The Keys to My Heart #3: Awesome Cover Typography

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This is a periodic discussion feature here at Snuggly Oranges about the bookish things that steal my heart.

#3. Awesome Cover Typography

A fair few time I’ve confessed that I am a cover whore. I try to live by “don’t judge a book by its cover” but I want the prettiessssss! So I’ll probably dissect my love for covers into a few different of these Keys to My Heart posts, as there are a few separate elements that I absolutely love.

So cover element #1: typography. Creative fonts and letters are attractive, man. It can make a cover stand out, it can be that differentiating factor that will make me pick the book up and consider buying it. I mean, that is why there is a huge likelihood I will be buying The Promise of Amazing in December. And there also seems to be a new trend among contemporary romances to have these amazing fonts and that makes me way more tempted to pick up more of this genre, even though I’m not a contemporary girl.

Here are some of my favorite cover typographies! 

(click on any cover to enlarge)

    On a personal note…

    I’ve been obsessed with fonts for a long time. I actually started learning HTML and web design when I was around 13 years old, and totally obsessed with Neopets. For my userlookup and guild there I was obsessed with making the most beautiful layouts and to me that was all about typography. That got me to all the font download sites and I still browse there occasionally, finding the prettiest fonts.

    Also, all throughout my schooling and childhood, if I made some kind of project or presentation I had to find the perfect fonts – from snowmen fonts, for my Christmas wishlist, to the exact font L’Oréal uses in their logo, when I participated in their case competition this year. I’m an addict.

    (Side confession: I still go on Neopets sometimes.)

    Let’s Talk!

    So, what about you? Are you big on typography like me? What are some of your favorite awesome typography covers? (You can put them in your comment, just by using the IMG HTML tag!) And do you also judge books by their covers like me?

    Let me know in the comments!



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      24 responses to “The Keys to My Heart #3: Awesome Cover Typography

      1. Alice in Readerland

        I've been really loving all the cool typography I've been seeing on books this year too! The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight is one of my favorites, but I also love The Infinite Moment of Us and For Darkness Shows the Stars because it combines pretty stars/colors *and* pretty typography! 🙂 I recently saw the typography/cover for Tell the Wolves I'm Home and I really liked that one too! 🙂

        Alice @ Alice in Readerland
        My recent post Cover Love: The Lunar Chronicles and International Covers

      2. chrysrawr

        AH. I am so obsessed with typography myself! I love when the contemporaries have those handwritten fonts because it kind of represents what is supposed to the realism of the genre – as in The Distance Between Us. I also love the highly ornate typography of The Chaos of Stars and Shadow and Bone. AHH. Why did you get me started on this? I freaking love typography. Sometime I look at self-designed covers, and I wonder, oh I wonder, why didn't they just go to freaking Font Squirrel and find a free font, instead of using Hightower, Comic Sans or Tahoma. It is pretty sad! Another cover for its typographical beauty is City of Dark Magic – it just screams Prague and alchemy to me.
        My recent post Summer Lovin’, Day 5: “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On” and Cover Title Scramble

      3. I'm obsessed with typography and as a book nerd, it's only natural that these two loves combine and explode on the covers and books themselves. I love all the ones you posted especially the first two rows of book covers *drooling*.

        Some of my favorite covers are <img src="; alt="TBS" height="155" width="100"><img src="; alt="SL" height="155" width="100"><img src="; alt="WLOF" height="155" width="100"><img src="; alt="TL" height="155" width="100">

      4. tumblingbooks

        OMG I started learning through Neopets too!! I had a guild and I wanted to make really awesome HTML things, so that's what motivated me.

        I am definitely HUGE on typography. I LOVE it so, so, so much. I'm a big fan and I just love seeing how fonts can create such beautiful designs. <3
        My recent post Summer Lovin&#8217; Cover Re-Do

      5. acps927

        OK, I think I just died from the cuteness of The Promise of Amazing cover. Like you, I don't normally gravitate towards contemporaries, and I don't usually like lovey dovey covers but… ACK! That font! The cover in general! LOVE it! I also love the covers (and font) for Jennifer E. Smith's books and For Darkness Shows the Stars.
        My recent post DNF Review: Under the Never Sky

      6. achoquet

        Haha! I love that you mentioned your Neopets profile because I was the same way! (I feel like such a nerd for admitting that too… my profile has to be like 15 years old?! If not older?!) I do agree though, typography can make something look so fresh. It's pretty much the main reason why I want to read Jennifer E. Smith's books. Those fonts pull me in with their bright bold colored word in the center and fun white font around it. I do think it makes more of a difference with contemps. I mean, how original can a picture of two people holding hands or kissing get? It's always sort of the same. But the typography makes it different! Love <3
        My recent post Bookish Review: Cinder

      7. Ooh, I didn't know Tell the Wolves I'm Home but that's some awesome typography as well for sure! 🙂 Glad I'm not alone in this and that you love these covers too 😀

      8. Yes, exactly! The handwritten fonts are just adfjkl; so pretty. Hahaha, I'm glad I'm not alone, I feel a little less freakish now.

        And YES to the self-designed covers. I can usually tell just by the font they use and it's SO upsetting. Indeed, you can find fonts anywhere for free. So sad to not take that chance.

        OOOH I didn't know City of Dark Magic but that is BEAUTIFUL. Looking up the book now 😀

      9. Hahaha glad you like it! I definitely considered putting These Broken Stars up there as well, but resisted since the font was so basic – it may not have proven the point I wanted to make in this post. Haha. But I do love it for sure.

      10. Hahahaha Neopets FTW!! 😀

        Yes, fonts are a huge part of designs. It makes me sad when people use really basic fonts. Such a missed opportunity.

      11. I know right!! The Promise of Amazing is one of my FAVORITE covers this year. It's just all around perfect and adorable and I love it. I must have it. If the book lets me down I don't know if I'll be able to survive xD

      12. Hahaha, you're not a nerd at all 😛 I'm pretty sure almost everyone was on Neopets at some point. Jennifer E. Smith has one of the best cover artists for sure. They may not be my favorite contemporaries but SO PRETTY EEP.

        Exactly on the contemporary covers. They all looked exactly the same until they started working on this typography thing. I absolutely love some of the new designs. MORE PLEASE. 🙂

      13. I'm happy I'm not the only one who looks at fonts. I think we all secretly judge books by their cover, but I always TRY to look at the blurb as well. Shadow and bone, The chaos of stars & The distance between us are great examples of covers I love. I'm really into fonts like the cover from 'These broken stars' very basic, but I looove it.

        And Neopets for the win! I had such an awesome time there, haha .(I think my account has to be at least 10 years old, wow)
        My recent post Review 172. Maria Snyder – Poison study.

      14. I agree, These Broken Stars is so pretty as well, even though it's more simplistic 🙂 YAY fonts.

        Hahaha, yeah, my account is 12 years old or something. Neopets was awesome. 🙂

      15. Abria

        I absolutely love the cover for The Chaos of Stars. After the cover was revealed, I ended up featuring it on my blog in a Cover Love post. Typography is usually what makes a cover good for me, too. That and rich colours.
        My recent post For My Children (8)

      16. Lia

        Neopets was my first exposure to HTML and graphics as well! I ended up making my own graphics site and always loved finding new (free) fonts on and other font sites. I loved, and still do, seeing font showcases and getting them myself for free. I'm always looking for new fonts to use in graphics on my blog!

        One of my favorite things about typography on covers has got to be when I recognize the font, or when I find a font that I recognize from a book cover. I was in a design related class this past year and one of my favorite things about it was when we were discussing fonts. 😀

      17. I love love love typography! I think it gives books so much personality, and when combined with the right graphic the cover will just sing to me from the shelf! I agree with all your picks and here's some of my favorites.

        <img src="; border="0" alt=" photo dddlfg_zps3bb9ffcb.jpg"/>
        <img src="; border="0" alt=" photo ebl_zps88262d9f.jpg"/>
        <img src="; border="0" alt=" photo wbaottmkm_zps885718bb.jpg"/>
        <img src="; border="0" alt=" photo ui_zpsd44d6179.jpg"/>
        <img src="; border="0" alt=" photo t_zps20a63364.jpg"/>
        <img src="; border="0" alt=" photo tc_zps384ba667.jpg"/>
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      18. Judith

        I LOVE YOU AND I LOVE THIS POST. SOMETIMES WE ARE THE SAME PERSON. Okay that may be too much but I love typography so much. It's probably my favorite art form, which is weird because it's so small and there are so many but I really really love it. Book covers with pretty font treatment are always my favorites. Of your post my favorites are The Distance Between Us, The Infinite Moment of Us, To All the Boys I've Loved Before, Aristotle and Dante, Daughter of Smoke and Bone and, of course, Shadow and Bone. Some of those are my all time favorites as well.

      19. Rich colors – FOR SURE. I might make that another key to my heart, if I find the right ways to word it and the right examples. 🙂

      20. I think Neopets is the start point for a lot of designers 🙂 I'll always have fond memories of it. And glad I'm not the only one obsessed with fonts xD

        OOH I have that all the time. I feel so smart when I recognize the fonts haha. 🙂

      21. Hahahaha xD I will never get tired of finding more different and new fonts 🙂 I wonder how many I have installed right now… haha. It does get a bit hard to find specific fonts though xD

        😀 glad you like my picks!

      22. Alexa Y.

        All the covers in this post are so GORGEOUS, and yes, it's because of the typography. I'm obsessed with it on covers as well, and it's more than likely something I'd take a second look at if it's pretty! So glad you focused on it in this post. I'm not good at designing things, but I'd like to consider myself an appreciator of art 😉
        My recent post Anatomy of a Single Girl – Daria Snadowsky (Review)

      23. Haha, I'm with you there, I'm not a designer at all, but it's fun to be an appreciator. Just like I'm a reader, not a writer. Haha. Glad I'm not alone on this though! 🙂