Top Ten Books That Have Made Me Cry

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I had to tweak the title of this TTT just a little bit because I have a cold black heart. I hardly ever cry at books, and when I do, it’s for reasons that wouldn’t work on many other people. I usually just cry when I really relate to a character and what they’re going through. So it’s usually contemporaries. But also, this means that when a book achieves this nigh impossible feat of putting tears in my eyes, they also get a spot on my favorites list. It should be unsurprising that these are all Debby Books. But anywho, here’s my list.

4 Books That Have Had Me Sobbing

The Perks of Being a Wallflower Adorkable_B1.indd A Midsummer's Nightmare allouryesterdays

1. The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky
This book, guys. Ugh. It was so touching. I cry every time I reread it and every time I watch the movie. It’s just so emotional. The first time I read it I was a hot damn mess. I started crying at the point where Charlie visits his teacher’s house, and I didn’t stop until I finished the book. And damn, it’s hard to read with tears in your eyes.

2. Adorkable by Sarra Manning
Well clearly by now you should know how dear to my heart this book is to me. Jeane’s struggles with her family and being alone were extremely relatable. When it came around to Christmas.. I could not contain myself. I started sobbing, regardless of the fact that I was in the car with a colleague. Um. Oops.

3. A Midsummer’s Nightmare by Kody Keplinger
Again, super relatable story here for me. Whitley’s parents are divorced, like mine, and she struggles with that, as any child of divorce would. The tears here came in regards to a confrontation with her father and, overall, their relationship. It was more crying in an uplifting way though. Like it was validation. I dunno if that makes sense. But whatever.

4. All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill
This book took me on a rollercoaster of emotions, and the end definitely got me to shed a few tears. I can’t say why, because it’s very spoilery. But if you’ve read this, you know. *sobs*

6 Books That Put Tears in My Eyes

The Fault in Our Stars Meant to Be Crown of Midnight

1. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
Obvious tears in eyes for obvious reasons.

2. Meant to Be by Lauren Morrill
Apparently I do happy tears more than sad tears? But yeah, the ending of this book was so perfect and awesome that I did have tears in my eyes. I’m not even sorry.

3. Crown of Midnight by Sarah J. Maas
This book. Ugh. It’s such a freaking rollercoaster and I felt all the emotions. The plot was just SO GOOD. And there were some seriously heartbreaking things going on at some parts.

Just One Day The DUFF This Song Will Save Your Life

4. Just One Day by Gayle Forman
Aww man, I related to Allyson’s struggles adjusting to college life so much. Her story was just heartbreaking and realistic… and yeah. I couldn’t help but have a couple tears in my eyes. It also helped that the writing was absolutely beautiful.

5. The DUFF by Kody Keplinger
Seriously, Kody Keplinger knows just how to write father-daughter relationships, because again, that got to me in this book. It was just… ugh. So beautiful. So endearing. Tears.

6. This Song Will Save Your Life by Leila Sales
As a fellow misfit in high school, this story just touched my heart. Again beautiful writing helped. Just. So many emotions. All of them.

That’s it! What do you think of my list?

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15 responses to “Top Ten Books That Have Made Me Cry

  1. You aren’t alone in having a cold black heart 😉

    I don’t often cry over books, but the ones that resonate with me stick with me forever. Must read Adorkable and Midsummer’s Nightmare!

  2. The Perk of Being a Wallflower also made me cry :c Soon I’ll be reading The Fault in Our Stars and I don’t think I can hold back my tears, haha

  3. Katrina

    Oh man, I seriously need to read A Midsummer’s Nightmare. I read The Duff like five years ago and I can’t say that I remember THAT much from it but it will forever be one of my favourite books. The book just brings out such great memories of how I felt reading it and I loved it so much.

  4. Being someone who doesn’t read many contemporaries, I like to pick them carefully and This song will save your life was so emotional for me.. It really touched me, especially the beginning and end. The fault in our stars evoked some tears in my eyes, the same for Crown of midnight when THAT happens. This book was perfection. I’ve seen the movie from ‘Perks of being a wallflower’ but wasn’t really touched.. I might try the book to see how I feel about it. And Adorkable will be tackled soon too.

  5. I agree with All Our Yesterdays, Crown of Midnight and This Song Will Save Your Life, they were understated tears, no sobbing but tears nonetheless!

    • Ugh, I know right? TSWSYL is just so special. TFiOS is brutal, because you KNOW it’s going to happen, but then the way its executed means that even if you tried to brace yourself… you can’t help it. Nope. Heh, enjoy though!

  6. I rarely cry reading books, unless they’re romance novels. But of the ones on your list, I definitely cried some happy tears over Crown of Midnight (because of THAT scene and THAT scene, if you know what I mean)! I also felt really emotional reading Just One Day and This Song Will Save Your Life, because the stories were definitely ones that I could relate to.

  7. Ooh I just got Meant To Be…thanks for letting me know that it’s a tear-jerker! I’ll have to remember to break out the tissues when I read that one. The Fault in Our Stars had me BAWLING. I’m gonna be a wreck when the movie comes out!

      • Oh my gosh, I’m sorry! Now that I’m coming back to this post today, I think that I accidentally read what you said about Crown of Midnight and thought that’s what you were saying about Meant to Be. I have a really bad cold, so I must just’ve gotten a little confused. I’m NOT one of those people that leaves insincere comments, so I really don’t want you to think that! I’m sorry for the mixup, Debby 🙂