Top Ten Tuesday #23: Top Ten People I’m Thankful For

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Top Ten People I’m Thankful For

I was so thrilled when I was planning my comeback and noticed that the first TTT would be this topic. I’ve gone through a tough time lately, but I managed to get through it for a large part due to the amazing support system I have in the blogging community. So it only feels right to give them all thanks right now.

1. Judith from Paper Riot

Judith, you should have seen this coming. But you are seriously amazing. :’) I can’t even imagine how I blogged for three/four months without knowing you – I must have been pretty lonely then. But you’re truly an amazing friend, and you always know what to say to keep me going. I’m so glad I was able to meet you – including in real life. Here’s to many wonderful years in the future!

2. Christina from A Reader of Fictions

I’m not sure I’ve ever met anyone who I agree with on so many issues. Basically, I know I can always come to talk to you about anything, and you’ll definitely understand where I’m coming from. (Except for the Japanese men, but okay, whatever, deal with it.) I really really hope we can meet in real life sometime, because I get the feeling it would be an explosion of awesome.

3. Kara from Great Imaginations

Kara, you are one of the sweetest and most compassionate people that I have ever met. If I ever worry about whether internet friendships can be real and genuine, I only need to think about you, and I know they can be. Thank you so much for being there whenever I need someone to talk to. Keep being your awesome self.

4. Ashley from Nose Graze

Since I’m thinking mostly about the past month-or-so, this list would be incomplete without Ashley as it is to her credit that Snuggly Oranges is here now in its lovely new WordPress home. You amaze me with all your internet and coding knowledge, and it’s great to know I can turn to you when I have any of my n00b questions. 🙂 Thanks a billion, seriously!

5. Gillian from Writer of Wrongs

Gillian, you make me laugh so. freaking. much. We didn’t even talk *that* much before my burnout, but I’m glad we managed to grow closer despite it 🙂 I love talking manga with you, haha, and if you get tired of Christina’s kdrama fangirling, I’m always here to recommend some jdrama to you 😉 Basically, talking to you always cheers me up. So thanks 🙂

6. Daph from Loving Books

You may claim to resent me for causing you to buy so many books, but I know you’re just saying that – our love is true 😛 Seriously though, I have the best time talking to you. Our conversations always put a smile on my face, and I really feel like I can be myself with you. So that’s awesome. I will never forget our Hugh Howey adventure xD

7. Mel from The Daily Prophecy

You sent me Cress, girl, of course you’re on this list! Haha, but not only for that. You are amazingly sweet and always there to spread kindness and well wishes. I wish I could be as selfless and sweet as you are. I’m so glad we got to meet in real life too 🙂

8. Gaby from Queen Ella Bee Reads

Gaby, I am so glad we got to meet last month. You are seriously so much fun and so easy to talk to. Those few days in Amsterdam were just wonderful and really relaxing – exactly what I needed. I really do hope I can manage to go to New York sometime because hanging out iwth you again would be awesome!

9. My Dad

I know this list is mostly focused on the book blogging community, and there are definitely other people I know in real life who would deserve thanks, but I just want to take the time to thank my dad. He is seriously my hero, understands me so well, and always knows exactly what to tell me. I would be lost without him. Living across the world from each other sucks, but we have a really strong bond anyway. I can’t wait to see him again at Christmas.

10. Everyone who spared me a kind word lately

Honestly, it’s been rough. Looking back, though, I remember so much kindness from so many of you. So many sweet tweets asking if I was okay and wishing me well, even from strangers. So I do want to thank all of you. You all amaze me with your compassion and I can only hope to repay that kindness in the future. Keep being awesome 🙂




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11 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday #23: Top Ten People I’m Thankful For

  1. Since I can borrow my grandfather’s laptop, I can leave a comment here as well. I’m still so happy that the bookclub is happening, despite the fact I’ve been absent the first (and perhaps second) time. December is going to be the month where I see all of you again, I’ll make sure of it :D! It’s great to have you all in my life and it’s so good to have you back in the blogging world ^^

  2. Awwwww, DEBBY.

    I am thankful for the fact that my Feedly picked up on your blog change without me having to do any thing. *pets Feedly*

    Bahaha, you would mention the Japanese men. Dude, I am TRYING to see it, but I do not ship it. I have half an hour of the second to last episode left (was not expecting it to be double-length) and the last episode. I feel like they made Nakatsu the main character sort of. It’s weird. I hope we can meet in real life too! That would mean I’m in Europe again and hell yes me being in Europe again! Lenore’s trying to get me to come out next year. It’s either that or Japan. Or nothing international. Nothing’s set for sure yet. *crosses fingers*

    I SEE YOU TRYING TO STEAL MY GILLIAN. Good luck stealing her when I have the pretty Korean men. :-p When we finish watching princess show, we’re going to watch the Korean adaptation of Hana Kimi. kdrama and jdrama go head to head! (This is very exciting for me. Oh, the simple joys.)

    Also, awwww at your comments about your dad. I know you’ve been having issues with your mom/sister, and I’m glad you’ve got your dad who appreciates you fully.


    • ♥♥

      I’m so thankful – both Feedly and Bloglovin’ just automatically worked. SUCH A RELIEF. Seriously. I was so nervous about that. But yay! 🙂

      Yes yes yes go to Europe go to Europe! Japan can wait xD Though if you do go, I’ll be dying of jealousy because that is like a dream. Maybe we should meet up in Japan? xD

      Whateverrrrrr Christina, Gillian wants it so you’ll just have to deal 😛 I am curious about the kdrama of Hana Kimi but… I dunno. Korean. Meh. 😛

      🙂 My dad is the best haha and he saw that too because apparently he’s an email subscriber to my blog xD OH WELL. Yay 🙂

  3. I’m just glad you are back. It wasn’t the same without you here and it wouldn’t be right if you had gone away. There’s a hole when people I love leave, and enough already. NO MORE HOLES. So yeah. I had a really rough day today but this makes everything I went through worth it. Reading this brought tears to me eyes and put a smile on my face. It is so emotionally fulfilling when you feel appreciated. When people get what you put out there and give it back the same way. Thank you for including me on this amazing list. And for being my friend. Thanks for that so much.

    • Awwww, Kara :’) No more holes! I agree! Blogging is rough man, I can only hope my friends are strong enough to stick it out. ♥ Thank YOU for being so awesome. You definitely deserve to be on this list.

  4. I swear. You and Judith are working really hard at making me cry today. I’m so glad you had fun when I was in Amsterdam! I know I definitely did!!! I’m pretty sure I already told you this, but I really, really, really appreciate the fact that you traveled 3 hours on your day off to see me. Like you can’t even imagine. It meant so very much to me and I’m glad we got to spend so much time together. I do hope you come to NYC so I can return the favor! <333333

    • Awww, it was no trouble, seriously! It was just awesome to hang out with you, and the traveling was totally worth it 🙂 I will definitely keep you posted if my adventures ever bring me to NYC 🙂

  5. Don’t look at me, there’s something in my eye. Like a twig. Or a branch or something. Meeting you has been one of THE BEST things of book blogging! I love that we’re now real life friends and that we can do all sorts of fun bookish things together and seriously. YOU’RE THE BESTEST. ♥♥♥