Time to Re-evaluate

Posted November 1, 2013 by Debby in General, Lifestyle

So. Hi there. You may have noticed that the blog has been incredibly quiet. Basically the only reason something has been posted in the past two weeks is because I was committed to the Halloween event, and I wrote and scheduled my review of Hyperbole and a Half at the beginning of the month, after I read it. And yes, I did take a Twitter holiday for 5 days. It was glorious.

To be honest, I’m not feeling it right now. I have seen ugly sides of the blogging community and it got to the point where I logged on, something managed to piss me off within five minutes, and I just left again. But more than anything I just don’t have the energy for blogging right now. It’s massively time consuming for me. And I reached a point where I thought, “What’s the point in reviewing this? Everything’s basically already been said by someone.”

Time for a break then. 

I have written reviews for every single book I’ve read over the past year and a half. Now, I’ve read five books without writing a single word about them, and quite frankly, it felt absolutely wonderful. Liberating. Why review? I just want to go and pick up the next book. (If you’re interested, the five are: More Than This by Patrick Ness, Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell, A Long, Long Sleep by Anna Sheehan, Emerald Green by Kerstin Gier, and Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo.)

So I’m taking a break. Let’s call it blogger burnout. Next week I’m going to London on a much needed vacation, and after that I can decide whether I want to come back or not. We’ll see. I’ll still be around on Twitter, though probably a lot less than before, because while there’s people on there that make me want to cry for the sake of humanity, there are some of my very best friends as well. And I couldn’t live without you guys. I hope you know who you are. ♥

If you were hoping for a monthly wrap-up, 

I also don’t have the energy for that, nor for that matter a book haul vlog, and all the book nerd problems ideas I had. I can tell you that I broke my record of most books read in a month this October, that being 15 – not even counting the 15 volumes of Hana Kimi that I also read. Easily the most exciting thing that happened was that book club started, and I dearly love those ladies. And last night, what triggered my return to Twitter was that I met Hugh Howey and he gave the most inspiring speech, after which Daphne and I just seriously stood talking to him for like 15 minutes because apparently no one else really knew him. (Not that we did either, but whatever, he’s awesome.) Other highlights include the blog passing 100,000 pageviews and silently turning 1 year old. (And not one fuck was given that day :’) )

But anyway, I got a lot of books (except for the four that the Book Depository lost this month – yes, four, I’m completely done with them), and I can at least show you a picture of those.

Thank you to Blue Rider Press (Penguin) for sending me Seven Deadlies! Thank you to Judith for lending me Looking for Alaska, we’ll…see how that goes. Thank you to Christina… sort of… kind of… for the box set of Feed (yeah, remember that meltdown that happened? Good times!) and Smart Girls Get What They Want! And thank you to Gaby for V for Vendetta! And yes, that is World After. Thanks to Waterstones for having that early.

So maybe quitting (or, well, taking a break) like this makes me soft, but right now, IDGAF. I’m choosing for myself. And I hope you can respect that. I’m taking a leaf out of Hugh Howey’s book, backing away from the screen that fosters my pessimism about the world and doing what makes me happy. I’m daring to hope.



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18 responses to “Time to Re-evaluate

  1. Brian

    Enjoy London! I hope this isn't the first of your last post, but if it is, then I wish you all the best in just reading to enjoy it 🙂

  2. If you aren't feeling it, a blogging break is the best thing to do. But sweet Debby, I truly hope that you will find your fun for blogging again, because it would make me sad to see you leave your blog 🙁 I was enjoying your vlogs, reviews and book nerd problems so much, but at least we have Twitter & the book club 😀 So I hope I'm one of those peoples you've mentioned 😉 And I think I know what you mean about the one of the ugly parts of the blogging community and I just want to say that I took the opportunity to defend you guys!

    Still, happy blogoversary! You might not feeling it now, but that's still something to be proud of.

    Epic haul. I'm reading Feed now and I like it so far. I really want The falconer <3
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  3. I ♥♥♥♥♥♥ you.

    (I totally copy-pasted that heart because I don't know how to make it myself.)

    Of course I hope you'll get back to blogging, but you should do whatever makes you happy and if that doesn't include blogging, you're still not getting rid of meeeeeee, because 1) book club and 2) you still need to make fun of me because of my eating habits. Who else can I go out to dinner with?! Book club is the best thing ever. Your LOTR boxset is gorgeous and I want it. I honestly think you won't like LFA but we'll see. And stuff. I'm at least happy you're back on Twitter, because that's so much more fun. Just know you have so many bookish friends who are here for you. ♥
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  4. Awww, thanks Mel 🙂 of course you're one of the people 😉 and yeah, Twitter and book club will keep going so you will still be hearing from me.

    I saw what you said and thanks so much. It means a lot. To be honest though, I was stunned. I didn't know a thing about it until the others filled me in at book club. Oh well. Ignorance is bliss, but now I know which people to stay away from. It's tidied up my Twitter feed a whole whole lot. But I still just need some… recovery time. I don't exactly feel as safe in expressing my opinions anymore, tbh.

    Thanks! This year flew by, I can't really believe it… I am proud of it, but looking to the future I just don't know.

  5. Awwwwww 😀 haha ♥ you don't know alt + 3? (or laptop fn+alt+3?) 😛

    Hahahaha I wouldn't dare try to get rid of you, and even if I did I know it would be impossible <3 also way less fun. Because indeed, someone needs to keep teasing you about your eating habits. 😛 The LOTR boxset is amazingggg and I was actually looking forward to showing the whole thing in a vlog, but ugh effort and time and asdfjkl; NO. 😛 You can come see it yourself some day hahaha.

    I'm almost thinking you're tricking me now by making my expectations for LFA super low xD but yeah, we'll see. Either way, it's a book I feel I have to read at some point.

    <3 <3 I know! And you guys are amazing 🙂

  6. meg


    I'm so sorry that you've been going through such a crap time and I think you should do what makes you happiest. I hope you'll come back to blogging (I love when you get excited about stuff and your Book Nerd Problems are the BEST) but I totally understand if you're not feeling it anymore. Either way, I hope you stay in touch on twitter, I've missed you in my feed.

    In the meantime, enjoy that EPIC PILE OF BOOKS. You know which ones I'm super excited for you to read (though I know zombies aren't your thing and I can handle it if you don't love them :D) Those LOTR books look beautiful if the spines are anything to go by and EEE! WORLD AFTER IS SO LONG!

    I hope you feel better, even if it means you want to leave your blog (though I am selfishly hoping it doesn't come to that.) One more *hug* for the road.
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  7. Karin

    Debby, I wish you a wonderful, amazing time in London. Could you greet my second home from me, please 🙂

    I honestly hope that a vacation and a short break will do the trick because (blogging) life without Snuggly Oranges would be
    way more boring. I'm currently a bit unmotivated to blog too and I discovered how amazing it is not to write reviews for every book and I started to miss it in the last weeks. I still hope to see you on Twitter becasue I need a way to inform you when I finally manage to come to the Netherlands so that we can meet. I also envy you for bookclub. I would love to have you all here and join you or to at least have some girls half as nice as you all are here for a bookclub.

    Enjoy your load of books and sending you lots of hugs from Vienna
    My recent post …in pictures

  8. We already talked about this, but I am right there with you. To be honest, if I didn't have an editing business to run, I would probably take a long break as well. It's just not like it used to be. The one other thing that keeps me going is all the fun I have with the friends I've made in this community. They know me and accept me as I am. After what happened last week, I did seriously consider quitting but I just can't do it. I am stubborn to a fault, probably to the detriment of my health. I actually envy you for being able to walk away for a while. You know I love you and I hope you enjoy your vacation so much because you deserve it. I hope you do decide to come back, but I also understand why you might not want to. I do hope to see you on Twitter from time to time, and wherever your path decides to take you, I hope you find happiness and contentment. <3
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  9. *big hugs* People often overlook how important mental health is, but it's what should be given the most attention. After the crap you've gone through, you need to take care of yourself, and I think we all completely understand. No matter what you do – leave or stay – all that matters is that you're happy. 🙂

    That pile of books looks so awesome! I am completely drooling over the LOTR box set…gorgeousness.

    Anyway, sending you lots of hugs, love, and support! <3

  10. I hope you enjoy your break Debbie, but I'm sad that people have been less than kind to you 🙁 I will miss your posts, and especially your vlogs… they are so fun!!

    On a side note, that's an amazing amount of books that you read, and a beautiful haul! Take care xo

  11. Amanda

    I was actually wondering the other day where you had went, haha. I'm so used to seeing you in my feed!

    I hope you come back soon, but I would definitely understand if you chose not to. Your happiness and sanity is much more important than any blog, no matter how much I love it! If anything, at least you have a wonderful London vacation to look forward to. I have to work. 😛

    Sending you all of my support!
    My recent post In Case You Missed It | October 2013

  12. I really, really hope you'll get back to blogging after your break, but if not, know that us book club ladies ♥ you and we'll just keep having fun with that! I mean, who else would watch and then stare in shock and horror at the second Percy Jackson movie with me? 😉
    That LOTR set is GORGEOUS! I have a bind-up of it, but this is so pretty…
    I'm glad the signing was fun! And I hope you have an amazing time in London!!
    My recent post Review of Notable by Marni Bates

  13. Debby, if you do decide to leave, I will miss the stuffings out of you. However, I want you to decide what is the BEST for Debby. I know that the atmosphere is getting really ugly right now, and I think a lot of the bloggers are stepping back and really looking at the entire picture.

  14. You should always do what feels right for you – whether it's blogging or not, and I completely get what you mean about enjoying reading books without having to write reviews – it's easy to forget how to just ENJOY them when you are constantly trying to remember to take notes, look further into plots and characters and motivation – it can be exhausting 🙁

    Focus on the good things – book club, the people that love you for the awesome person you are, and enjoying reading just for the sake of it. No matter what you decide, there are people who will always be interested in you and what you have to say 🙂

  15. I completely respect your decision to take a break! I took two weeks off before I came back to NY, and it was the best decision I've ever made. I got to enjoy real life for a change, relax while I was reading and just chill. Whether or not you decide to come back is up to you entirely, but I hope you make a decision that feels right to YOU. Enjoy London!
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  16. Louise

    Wow, that LOTR boxset looks amazing! Can you tell what kind of artwork is inside and who is the artist; Tolkien or Alan Lee? I’m really curious! 😉