Top Ten Tuesday #11: Top Ten Fictional Crushes

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Top Ten Fictional Crushes

This is hard. First of all, it was hard to narrow it down to ten. But then, it was even harder to put them in any kind of order. I tried my hardest, but this could change depending on the day of the week.

1. Percy Jackson from Percy Jackson & the Olympians by Rick Riordan (review)
This may surprise you, but seriously, just read this series. Percy is adorable and hilarious. Humor is really important to me. He is also fiercely loyal, and his thoughts about Annabeth and their scenes together in The Son of Neptune and The Mark of Athena are just amazing. I want that. Seriously. Not to mention, he’s portrayed by Logan Lerman, who is and has always been my top celebrity crush. ♥♥♥

2. Daemon Black from the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout (review)
Daemon. Hot and infuriating. I love the relationship he has with Katy – their back-and-forth. They’re constantly challenging each other, and I think that’s the best kind of relationship. But despite coming off as a heartless bastard at the beginning of the series, you do see that his feelings run deep and are true, and he would do anything for the girl he loves. So yes, Daemon. Obviously. ♥♥

3. Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling
Let me first say that, yes, a lot of this is fanon goggles. I’ve read so much Draco/Hermione fanfiction that it definitely has its effect. (It’s my OTP of OTPs, haters to the left.) But regardless, Draco is such an interesting character. Especially towards the end of the series, you see that he struggles with the definitions of right and wrong pushed on him by his parents and by Voldemort. I just. So much sympathy. ♥

4. Trevor from Pivot Point by Kasie West (review)
I don’t know if I can talk about Trevor without (a) gushing uncontrollably, or (b) spoiling the story. Umm… Trevor is the strong but silent type. He’s an artist. He’s funny, but modest. He’s basically so awesome, you just really want to be friends with him, but at the same time, you can’t be friends with him and not fall in love with him. He’s irresistible. And what he does for Addie? That’s just amazing.

5. Gale Hawthorne from The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
*bites lip* Gale…. I know I’m like the only one who’s not “TEAM PEETA OMG!!!1!1!” It’s not that I don’t like Peeta, and I agree that how the story went, Katniss should end up with him. But Gale stole my heart. I’m more likely to go for the “best friend” character to begin with. But those scenes in Catching Fire… Can I just say that I can’t WAIT to see that on the big screen??? EEP.

6. Willem de Ruiter from Just One Day by Gayle Forman (review)
You all know I fell deeply in love with Just One Day. A lot of it came from Willem. I love that he’s Dutch. I mean, it was very recognizable. Willem’s a free spirit and quite mysterious to boot. He’s all about loving life and seizing the day, and I think that kind of guy would be good for me. I can just imagine the kind of adventures he would take me on… 🙂 Can I just please get my hands on Just One Year?

7. Faramir from The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien (review)
Faramir was very much a side character, but even so, I fell in love. Not only was he treated so horribly by his father and deserved so much better, but he was just so noble. Despite growing up in awful times and by an awful father, he had his own principles and… Okay, him and Éowyn were just amazing together. I could just reread that chapter of Return of the King over and over again.

8. Finnick Odair from The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
Finnick gave me all the feels. I mean, who among us didn’t fall in love with him a bit? I loved his flirty, teasing persona from the get go, but when it turned out that there was so much more to him underneath all that… He’s just amazing. And with Annie, it also turns out that he’s the perfect and most loyal boyfriend ever. Just. Finnick. All the feels. I’m still mad at Suzanne Collins for Mockingjay.

9. Raffe from Penryn & the End of Days by Susan Ee (review)
I think this list has aptly proven that I fall for the mysterious type. And how much more mysterious could you get than Raffe? Though it was really subtle, throughout Angelfall, you could see how he struggled with his feelings. He’s also the kind of guy that is fiercely loyal to the people he cares about. And so witty!! I just want more of him in my life. Seriously, when is the sequel coming out??

10. Christian Prescott from Unearthly by Cynthia Hand (review)
I sat on the fence until almost the end with the love triangle in Unearthly. But then I discovered that by the start of Hallowed, Christian had begun winning me over, little by little. “I was in the middle before I knew that I had begun.” (Bonus points if you know what that’s from.) He’s just the kind of stable, dependable guy that you gradually grow to love.

Let’s Talk!

So… who are your fictional crushes? Do we have any in common?
Let me know in comments!



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44 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday #11: Top Ten Fictional Crushes

  1. Percy will forever hold a special place in my heart. I’ve always been Team Gale. Since forever and not once did I sway towards Peeta. Willem takes the gold though. Holy mother of fudgecakes. I cannot wait for Willem and Just One Year. I will do anything to get my hands on an ARC.

    • Percyyyyy ♥♥♥ And YAY more Gale fans! Yeah, I didn’t really ever swoon for Peeta either. And I’m with you. I will go rambo for an ARC of Just One Year. Seriously. It’s going to be amazinggg.

  2. Finnick! If I were to have an eleventh spot, he’d have had it. I’m kind of surprised to see you going with Christian over Tucker. If I remember right, you were kind of torn between the two while reading haha, which I totally sympathize with. Malfoy, gotta love him. The tortured bad-boy before it was popular.

    Now I have got to start the Percy Jackson books. It’s starting to get a bit embarrassing that I haven’t read them yet, quite honestly.

    Great list!

    • Haha, I was torn between Christian and Tucker but I just felt like you got to see so much more of Christian later on… it was like a slow unraveling of his character and he kept amazing me. So yeah. I would have gone for him. and YES DRACO – the first ever tortured bad-boy ♥

      YES MISSY. YOU GO READ PERCY JACKSON. You definitely should. I think you’ll like them. They’re quick and easy reads anyway. 🙂

      Thank you!

  3. Yay Faramir! I loved him! I always get into a fight with my boyfriend because he thinks Boromir is way better (of course, only based off the movies because he hasn’t read the book), but Faramir also has a place in my heart.

    Most of these other books I haven’t read >< But I'm with you on Gale. I really wanted Katniss to choose him for a while. Peeta was just too girly in my mind. :P Great list 🙂

    • Hahaha, awesome! I can’t imagine liking Boromir more though. Boromir was also misunderstood, but… I dunno, it’s all about Faramir. ♥

      YAY GALE FANS. 🙂 Don’t feel bad about not having read the rest. That’s how I mostly feel when visiting other peoples’ lists.

      Thank you!

  4. YAY FOR GALE. Seriously, I am 100% team Katniss in THG. But IF I were to choose a guy, Gale would be it. I still think that Katniss should’ve ended up with him, because come on. How can you NOT love him?! And oh my goodness, I love Finnick so so so much. Though I never thought of him as swoon-worthy (why didn’t I?!) I love his story so much. Poor Finnick. Also, I read that chapter in Return of the King SO MANY TIMES. Faramir + Eowyn = <3. Perfect.

    Also, LOVELY GRAPHICS. Great job, lady!!!

    • ♥ you, missy, constantly amaze me with your awesomeness. It is Gale all the way, for sure. I hate how they ended it for him 🙁 so unfair.

      Finnick is like the definition of swoon-worthy!! HAHAHA. How could you not have swooned? Anyway, yeah, his story was amazing.

      YES FARAMIR. ♥

      Thank you!!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

  5. Daemon! Yes. Good. I loved Finnick so muhuhuhuhuhuch. I’m still kind of annoyed that he’s not being played by Jesse Williams in the movie, because HELLO


    • Hihihi of course Daemon’s on this list 😀

      Haha, yeah I dunno, I’m happy with Sam Claflin. I was kind of partial to Garrett Hedlund before though.

  6. Why do I keep forgetting to add Finnick to all my lists? ):
    And yes, I totally agree with you about Trevor. I couldn’t believe him, he’s just so…everything.

  7. Oh I LOOOOVE Trevor and HOW DID I FORGET ABOUT WILLEM. Oh geez. What was I thinking???
    Great list and I love the way you did the pictures! So much fun 🙂

    • YES YES TREVOR ♥♥♥ seriously though, you forgot Willem??? *GASP* JK, it’s always tough to make lists like this and not forget anyone.

      Thank you!!! 🙂 I loved making this post as well.

    • Haha, yeah, I knew Faramir would confuse some people, but when he popped up in the books I just had SO MANY FEELINGS. He’s just wonderful. And YAY Percy fans! 🙂 You definitely should read Just One Day, it’s really great.

      Thanks for following 🙂

  8. Great list! Raffe totally made my list as well. And I’ve always had a soft spot for Draco (although I ended up choosing Oliver Wood over him for this list).

    And yay for being a fellow Gale fan!

    • YAY. Raffe is so freaking awesome. Haha, Oliver Wood? He was pretty awesome but totally not present enough 🙁 But yeah, Draco ♥


  9. I love Gale! I was never into Peeta. His name alone bothered me. OH, and Draco/Hermione fanfiction has totally affected how I see Draco, too. DH also affected my opinion because I felt like we saw a different side of him. While I don’t totally love him, I don’t think as negatively of him as I once did.

    • YES. Thank you. Gale is just asdfjkl;. AND YOU’RE A DH FAN. EEEEEEP. *hugs you* 32594836 more cool points for you. Draco’s just so deeply complex, I just want to know more and more and more about him.

    • Really? Peeta won you over in the movie? I thought he was kind of boring. I dunno. WILLEMMM. There should be a movie of THAT. I want a Willem on the big screen.

  10. I am in complete, 100% agreement about Percy and Logan. I love Percy as a character, and I love his relationship with Annabeth. And I’ve had a thing for Logan Lerman since I first saw him on a talk show before the Percy Jackson movie premiered :]
    Also, while I’m not a Draco/Hermione fan, I do like Draco. He’s a complex character even if you don’t really get to see it until the very end. And despite the weird hair, the movie Draco is kind of hot 😛

    • Yay yay yay! I’ve loved Logan actually since I watched the series Jack & Bobby in, I think, 2004-2005. So yeah, my love runs DEEP. That boy is just amazing.

      I know right? I love complex characters like Draco. And heck yes, Tom Felton is a hottie.