Top Ten Tuesday #19: Top Ten Best/Worst Movie Adaptations

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Top Ten Best/Worst Movie Adaptations

There are so many book-to-movie adaptations out there, so I was relatively excited for this topic. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but quickly realized I had to split the list. Coming up with ten great or ten bad adaptations was impossible without cheating. So here you go: 6 best and 4 worst!

A note about the ‘bad adaptations’: All but one of these movies are ones I did enjoy. A movie being a bad adaptation does not mean it’s a bad movie. So.. don’t get too mad at me.

For Your Convenience

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Let’s Talk!

So… have you seen any of these? Do you agree or disagree?
Which movie adaptations made your list?

Let me know in the comments!

*NOTE: The other Harry Potter movies would be up on the best list. Seriously, I love them. But Half-Blood Prince was a bad adaptation.



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    41 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday #19: Top Ten Best/Worst Movie Adaptations

    1. kit

      I chose The Perks of Being a Wallflower too. I thought it was really well done, and captured the very feeling that I enjoyed so much in the book. It didn't make me cry properly until the end, when his sister gets the phonecall from him and calls the police – I don't know why but that bit just got me!
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    2. Cee

      The Lord of the Rings really do not need an explanation. I need to rewatch it since it's been like forever.

      Hahaha, I actually enjoyed The Great Gatsby movie. I didn't have a lot of expectations for it, so I guess that factors into why I liked it. Plus, it's my favorite time period.

      Here's my top ten!

    3. I hate the books from LOTR, but I'm a huuuuuge fan of the movies. They are epic. HP and the half-blood prince is one of the most disappointing movies ever. I was expecting SO much of this movie, because the book is awesome and all we get is corny romance. Yuk. where is big battle 🙁 I wanted to cry after finishing this movie, haha. And I always try to skip it when I re-watch the movies.
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    4. for me the worst adaptation was ERAGON T____T
      i loved the series so much and when i knew it was being adapted into a movie i wished it'd turn out as I expected to be and gained box-office records yet it turned out otherwise…. there my expectation gone downhill..

    5. It's almost not fair to put LOTR on there. Will any movie adaptation ever live up to that bar? Also, COMPLETELY AGREE re: HP and the Half Blood Prince. I was SO ANGRY when that movie ended. They completely dropped the ball there.

    6. Judith

      I COULD have put both Perks and THG on my list, but hmm. It actually took me a long time to warm up to THG because it has been my second favorite series since 2008 and I really wasn't a fan of the movie at first. However, I have seen it like 5 times already now and I do love it. Finally. Also, Jennifer Lawrence should be queen.

      YAY to P&P AND LOTR! Loooooove those.

      I want to kill I Am Number Four and The Lightning Thief, but I will still be watching the sequels. But NO to them. They need to DIE.

      And I still really like HP6. I don't think any of the movies can really compare to the books, but if I had to choose a movie I don't like it would be Order of the Phoenix because I thought it was boring. So we ARE soulmates except for this hahahahaa.

      Also I'm sad you didn't like Gatsby because I still want to watch it because it looks so prettyyyyy. And Rubinrot. Yes. I WILL BE WATCHING THAT WHILE LIVEBLOGGING TO YOUUUU.

    7. I actually saw the movie before reading the book, and I thought it was good. Then I read the book, and that was better, and then I realized it was a bad adaptation. The series all went downhill from there though.

    8. YES that scene when he calls his sister – it's the most emotionally charged moment and I start sobbing every time. In the book though, I start crying when he visits his teacher's house, and he has that line of, "I want to tell you how special you are, because I'm not sure anyone else has ever told you that before," or something. And I stop crying 30 minutes after finishing the book, haha. I was really sad they cut that scene, but for the rest that movie was perfect.

    9. Yes! I need to start planning the next time I do a marathon of the movies ♥

      I don't know, I'm not particularly a fan of Baz Luhrman, and that's key to whether you enjoy that movie or not. I thought that they misrepresented the time period, made it far too outrageous that it lost its authenticity, Especially the music ruined it for me. And the butchered symbolism. …Ugh, I'm ranting. I could write a whole post about how much I hated that movie. But I'm glad you managed to enjoy it.

    10. I did like the LOTR books – though I thought The Fellowship was the weakest by far. The Two Towers was actually my favorite – but in the movies, it's my least favorite. Overall the movies are definitely much better though. The books read very slowly, were way too descriptive, and the characters lacked personalities. I just feel like those movies went above and beyond and I love it.

      I'm SO HAPPY I'm not alone in hating HBP because I thought people would seriously hate on me for that. I try to avoid rewatching it as well. Or well, if I'm doing all the movies in order, with that one I"m usually multitasking so I don't have to watch too closely. Too bad, so sad.

    11. Haha, The Great Gatsby seems to be a love it or hate it movie, but I'm glad to know I"m not alone on the hate side. That movie is just so awful…

    12. I think with Pride and Prejudice, people are mostly fans of the version they saw first. For me, that's the 2005 version. I liked the BBC version too, but I don't care *too* much for Colin Firth and I absolutely *love* Kiera Knightley.

    13. I believe I watched Eragon once, but I don't remember anything about it, possibly because I blocked out the horror. I did start reading the book once but couldn't finish it because my mom was hogging it. I do want to get back to it sometime though 🙂

    14. Hahaha, I agree, I don't think movie adaptations get any better than LOTR. Nope. And again, thank you for supporting me on HBP xD I feel less crazy now.

    15. Ah, I actually only read THG a couple months before the movie came out xD I was late to the party. But I get that that would make you more skeptical. But why no Perks? 🙁

      There's not going to be a sequel to I Am Number Four, right?? I mean, it was a huge flop. I can't wait for Sea of Monsters, but I hope they won't stray too far from the plot this time. Either way, Logan Lerman on my screen = happiness.

      Haha, I've heard more people say that about OotP today, but I don't know, I never had any problems with that one. *shrug*

      asdfjkl; If you end up liking Gatsby, just… try not to tell me x_x BUT RUBINROT YES YES I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE LIVEBLOGGING ♥♥♥♥♥

    16. I totally understand about LotR. I didn't read the books until last year, and that's after multiple earlier attempts. I must also say, the Fellowship is the hardest of the three. So if you can push through that, you're good. It's like Tolkien just wanted to fit all the worldbuilding in the first book so he'd have less to worry about in the sequels. At least, that's how I experienced it.

      Perks is on DVD!! Please watch it, it's just amazing. I literally cry every single time I watch it. And that's been like 5 times already.

      YES to the P&P music!!! I am the same way. That piano music is incredible. My uncle was playing a piece a couple weeks ago with a melody that was almost similar and then I just wanted to watch the movie immediately. So pretty.

      THG I understand most of the criticism, but I try not to analyze a movie adaptation in conjunction with the book and see them as two different stories. And in that sense, I really thought it was a solid movie. And I found most of the changes to be acceptable.

      The Great Gatsby… that's a movie I could write a whole post about. I'm not particularly a fan of Baz Luhrman, and that's key to whether you enjoy that movie or not. I thought that they misrepresented the time period, made it far too outrageous that it lost its authenticity, Especially the music ruined it for me. And the butchered symbolism (literally saying in narrations, "Gatsby stared at the green light. It was a symbol for Daisy and how in love he was with her". The acting was nothing special. Even Leonardo didn't do it for me, though he was the star. Tobey Maguire irks me. I don't know. I was so angry throughout the whole movie, screamed "NO" multiple times at the screen, and really wanted a refund. *sigh*

      I have hope for The Sea of Monsters! Either way, it's Logan Lerman on my screen, and he's my favorite celebrity crush, so I'll probably enjoy it.

      True, the HP movies will never measure up to the books, but for the most part I still really enjoyed them. EXCEPT HBP. That one I just hate.

    17. The Great Gatsby is not a good adaptation? *heart breaks* *sad face* I've yet to read and watch it but still this is kinda disappointing.

      Well, I need to watch a lot of the movies in your list. But I don't think I'll ever be watching Angel and Demons for the fear that I won't like the book anymore. It's my favorite book. (Also, Inferno, please arrive soon!)
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    18. bookrockbetty

      Yay Lord of the Rings!! I swooned so hard for Aragorn. hahaha I even forced Mr. Betty to call me Arwen for a while.

      Also love that you loved the 2005 Pride and Prejudice– so did I!!! I felt like people were getting down on me bc I chose that one of the BBC version!
      My recent post REVIEW: The Distance Between Us by Kasie West

    19. achoquet

      YAY for THG and LOTR! LOVE them both. Perks was good as well, just wasn't as huge for me. (Of course, I watched on my flight home from my last trip to visit my boyfriend in London, so probably nothing would have really been amazing in my mind during that moment.)

      I did see The Number Four, and you're right, nothing was explained! I left thinking that maybe the sequel would make things better? But then I don't think a sequel was ever released, right?! And I haven't read or watched The Great Gatsby, but the trailer makes it look fun. Maybe it won't be so bad for me since I won't have to deal with comparing the two?!
      My recent post Bookish Reviews: Scarlet

    20. Ooh, that was one of my favorite movies growing up. I forgot it was based on a book. I might need to add it to my to-read list 🙂

    21. D: YOU HAVEN'T READ OR WATCHED LOTR?!??! Holy crap. asfjlk; I mean. I hope you've watched them at least. Yes? No? Because those movies are epic regardless. You're not alone in not having read them, though. And they are quite tough to get through, so I understand. Took me quite a few tries.

      OMG watch Perks seriouslyyyyy. TEARS.

    22. Well, I think it's not a good adaptation. Others liked it. But it kind of butchers a lot of it. Primarily symbolism, and for me the setting as well. But Baz Luhrman fans enjoyed the movie. I hate his style though.

      Oh I love Angels & Demons! One of my favorite books ever, and I feel like the adaptation was really good… 🙁

    23. HAHAHA xD I love Aragorn too, but whenever I watch the movies I start guessing who I love the most. I started with Legolas. Then Aragorn. But in the books Faramir is absolutely amazing and asfjkl; Too many awesome, hot men.

      Pfft, the BBC fans can suck it. I think the 2005 version's much more enjoyable. Colin Firth? Meh.

    24. In I Am Number Four it was the world building that was completely left out. It's not that bad if you just want flashy action and sci-fi, but yeah, I think that caused the movie to flop. No, I don't think they have plans to do a second movie. And rightfully so. The books after the first also sucked, so we're not missing out on much.

      The Great Gatsby by itself was just an awful movie, even when not comparing the two. But some people enjoyed it, so maybe you can too. I just don't like Baz Luhrman's style at all.

    25. LOTR: HECK YES.
      Perks: I really want to see that, but I have to read the damn thing first. I think I DNFed it twice as a teen. I got the audiobook to try, but the narrator's voice was an immediate no. SIGH.
      The Hunger Games: 🙂

      The Great Gatsby: Really? It looked so good. What did they do?
      The Lightning Thief: Baha, this was so bad.
      I Am Number Four: I loved that throwaway scene where the villains bought a whole bunch of turkeys at the grocery store.
      HP: I don't really like any of the movies, so…don't feel bad.

    26. Wow, you're the first person I've heard to have such trouble with Perks. 🙁 i hope you can get through it. Maybe seeing the movie first would help you understand the narrator's voice?


      The Great Gatsby is just all kinds of awful. They totally didn't communicate the right vibe of living in that time period and it was just over the top annoying. It's also so clearly aimed at an average audience… It talks down to you. Nick literally narrates, "Gatsby was staring at the green light across the bay. It was a symbol for Daisy and his obsession with her." Seriously. Seriously. So fucking pissed off. Symbolism butchered. Meaning butchered. Andddddddd the ending really pissed me off because Nick was the only person at the funeral – they cut out Owl Eyes being there, which I then realized was actually SUPER IMPORTANT because his owl eyes symbolized the eyes of god and how god knew of Gatsby's innocence. =/ I'm just all kinds of pissed off at that movie. THE MUSIC alone. Ugh. Have dubstep beats and rapping in a movie that takes place in the 20's. I can't. Nope. NOPE.

      I Am Number Four LOLOLOL I love that you pointed out that scene xDDDDDD