unfinished, which means I’m signing myself up for a 3-7 book commitment, and that can get overwhelming even if I really love the series.

    And in some cases, I think that books drag things out over several books not because it’s necessary, but because they’re milking the cash cow. And then sometimes it just gets out of hand and people really need to say STOP (Cassie Clare or the House of Night books, anyone?)

    • I hate it when I’ve already read a book or am about to start it and THEN see, hidden in an announcement somewhere, that it’s actually in a series. *headdesk* torture.

      I totally know what you mean. I can’t stand leaving a story unfinished either, but I’ve started to get myself to do it anyway. Plot summaries and/or spoilers can let me know how the story ends up, but it’d be a waste of time to read.

      YES. The cash cow. *sigh* Especially Cassie Clare. Ugh. And Pretty Little Liars. I gave up on that one.

  17. Totally agree. Committing to a series is hard work. As a book blogger, most of the time I only have time to read what publishers send me. So if I’ve committed to a series, I literally have to put review books off to the side. This is hard. Especially when I am sent book one in a series BY a publisher. Because now if I like it, I’ve committed myself to finishing it and what if the publisher doesn’t send me book two? What then? It’s a conundrum. And yes, it seems like EVERYTHING is a series. I’ve been blogging for two years now, and it seems like I haven’t finished more than a couple series. No time. 🙁

    • Ugh, that sounds awful. I’m glad, in a way, that I’m still a newbie book blogger. I’m definitely limiting how many books I request and being selective about ones I accept because I don’t want to be required to read books I might not be that excited about, and I do want to be able to finish the series that I am enjoying. There just needs to be more than 24 hours in a day. For real. *sigh*

  18. YES, yes, yes. I have a hard time reading series, because 1) it takes too long for me 2) I have a really bad memory too 3) I lose interest because there are other books out there now that I don’t have to wait for.

    I have started so many series and only get past one, maybe two, of the books. Sometimes I start the first book without realizing it is going to be a series and then it’s like “Awww, man, I wanted to know the ending of the story now. Not TWO (at least) books later :\”


    Great post. I agree with everything you said completely.

    • I’m so glad I’m not the only one with this problem!

      Authors need to be really up front about their books being in a series. Goodreads doesn’t always really show that and it’s the worst to find that out when it’s too late. *sigh*

  19. Great post, Debby! I totally agree. Well, I wish there were MORE standalones. It’s not that I hate series, because I love series a whole lot, but it takes a lot of commitment for me to stick to one.

    This is why it took me so damn long to start Vampire Academy (I mean, SIX BOOKS? And then a spin-off series, also consisting of 6 books…). I’m VERY glad I did start it, because it’s becoming one of my all time favorites, but still. I could have read all those books 3 times in the time I have been putting it off.

    And some series just need to STOP already. I’m looking at you, Cassandra Clare. I liked the first 3 TMI books, but then there were 3 more, and 3 more in a spin-off series. Oh, and did I mention the OTHER spin-off series that’s coming soon? AND the series of short stories based on one character? It’s TOO MUCH. I… ugh. STOP.

    But um, back to your question. I like to give all series a chance, but I have no problem DNFing. That has never been a problem for me actually, so it’s no different when it comes to series. For example, I read The Adoration of Jenna Fox and I HATED it. (I know, I’m probably the only one but just ugh. Not for me.) So naturally I’m not reading the other two books in that series.

    And I may or may not have given up on Matched. I’m not sure. I liked Matched, but really didn’t like Crossed, and now I’m just out of it. (The official excuse is that I’m waiting for the Dutch release of Reached, so that my series match. The unofficial excuse is that I’m just not that motivated to continue.) Not sure I’ll pick up Reached.

    ANOTHER EXAMPLE: The Lorien Legacies. I liked the first two books, and the third was okay too I guess. But there are THREE more books coming out, and I’m just not sure I have enough attention left.

    Woooshhh that was a lot longer than I had expected it to be. Short summary: I love series, but not all series. If I don’t like them anymore, I’ll stop. No problemo. I want more standalones, if only to take a break from all the sequels and prequels and everything.

    Peace out.

    • Ugh, thank you for all these examples!! I totally agree. Cassandra Clare, just… Ugh. I’m glad I didn’t like the second one, and it was enough for me to stop, because seriously, girl needs to give it a rest. x_x

      Vampire Academy is daunting as well, I can only imagine, so I’m glad that the vampire sub-genre isn’t for me, or that would be a problem for me as well xD

      Even if I give up on a series, I usually read a plot summary or something of the last books just to know how it ends. I’m always curious, but I do know when it’s not worth my time.

      I also gave up on Matched, but already after the first one. I was so disappointed by it. I felt like it had so much potential and then it wasted it by just focusing on the love love love and more contemporary aspects of the story. It could have been so awesome, but NO. Ugh.

      OMG don’t get me started on the Lorien Legacies. I freaking loved the first, the second was okay, the third was.. really? it’s just steadily going downhill, so just a week ago or so I finally decided to drop it, also because there’s like no end in sight. SIX books? I had no idea it was going to be that long. That I hate as well – when you can’t find ANYWHERE how long a series is going to be. Urhg.

      Lawl, thank you for another wonderfully long, rambly comment 🙂 ♥

  20. I’m reaching a point where I’m going to have to let a series run its’ course before starting it. Like you, my memory is bad so it can be hard to remember all the little details by the time the sequel is released.

    There’s also the dreaded mid-series cover change, which is just super frustrating.

    And the fact that I always seem to dislike the series that EVERYONE loves, I’m looking at you Divergent/Shatter Me, so I feel guilty for not finishing the series, or like I must have missed something so I keep reading it.

    Then there’s the overwhelming feeling of being in the middle of so many series! Right now, I’ve read the first book in the Matched, Delirium, Incarnate, Everneath, Mind Games, Black City, and Hemlock series. I’ve read the second book in the Infernal Devices, Divergent, Under the Never Sky and Bloodlines series – that’s a lot of series to commit to!

    So yea, I also find myself desperately searching for standalones.

    BUT there’s also no greater satisfaction than the conclusion of a series (unless the last book was super disappointing, I’m looking at you Sever).

    • Yeah, I try to keep myself from starting series too soon, but when the buzz starts it’s so hard to resist!!

      Aww, I know what you mean about the series everyone loves… I can easily be convinced by claims that, “It’ll get better later” and then I keep reading and just wasting so much time… I’m starting to learn to listen more to my own heart. I mean, there’s no way I’d be able to read every book out there, so choices have to be made.

      Urgh, that’s mostly what spawned this post: I’m in the middle of too many series and I really have to make choices about which I want to continue on with and which I want to drop. x_x There’s no real way to keep it manageable though.

      TRUE – when a series finally ends that’s one of the best feelings ever. But yeah, it need to be a really great conclusion too. *sigh*

  21. I would rather wait until all of the books are released and then start reading. Not only are the trilogies piling up, but now they have to release all of these bonus stories too, as in book #0.5, #1.5, etc. I just finished reading Cinder. I purchased Cinder and Scarlet at the same time. I really enjoyed Cinder and think this is a series I can commit to reading. Since I bought the PB of Cinder, it included the short story Glitches. But if I had the original HC, I would have to buy the ebook version of that, as well as the other story between Cinder and Scarlet, The Queen’s Army. Now I totally get why these short stories are published. It helps to flesh out characters or storylines that would really drag on in the book. It helps to keep the buzz going for a series. And it is a chance for authors to add more writing credits to their name. However, when is enough going to be enough? Look at a series like The Goddess Test – there are three novels and four or five other .5 books! And they don’t really further the story or the enjoyment of the story (at least for me). Since these shorts are “extras” that may not even be read by the casual reader, there is no real emotional investment into them.

    • Haha, yeah, thanks for your input. I was actually saving up the mid-series novellas for another one of these posts, because that’s a serious trend to address. I’ve given up on reading them except for my favorite series, pretty much. I used to be a completionist, but I’m not dealing with this x_x

  22. I’m the SAME way. I’ll give a book a shot (if it’s the first in a series) and if I don’t love it, I won’t continue. I didn’t continue with Matched or Uglies. There’s not enough time in the world to read books that I’m not excited to read haha. Love these posts 🙂

    • Same for me with Matched – that one was just bland all around and I couldn’t get myself to continue with it. I also didn’t see the potential for the series, so that helped. Thank you!!