Top Ten Tuesday #12: Top Ten Favorite Book Blogs/Bloggers

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Top Ten Favorite Book Blogs/Bloggers

This week, we get to revisit an old topic. When I saw in the list that once upon a time, the topic was favorite book blogs, I knew I wanted to do this one for sure. I can never give enough love to my blogging buddies, and I felt really bad when I missed out on that Book Blogger Love-a-thon thing, where some of you named me. That made me feel all rosy, so time to repay the favor. If I didn’t name you… please don’t hate me!

Cuddlebuggery may have been my biggest inspiration in starting this blog. I love how opinionated Steph and Kat are and how carefully and entertainingly they can dissect books. I honestly just consider it a book blog of the highest quality.

Judith ♥♥♥ Not only does she have awesome taste in books, write fantastic reviews, and have amazing design skills, but our conversations are just absolutely hilarious. Just read any of her comments on Book Nerd Problems posts. Judith is awesome.

Amber is… what was it? My bookish twin? Hahaha. I love her taste in books and her reviews. We can have some of the best discussions on Twitter. Though she may not have officially won “Twitter Queen”, she’ll always be my Twitter Queen.

Okay, this may sound weird, but I especially love how Renae can totally smash the hype machine to bits. She is fearlessly honest, and I appreciate that so much. Her discussions are awesome and man, I wish I could read as much as she does.

Ashley and Nicole are some of the sweetest bloggers out there, and I loved getting to know them as we were all starting out as new bloggers. They have great taste in books and I really trust their opinions as well.

Kara is one of those people whose reviews I truly trust. She seems to know just what to emphasize in her reviews and they’re truly well-written. And I’m loving the KC and the Sunshine Chats so far, they’re a great feature 🙂

This one should be obvious. Jamie is inspiring. I love her creative breakdown in her reviews. Her discussion posts are really entertaining. The graphics she makes are really creative. This is just the kind of blog I aspire to become… eventually.

Kelly was one of the first people to find this blog, and never fails in leaving the absolute sweetest comments. Comments like hers get me motivated to keep going. I love her reviews as well, and her discussion posts on YA Epidemics are spot on.

Mel is just awesome. Her blog is a constant reminder to me that I should be reading more fairytale retellings, hahaha. I really value her opinion about these books though, and the comments she leaves are always insightful and sweet.

I love Betty’s creative breakdown in her reviews. I know just who to go to if I need a great kissing book 😛 Anyway, I love the other features on her blog as well. They really show off her personality and that there’s more to life than books (*gasp*).

Honorable mentions: 

I feel really bad that I can’t list everyone, so some extra love now to Books With Cass, The Midnight Garden, Radiant Shadows, Stories After Twelve, Finding Bliss in Books, and Effortlessly Reading.

Let’s Talk!

So… what are your favorite book blogs?
Which topic did you choose this week?
Let me know in the comments!



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43 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday #12: Top Ten Favorite Book Blogs/Bloggers

  1. I follow most of these blogs, so I love your choices! Cuddlebugery was pretty much the first book blog I ever saw, and I just loved it from the beginning.

  2. Some of these blogs are on my favorites too! I love Cuddlbuggery, Perpetual Page Turner, The Daily Prophecy, Respiring Thoughts, and Books of Amber very much! Thank you for the shout out, Debby, it means a ton. Your blog is one of my favorites too and I am so glad I found you. The first time I checked out your blog was during the giveaway hop that Cuddlebuggery hosted. 😀

  3. I definitely agree with this list. The only one I haven’t visited, that I’m on my way to now, is The Quiet Concert. 🙂

  4. So, I have HUNDREDS of book blogs on my Reader and I still haven’t heard of most of these! It’s incredible (and awesome!) to realize just how many book bloggers there are out there. It’s so fun to be part of such a huge and varied online community. Love it!

    • I know! Our community is so huge, and I feel like I find more amazing blogs on a daily basis. It’s quite hard to make a list of favorites then, but I tried! 🙂






    (Seriously though, I’m so honored to be on your list and SO HAPPY that I met you! <3 And that you're allowing me to go all crazy in my comments XD)




  6. Awww, this is by far the best idea for a topic ever. Not only am I flattered that you included me on your list, but I love seeing some of the blogs I follow mentioned, as well as some new ones for me to check out! You know I love your blog– <3 even when you give some of my favorites 2 damn oranges. hahaha

  7. [im][/im]

    I’M FINE I’M OKAY. I LOVE YOU DEBBY ;____; Haha YES, we’re bookish twins! So that means that we should both be Queen, right? I think Judith should be our court jester.

    Oh my god, I’m totally tearing up. Thank you! <333 And I love a lot of these blogs too. Judith's, Renae's, Kara's, Mel's, Betty's, Cuddlebuggery... This list is the best.

    • I LOVE YOU TOO AMBER 😀 ♥ TOTALLY AGREE, Judith should be our court jester, hahaha. Settled.


      Thank youuu 😀 I am in love with this list too, obviously, hahaha.

  8. Aww Debby! Thanks so much for including me! <3

    I love a lot of these, and the ones I haven’t heard of I’m going to check out like asap. I’m kind of mad at myself that I haven’t already haha.

    • Of course!! You’re welcome ♥

      YAY. I hope you check out the rest and follow some of them 🙂 They all have my stamp of approval, haha.

  9. Aww, thanks Debby for including me! 😀<3
    And yes, Cuddlebuggery was also my biggest inspiration for starting my blog. I was stalking their website everyday for four months until I finally decided that I should keep a book blog too. (:

    • You’re welcome!

      Haha, we should have some kind of poll among book bloggers who started in the last year, I bet most of them were inspired by Cuddlebuggery.

  10. FINALLY I HAVE INTERNET AND I CAN EXPRESS HOW MUCH THIS MEANS TO ME!!! No kidding, for the past like 30 hrs I have been so anxious to get on the computer and say thank you here. I seriously love your blog. Like to me you’ve already achieved it all. Your Book Nerd Problems is like therapy to me and makes me feel like I am not alone (although I read most of your posts from my iPhone and have yet to comment *shame on me*) but the fact that you like my blog back is like the ultimate flattery. Not to mention we are listed among some awesome company so you must have good taste 😉 It’s moments like these that inspire me to keep pushing forward. This community is so supportive and awesome and I NEVER imagined how good it would feel to be a part of it. It feels like my life was empty just 4 months ago when I had like.. maybe 3 people to talk books with. I’m so glad we connected and thank you so much for including us in this list and I am so happy you like our blog *blushes* <333

    • EEP you flatter me 🙂 You’re definitely welcome! Sometimes we just need to share some love to keep each other motivated and I’m glad this helped 🙂 I can definitely relate on having no one to talk books with before blogging, so yeah, this community is amazing 🙂

  11. Oooh honorable mention! Since you’ve got a phenomenal list of bloggers there (Cuddlebuggery was one of the first blogs I followed too!), I’m over-the-moon to be even mentioned in the same post 😀 Thanks Debby!