Book Nerd Problems #11: All My Friends Are At BEA :(

Posted June 2, 2013 by Debby in Uncategorized

This is a periodic discussion feature here at Snuggly Oranges about the many problems one can run into as a book nerd.

#11. All My Friends Are At BEA 🙁

While more casual readers may not be able to relate to this and it’s more a book blogger problem.. Let’s face it, if you’re following my blog so closely that you’re reading this post, you probably know the magic that is BEA and how awful it is for any interested YA reader to not be there.

So let me take you through my week and show you what I’ve been up to (read: how I’ve coped) while everyone in New York was having oodles of fun. GIF adventure – START!

WARNING: This post contains irony and sarcasm. Don’t take my words at face value.

Tuesday Evening

Studied, studied, studied for my Wednesday exam…

Checked Twitter every other second every so often.

Saw bloggers tweet about meeting each other.


Studied at the last minute, like a boss.

Had a twitter GIF battle with Amber.

Was declared Queen of GIFs by Judith.

Concluded further last minute studying held no value.


PWNed the exam anyway, like the queen that I am.

Celebrated with the #bookishparty!

1 . 2 wine bottles later…

Realized my drunken, overzealous tweeting actually GAINED me followers.

Submitted to exhaustion and drunkenness.


Woke up just a TEENSY bit hungover.

Went to the Efteling (Dutch amusement park) because I HAVE RL FRIENDS TOO.

Saw tweets of bloggers meeting awesome authors and getting some highly anticipated 2013 releases signed.

Decided it was time for more wine.

Just decided to write up blog posts and stay off of Twitter.

Dragged my sleep-deprived butt to bed.


Saw tweets about meeting Rick Riordan and seeing the House of Hades cover.

Saw the House of Hades cover online.

Saw pictures of stacks of ARCs of books I want.

More tweets about bloggers meeting amazing authors.

Started stress-eating chocolate.

Decided to stay off Twitter.



Slept, napped, lazed.

Created an “I’m not at BEA” playlist.

Went and bought books, so I could have new shinies too.

Read more.

In Conclusion

You know, I think I did pretty well. It was definitely painful and saddening to see so many awesome things happening via Twitter and not being there myself, but I actually managed to set it aside. Closing Twitter helps, haha.

In all seriousness, I think it’s so awesome that so many of you got to go to BEA and met up with awesome authors and bloggers. I’m majorly jealous, but not resentful. It is my number one goal to go to BEA next year. Considering I have accommodation for free and am due for a trip to New York anyway, I should be able to make this work.

Let’s Talk!

BEA-goers: How was it? You’re writing up posts about it, right? Link me to them please! Was it just completely epic? Will you go next year too, so hopefully I can meet you?

Non-BEA-goers: How did you spend your week? Was it painful watching the tweets? Did you cry? Did you participate in Armchair BEA? Are you going to try to go to BEA next year?

Let me know in the comments!



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30 responses to “Book Nerd Problems #11: All My Friends Are At BEA :(

  1. Bec

    aah, to go to BEA would be amazing. If only I wasn't in Australia. I would love to go one day! And I only discovered Armchair BEA this week! Depending on uni I might try and participate next year.

    My week was spent mainly in despair. Lots of procrastinating exam study and not really doing anything. I didn't even allow myself to start new books because I have scary exams coming up and need to focus on them (SO MUCH CONTENT TO LEARN)
    My recent post Merchant's Ransom: The Great Gatsby

  2. Rita@WeavingPages

    How I coped with not going to BEA: I didn't.. Instead I played cookie games at the Bookish Party..!
    Unfortunately, I won't be going to BEA for a few years.. 🙁 But I have now made it my life goal to go to BEA and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter 😀
    My recent post Race the Wind by Lauren St John

  3. Judith

    I have been eagerly anticipating this post, and I have to say… it was well worth the wait. THIS IS WHY YOU ARE QUEEN OF GIFS DEBBY! Love, love it. Even though it is kind of depressing and makes me want to cry but HEY WHAT'S NEW this week. Since this was my first BEA on the blogosphere, I hadn't expected to feel so left out. There was definitely crying involved. And chocolate. And more crying. Especially when the book haul pictures came. I even made a list of all the books I would have wanted if I had been at BEA – which, for the record, is NOT helpful AT ALL. I should probably have taken a Twitter break like you, but apparently, I'm a masochist, so I didn't do that. WHYYYY. Seriously, I am happy for everyone who got to go and that all my blogger friends had such an amazing time but yeah. *sobs*

    <img src=""&gt;

    I will now continue to listen to your playlist, which I'm already loving.

  4. I so relate! So accurate and funny post. I feel the same way about BEA…it's hard to be left out but I'm so pumped for the people that went. Next year I doubt I'll go so I'll just be jealous of you 😛

  5. achoquet

    Ha! Luckily for me my boyfriend was in town so I honestly didn't think about it. I didn't have to see the posts about it or anything! I think there was one day I logged on Twitter and saw posts with pictures of the book hauls everyone had from it and I quickly closed out of it and didn't turn back. Otherwise, I'm sure I'd suffer just as much as you did! But yay for the last uni exam ever and being the queen of GIFs! You rock! 😛
    My recent post Bookish Recap: May 20th – June 1st

  6. Please go, Debby! I would love to see you there! I don't think I ever want to miss BEA again. And…I was where you were the last couple of years. I know how awful it is. 🙁

  7. That very first gif, waaay up at the top…who is that guy? I've seen him in so many of your posts that I have to know where he's from.

    I'm jealous since I live in The City That Books Forgot, but I don't have any plans to go in the near future. For one, my blog just isn't that big. Which is how it should be, I'm not able to give it more than a couple of hours a week right now. But it doesn't scream BEA GOER. Also, money. As in, I have none. If I could convince a friend to go with me and split the cost of a hotel room I could maybe squeak by, but I'd be denying myself food and clothes and omg, books, for like a month beforehand. I've been happy living vicariously through my favorite bloggers who got to go.

    That said, I really hope you get to go next year and am already looking forward to the Book Nerd Problems post you'll write afterward. And all the gifs it will be sure to contain.
    My recent post Book Review – Delilah Dusticle by A.J. York

  8. Aww man, Australia, that would be a really expensive trip. But at least you guys have your own conventions… right? I think I've seen those talked about. Same for me, Armchair BEA might have been fun if I hadn't had my exam on Wednesday.

    Aww, I sympathize. Hope you do well on the exams!

  9. Haha, this is my first BEA in the blogosphere, so I'm new to this kind of torture, but man I hope I can go next year. To go through this yearly.. eep. Torture.

  10. Sounds like a good plan, haha. I think in the future if I can't go I will participate in Armchair BEA to keep myself reading and off twitter, haha.

  11. Hahahaha, thank you, thank you, thank you. 🙂 Same here with it being my first BEA. It's already bad enough though to make me NEED to go next year. Ugh. The book haul pictures were the worst, especially when there were books I've been rejected for on NetGalley and Edelweiss (i.e. All Our Yesterdays, Tumble & Fall, This Song Will Save Your Life). I mentally started making that list as well, but forced myself to stop. No good could have come of that ^^;

    Glad you love the playlist 🙂

  12. Aww, I hope you can go some day! And otherwise, my playlist can comfort you next year, haha. I should remember to post it next year again. 🙂

  13. Yeah, you're so lucky you had you're boyfriend to distract you, hahaha. Twitter was torture. I had to turn it off as well, couldn't take it. Thank you 🙂

  14. Hahaha, I thought you would say that. After one BEA, I couldn't imagine you would not want to go again next year xD But so YAY that makes me really happy! I hope I'll be able to meet you too next year!

  15. Hahaha, that would be Dan Howell, aka Danisnotonfire, a YouTuber. He's basically socially awkward like me and so his GIFs are the best. This video is a personal favorite of mine.

    Aww, totally understandable. See, for me, a vacation to the States is normal and expected (or else I'd never see my father) and my sister lives in NYC, so all in all it'll be pretty affordable. Thank god! I don't know how I could survive never experiencing this for myself ^^;

    Thank you 🙂

  16. I absolutely relate. BEA needs to be something I do next year. Is it weird that I mostly want to go just to be surrounded by people who love books as much as I do? Unfortunately, being blog and/or publishing industry job-less (was that string of words even follow-able?) I don't qualify. First step, possibly start reviewing instead of just appreciating books…

  17. I participated in Armchair BEA, and although it's no substitute for being there, it definitely was a fun way to meet new bloggers and feel apart of the action. Although I'm not adverse to using wine to cope either…
    My recent post Armchair BEA: Wrap-Up

  18. 100% agree with Judith – you ARE the gif queen!

    I did Armchair BEA, which was a lot of fun AND I even won a few prizes! I'd love to go to the real thing, but it's something I'd have to start saving now for, and I'm awful at that so…
    My recent post Book Review: Eve

  19. Haha, not weird at all! I think I'm probably more excited about the opportunity to hang out with the bloggers than the authors. You should totally review! If you want, though. At least try it out, it can be really fun for sure 🙂

  20. Wine is an awesome coping mechanism for sure. But yeah, I'm sad I missed out on the chance to participate in Armchair BEA. Seems like that would be the best way to deal. Alas, exams. *sigh*

  21. Hihihihi thanks!!! 🙂

    Aww congrats on your prizes! I would have done that but ugh exams. And yeah, saving up for BEA is probably tough but asdfjkl; I want to go so bad, I think I can muster the determination.

  22. Thanks for linking up with Let's Discuss 🙂

    Man, it's a good thing there wasn't alcohol in my house over BEA week or I'm quite sure we would have been in the exact same boat! haha. I had to completely stay away from Twitter for like, that entire week. Instagram too! I do love seeing book hauls and such, but seeing them in real time as they're tweeting pics of them with authors or signed ARCs that I'd sell my soul for… ugh. Just can't take it! I needed time to process and accept the fact that I will eventually get those books too, so it's all good, I just have to wait a while longer for them to come out!
    My recent post Let’s Discuss!: Why do I feel so drawn to WordPress?

  23. bookrockbetty

    hahahhaa i am finally catching up through bloglovin! this post was amaaaazing! i know i tweeted a lot while at BEA so i can imagine how annoying it would have been to NOT BE THERE!! however… it did look like you ladies had some fun online parties!!! AND… i gotta say… i missed talking to you guys on twitter all week!!! I still need to do a recap post…. 🙂 you are the gif champion my dear!
    My recent post REVIEW: Just One Day by Gayle Forman

  24. You're welcome!

    Haha, I actually went out and bought two bottles of wine just for that weekend. And I'm with you, the best option was to turn off Twitter. I really don't mind reading the recap posts, that much, but seeing it in real time was absolute torture. I just have to make sure I get to go next year! 🙂