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So Halloween is coming up and of course (if I lived in a country that celebrated it) that’s something to be excited about! Haha, okay, I don’t celebrate Halloween, here in the Netherlands, but I did celebrate it as a child growing up in the US, so I have some fond memories there. Thus, when Kara and Lyn from Great Imaginations announced they were looking for people to participate in a Halloween event, I jumped at the opportunity! And then somehow I ended up having to post first and not really knowing what to do or if this was any good and ohmygodwhatamidoing whydidisignupforthis

*cough* Anyway. My favorite part of Halloween was definitely getting dressed up in creative costumes. One of my favorites was a self-made witch outfit, with blue velvet and black tulle. Other favorites included a baby (giant baby bottle included, which served as my trick-or-treat bag) and a Greek goddess, though I was infinitely jealous the one year when my friend dressed up as a cow. Wish I’d thought of that. However, if I were still to get dressed up nowadays, I would want a book-inspired costume. So here are some ideas, if you’re still working on a costume. I know it’s just female costumes, so I’m sorry if, god forbid, there’s actually a guy reading this… but yeah. Couldn’t find many male costumes. Anyway.

YA Inspired Costumes

1. Karou 

Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

I found this amazing Karou cosplay on a Turkish blog, Sycoroxsal. Click that link for even more pictures of the extensive details. But anyway, this hits the nail on the head.

Karou is the naturally blue-haired protagonist of Daughter of Smoke and Bone. She has eye tattoos on her hands that she doesn’t remember getting and is a creative art student. She collects teeth for Brimstone, in exchange for wish beads. The wishbone also plays an important role. It’s an absolutely stunning costume.

2. Celaena Sardothien

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

I just found this Celaena cosplay via a tweet by the talented Lucy Saxon and damn if it isn’t one of the coolest costumes I’ve ever seen. It screams badass, which is exactly what Celaena is.

Celaena is an assassin in the fantasy world of Throne of Glass. She is incredibly intelligent, talented, and ruthless. Don’t let her long, blond hair fool you. I love this picture because it comes so close to the awesome cover of the book.

3. Yukiko

Stormdancer by Jay Kristoff

I found this lovely Yukiko cosplay by Su on the author’s blog. She actually won a contest he hosted, where he challenged his fans to get creative around his books. This cosplay was an obvious winner.

What’s great about this, aside from the awesome and fierce female ninja look, is that it’s not overly obvious related to a book. So you know, if you’re not all about declaring to the world that you’re a book nerd, this might be a good option for you. And it’s Yukiko. You gotta love Yukiko. …Yeah, still trying to get people to read Stormdancer.

4. Anna

Anna Dressed In Blood by Kendare Blake

I haven’t read this series myself, as it would undoubtedly be waaaaayyyyy too creepy for me, but for Halloween, I can imagine some of you would like something a little spooky. So why not Anna Dressed in Blood? From what I can gather, this book is about a ghost, named Anna, who wears a white dress and forever drips blood from where her throat was slit when she was killed. And then she haunts a house or… something. This example was done by AnnieAnorexic on Deviantart.

And, to be frank, this wouldn’t even take too much work, provided you have an extra white dress lying around, ready to be destroyed, and some red paint. So why not?

5. Dr. Emma Nora Barlow

Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld

Now I haven’t read this series either, though I am planning on rectifying that ASAP. Who doesn’t need a little more steampunk in their lives? Personally, I’m a sucker for steampunk costumes. Seriously. So when I saw this one I couldn’t help but include it. This costume was done by the talented Aurora Celeste of Dramatic Threads.

Now, Dr. Barlow is not one of the main characters of Leviathan, but the illustrations in the book gave a clear picture of what she would look like, which ultimately inspired Aurora to create this costume. I say run with it. Find some goggles and you can be a character in a steampunk world too!

6. Katsa

Graceling by Kristin Cashore

This was a bit of a random find on Pinterest, but came as a suggestion for a costume for Katsa from Graceling, or alternatively Yelena from Poison Study by Maria V. Snyder. I have yet to read either of these series. I know, I’m failing. But at least Graceling is on the agenda for relatively soon.

Either way, this costume definitely looks pretty kick ass. It screams awesome, strong female character. I know we may not all have armor lying around the house, but isn’t that a worthwhile investment? Isn’t it? *cough*

BONUS: Book Fairy

I love this one, guys! If you don’t want to go for a literal book character, but do want to spread the love of reading and books in general, go for a book fairy costume! This was done by the lovely Lilliedale, and she has a step by step guide, so you can make this costume yourself.
Beware though, that this costume would require you to tear up a book. So… if that’s frightening to you, like it kind of admittedly is to me, you’re better off picking one of the other options. But I do love this whimsical look! Let’s go infect the world with the desire to read! 🙂

Now, of course, you don’t necessarily need to go all out as the examples above. I mean, tone it down a notch, use what you have, and I’m sure you can still come up with a YA-inspired costume.

  • Lots and lots of stores have Harry Potter costumes!
  • Got cargo pants, leather boots and a leather jacket? You’re practically Katniss from The Hunger Games already!
  • Got all black clothes with a little leather and blonde hair? You can be Tris from Divergent
  • No blonde hair, but brown, and got an eyeliner to draw on your wrists with? You can be Clary from The Mortal Instruments
  • Got a poofy dress? You can be one of the contestants in The Selection. Or, you know, any girl on the cover of a YA book.
  • Got some vampire teeth lying around? TADA, you can be some character from Vampire Academy, Twilight (provided you pull out the body glitter), The Vampire Diaries, or whatever other vampire series you fancy. 
  • Got some glasses? DONE. You’re Cath, from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. It’s that simple! (*cough*)
But whatever you happen to choose, let’s spread the YA book nerd pride this Halloween! Have fun trick or treating or going to parties, and be sure to grab some Pop Rocks for me 😉 Or, you know, be a true book nerd, like me, and go to a book event instead!

Let’s Talk!

So there’s some costume ideas for you! Which one(s) do you like best? What are you dressing up as this year? Or, if you’re not, what would you dress up as? And what’s your favorite part of Halloween?

Let me know in the comments!

Be sure to check back on Great Imaginations every day until Halloween for more fun-filled Halloweeny posts!

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