Book Nerd Problems #8: Creative Shelving

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This is a periodic discussion feature here at Snuggly Oranges about the many problems one can run into as a book nerd.

#8. Creative Shelving

One thing that makes me really sad actually to be a book nerd right NOW is that I live in one room, and that totally limits the space I have for books. I keep buying them regardless, and now all my shelves are filled, and aside from that there‘s random piles of books on the floor, in storage cupboards, on top of bookcases, etc. Obviously, living in one room tires really fast, and I constantly dream about the day that I’ll have my own apartment. I have a secret love of interior design, so one of the first things on my mind in these daydreams is how I’ll shelve and showcase my books. Luckily, there’s inspiration all around on the interwebz.

The Traditional Library Look

There’s something so freaking attractive about having bookcases so tall, you need a ladder to reach them. Walls are covered entirely in books. I mean, this is when it’s so clear that you’re a bookworm, it pretty much defines you. I really want this.

Seriously, give me that last one. *drools*

The Designer Shelves

Interior design really freaking amazes me sometimes, but my favorite thing to look at by far are the creative new bookcases. Then I look at the price tags and cry myself to sleep.

If I could pick three of the above, I would, without a doubt, go for the “Has Been Read, Will Be Read” shelf, the TARDIS, and the tree branch. asdjfkl; Can I haz all the bookshelves?

Bookshelves? No – More Seating!

Okay, I sort of totally love this idea. I only wonder if it’s really comfortable to sit, but the idea is brilliant. It’s like.. every time you go to read, you’re surrounded by your other lovely books – your friends. Oh god, that sounds pathetic.

Let’s Talk!

What about you guys? Which style of shelving do you like best? Which picture is your favorite? What do your shelves look like? Let me know in the comments!



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One response to “Book Nerd Problems #8: Creative Shelving

  1. I wish I could put all my books out on shelves, but right now they live in plastic bins. One day they will see the light though. You’re right about ladders and bookshelves. It’s every bibliophile’s dream.