Introducing FUZZLING FLICKS: Rubinrot / Ruby Red

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Welcome to a new feature! A while back, Christina (A Reader of Fictions) was tweeting about how she wanted to watch all the YA book-to-movie adaptations soon, and that most likely there would be alcohol involved. I asked if I could join her, because it sounded pretty hilarious. Together, we made it into a drinking game. I know. Brilliant. You’re all jealous you didn’t think of this first. So once in a while, we’re going to watch a movie adaptation together, drinking along the way, and we’ll let you know just how cliché and sinful each movie is.

In case you’re wondering, the feature title “Fuzzling Flicks” comes from this BuzzFeed post on obsolete words we wish we could revive. To “fuzzle” originated in the 1910s and meant to make drunk / intoxicate, and let’s face it, that is the goal of this feature. The sad fact of the matter is, we’re not watching these because they’re quality cinema. But we might as well have a good time with them right?

We started off by composing a list of common YA book/movie clichés which would be our rules for which we have to drink. In the vein of the YouTube channel CinemaSins, YA movies have a class of sins all their own. We supposed we should take the list for a dry run (except still WITH alcohol) and decided to do so with RUBINROT, the movie adaptation of RUBY RED (in German!). We tweaked and perfected the list as the movie went on and generally had a great time. Now we’re ready to roll it out and explore the full database of YA movie adaptations. Each movie will get its own scorecard, to show just how sinful they are.

About the Movie

MV5BMjE5NjM0MDQwN15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjY3NzQxOQ@@._V1_SX640_SY720_RUBINROT (2013), based on Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier
Gwendolyn Shepherd is actually a very normal 16-year-old teen. What’s annoying is that her family definitely has a tad too many secrets. They all have to do with the time-travel gene that is passed down in the family. Everyone is certain that Gwen’s cousin Charlotte has the gene, and so everything is all Charlotte, all the time. Until the day Gwen, out of the clear blue sky, suddenly finds herself in London at the end of the 19th century. She knows right away that she, and not Charlotte, was born to be a time traveler – even if she could certainly do without it. Just as she could do without Charlotte’s arrogant boyfriend Gideon de Villiers, with whom she now has to forge an alliance in order to clear up the biggest secret of her family history. One thing is clear: she will do everything possible to solve the ancient mysteries. What isn’t clear is that one should not fall in love between the times. For that really makes things complicated! IMDB


What are you drinking? And what amount per sin?

Christina: Baileys with milk & ice / sips, or that was the plan, but then surprise guest and new day, so I switched to Vodka, sprite and lemonade. There was no logic to it, but I’ll try to step up my game next time.

Debby: I’m drinking a red wine – RUBY RED, GET IT? Hardy har har. *cough* In the trend of “Debby overdoes everything” I selected a wine called “Rosemount Estate”, because it sounds stately, kind of like the uppity society in the series. No, I couldn’t find a German red wine. *sigh* I tried. I am committing to taking generous gulps, because I don’t think there will be that many sins – I regret nothing (yet), YOLO!

What are your expectations for the movie?

Christina: Hmm, my expectations aren’t that high (sorry, Debby!), mostly because the series itself sort of went out on a bad note. I expect that, like with the books, it will be fun, but lacking in depth and failing on world building. I’m curious to see if it will be all three books in one movie, or if it just leaves off like the Ruby Red book does. I’m not sure if I believe Debby about Gideon’s attractiveness, as we’ve disagreed in the past. *side-eyes*

Debby: Well I already watched the movie three times, sooooo obviously I am expecting feels and giggles. I’m curious how many of the traditional sins it has, since I don’t find it nearly as bad as other young adult movie adaptations I’ve seen. We shall see! This movie is guilty pleasure territory for me, so even though it strays from the book, I don’t mind! I expect, basically, to drool over Gideon. You will too, Christina. You will too.



What did you think of the movie overall?

Christina: Overall, it’s definitely entertaining (especially with the incredibly terrible English subs), but suffers from a lot of the problems that the books do (I’ll get to that later). The casting was REALLY good for Gideon. I mean, I guess everyone else was cool too, but GIDEON. Debby and I don’t always agree on attractiveness, but any guy who can rock a ponytail is impressive. Plus, they managed to style his hair in such a way that it didn’t really look like a pony tail from the front. Um. Maybe I should talk about more than just Gideon’s hair? Do I have to?


Debby: Nope, just the hair. That’s enough. Gwen can’t keep her hands off it either. xD I absolutely love this movie. I dunno, it’s just so much fun, and I agree, the casting was good all around. Gwen and Gideon are perfection, and Gideon… man, he gets to me every time. But this is like Disney Channel levels of fun and it’s a movie that cheers me up every time. I don’t really get tired of it either. It’s a few days later, and I would already consider rewatching it (actually, after inserting GIFs into this post, I did rewatch it, because YOLO). So yeah. I’m a fan. ALSO: THEY’RE MAKING A SEQUEL AND I DIDN’T KNOW THIS AND OH MY GOSH I AM READY FOR THE FEELS.

tumblr_mu2bt8u0ql1rkmofxo5_400 tumblr_mu2bt8u0ql1rkmofxo3_400

Christina: The Disney Channel comparison is perfect. It’s like that. Only in German. So yeah, if you wax nostalgic for Disney Channel Original Movies, then you will probably like RUBINROT. The plot may have some holes, but pretty people being silly and fun and who cares about plot!?!?!

Debby: Agreed, like most Disney Channel movies, you need to not think about inconsistencies in the plot because there are plenty of them. But the feels are there and they are plenty, so I can be rather forgiving. Also, I am more forgiving in the movie format than a book. Plot inconsistencies in books bother me more. So… I guess, yeah, pretty people help. Gideon’s ponytail swept away any complaints. MAYBE I would complain about the gratuitous amounts of Percy in the video chat, but come on. More cuteness.


In terms of the adaptation, how good was it?

Christina: Ruby Red’s a pretty good adaptation, I’d say. The first half or so is pretty much directly from the book, so far as I recall anyway, though we all know how reliable I am. The movie definitely takes some liberties in the second half, and it will be curious to see how they resolve that now that they’re doing the sequel. Sadly, the changes didn’t really fix any of the weaknesses of the plot of the books, but still a fairly true adaptation in terms of spirit and character.


Debby: Yeah, the first half sticks religiously to the book, so it’s kind of weird when it starts deviating. I can’t really imagine how they’re going to make that work, now that they are continuing with the movies. I originally thought this would be the only movie made, so it was especially weird. I would have understood them deviating if they were making efforts to tie up the plot in one two hour movie, but it also didn’t do that. In fact, I feel like it opened more holes than closed them. But overall, the books had the same issues of weird plot inconsistencies and plot holes. What made me love them so much was the characters and the amount of fun. And in that sense, the movie definitely delivers. So I’m satisfied! I’ve definitely seen WORSE adaptations. I might even, dare I say it, like the movie more than the book *ducks* — if only because of all the feels and the devilishly handsome Gideon.

How drunk did you get?

Christina: Ha, I didn’t. But I also had to morning drink to movie-watch with Debby, and also we originally started on a day when I had more drinking to do with family. SO yeah, I didn’t drink that much. Also, we were interrupted in the middle when I got a surprise visitor. Life isn’t usually that busy for me, though, so next time I’ll probably take a more generous sip. :-p

Debby: I was pleasantly buzzed. Perhaps more buzzed than I expected, because… well, there were quite a few “sins” – more than I was expecting. But it was in line with the Disney Channel movie comparison, because RUBINROT takes the clichés as gospel (holy crap at the amount of jealousy and mean girl stuff going on), but it’s so much fun, so whatevs. Taking gulps instead of sips was maybe a bit risky? But it was a pleasant buzz. I regret nothing. I can only imagine though that with the amount we had to drink here, other YA movies will be so much worse. I have been forewarned.

What’s the Score?

ruby red scorecard

Next time on FUZZLING FLICKS: City of Bones
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12 responses to “Introducing FUZZLING FLICKS: Rubinrot / Ruby Red

  1. Morgan

    I love everything about this feature!!!! Amazing idea, movie drinking games are awesome, can’t wait to see how all the YA movies stack up. Runbinrot sounds fun (Disney Channel original movies, oh yeah!), did Christina watch it on YouTube? I had no idea it existed! Love the tally graphic at the end too.

  2. Cool idea! I love the amount of shots you had to take.

    I read the books (which I enjoyed immensely), and watched the movie immediately after – and I wasn’t very impressed. I agree with you that it has the old Disney movies feel, but I was never such a huge fan of those. I think I would’ve enjoyed the movie a lot more if I had seen it months after reading the books, cause I noticed EVERY difference and I didn’t like most of them. And, there were a lot, even in the first half. Some of those changes didn’t make too much sense, either.

    The bit that made me go WHAT? was actually at the beginning, Gwen’s first time travel. It happens outside her house. Then she gets back, lying on the ground in the street. And NO ONE stops to help her! There are literally people walking in the shot and none even bet an eyelash. Then, instead of returning home and trying to figure out what just happen (cause she grew on Time Travel stories, so she’s not that clueless), she goes get her great aunt the candy. But on the middle of the bridge, her friend points out the bridge didn’t exist 100 years ago and she should get off it in case it happens again. So she DROPS THE CANDY (why?! Why!?) and runs off back home. Why did she go get the candy is she was going to drop and leave it behind for no reason!? (yes, the candy REALLY bothers me. I’m sorry, my brain works in mysterious ways). I admit I was more forgiving in the second half cause they took it to a whole different direction, so I disconnected it from the book. But the first half was similar enough I was pissed at the changes LOL

    Also, I am a script-writing student, and some of the script here was just AWFUL. For example, when Gideon and his uncle fence. Suddenly, out of the blue, with no context to the scene, he tells him to stay away from Gwen. What the F brought that on? I know they needed to show how the two families get along, but this was just so forced and unnatural. And there were a lot of these in the movie, which I notice more than normal people do cause I study the whole subject…

    I think I’ll watch it again before the second movie comes out and I’ll probably enjoy it more a second time, just cause the “real” story won’t be fresh in my mind 😛

    **PS. my complaints about the script are also based on the subs, which I have NO IDEA how accurate they are. It’s possible it’s only bad cause of the subs, but I wouldn’t know :O

    Anyways, I’m looking forward to more of these! 😀 And I’m really glad you enjoyed the movie enough to re-watch Debby, even if it’s not a personal fave 🙂

  3. Oh my goodness, I love this feature. It’s perfection! I had no idea there was a movie based on Ruby Red! I loved the tally marks–so many mean girls! Such clumsiness!

  4. Hahahhaha, this is a fantastic feature! Also, I had no idea there was an adaptation of Ruby Red, not even in Germany! Clearly, I’m not up to date with German movies, but still…

    I need to finish Emerald Green still, but I liked the two previous books enough (plot holes and all).

    And thank you for the new world of the day “fuzzle”!

  5. I wish I could watch the movie, can’t seem to find it. There was a youtube version but it didn’t work and then I was a bit hesitant to try any other sites (I don’t watch movies online if it doesn’t look legitimate). Maybe I’ll try my independent video store, they have a lot of foreign films (and Amazon has a blue-ray version but not a regular DVD). Oh well! Love the scorecard, sounds like a game I would enjoy (it does involve drinking after all), and I love that Gideon’s hair and ponytail basically cancelled out all of the negative aspects of the movie. Hopefully I will get to see it soon!

  6. THIS IS THE BEST FEATURE EVER!! Also now I want to watch this, although my feelings on the series pretty much match Christina’s. But I did love my Disney originals…and where on earth did you find this?! I had no idea they had done an adaption! I’ll have to find a rental place and see if I can find it!