Top Ten Popular Authors I’ve Never Read

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Let me preface this by saying that these are popular authors that I’ve never read that I’m planning to fix somewhat soon. There are plenty of bestselling authors that I have no interest in reading ever ever ever (looking at you, E.L. James). So. Just so that’s clear. Okay.

top 5

1. Brandon Sanderson
Dude has a LOT of books out, but I am desperate to read the Mistborn series, been planning on it for over a year. Yeah, it’s chunky, and yeah, that’s keeping me away, but this is definitely going to happen at some point.

2. George R.R. Martin
As big a fan as I am of the TV series, I just cannot get myself to read A Game of Thrones because it’s way too damn big. *sigh* I always find out just too late about readalongs for this series, and I think that would be the only way to do it. Or maybe I’ll just work out a schedule for myself. I dunno.

3. David Levithan
I guess I’m a bit wary of David Levithan because I fear he’ll go the way of John Green for me – good but overhyped. But Every Day does sound super intriguing, so I’m hoping to get my hands on it soon.

4. Julie Kagawa
Some people are screaming fangirls for Julie and I am missing out. I guess what’s preventing me here is that (a) I don’t do vampires and (b) I’m skeptical about faeries. I definitely want to give her Iron Fey series a chance at some point though.

5. Libba Bray
I feel like almost everyone has read Libba Bray at some point or another – whether it be The Diviners or the Gemma Doyle trilogy. I have not. Oops? Well, I have The Diviners on my shelf, ready to fix it, just as soon as I’m not daunted by the thickness of that book. *shifty eyes*

bottom 5

6. Laurie Halse Anderson
Man she gets a lot of buzz, am I right? But she writes the darker kind of contemporaries that I tend to shy away from, so I’m not sure how she’d work for me. I need to break into that “genre”. But I do definitely want to read Speak at some point.

7. Marie Lu
I’ve done rather well with the post-Hunger Games dystopian trilogies out there, but I totally missed Legend. I dunno, I knew about it, but with so many other series out there, I kept forgetting it. But almost everyone seems to love this one, so that’s good. I got the box set for Christmas and am making it my goal to read it this year.

8. Victoria Schwab
Victoria’s one of those authors that has been around for a while, but has suddenly BURST into popularity. I definitely feel like I’m behind here. But I have The Archived on my shelf, so I should fix this soon.

9. Katie McGarry
Same as Laurie Halse Anderson, man. People rave about all Katie’s books, but I can soooooo see myself being the black sheep for them. I’m going to need to be in just the right mood for this or I will run away screaming DRAMA LLAMA.

10. Ransom Riggs
Though he’s only had two books out, this man gets some major hype. And, okay, he’s married to Tahereh Mafi, and that’s gotta help. The two are so cute together, and I’m not *that* ashamed to admit that that’s one major reason why I definitely want to read his books.

That’s it! Who’s on your list?

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20 responses to “Top Ten Popular Authors I’ve Never Read

  1. So many fantastic authors on your list! I haven’t read George R.R. Martin either, but really want to one day. In order to actually read every single book that comes out, you would need to be cloned like 10 times!

  2. SNEAKY DEBBY LEAVING ZUSAK OFF SO PEOPLE DO NOT YELL AT YOU. I have been shamed from every corner. Now I will spread the shame to you. MWAHAHAHA! Laurie Halse Anderson and Victoria Schwab! Girrrrrl! You know, dark, issue contemporary isn’t at all my bag either, but the way LHA does it just WORKS for me. It might be that she’s so funny and has such a deft hand with the stuff. Like, she’s wry about it. It’s not all SUFFER GLOOM DEEP DEEP GLOOM ARE WE NOT PROFOUND BLAH BLAH. Plus TIKoM is so SWOONY.

    Haven’t read GRRM or Ransom Riggs or Julie Kagaway yet, so *high fives* *shares shame*. But I HAVE read all the others on your list. I WIN… SOMETHING.

  3. To be honest, from this list I have only read books by David Levithan and I have attempted to read the Gemma Doyle series…twice, in both Dutch and English, but I haven’t gotten through with it yet. I really should try. The others are also soooo popular and I don’t know why I haven’t gotten my hands on some books yet. I do also feel like I need to read the Game of Thrones series, but I haven’t seen the TV-show either, so I don’t know.

  4. Haha GRR Martin, I read the first, bought the whole saga, but I can’t bring myself to read the second, they are such involving books!

    Every day by David Levithan changed my whole life this year, I rarely read something as beautifully written, and the story is so original. It is NOTHING like John Green, there is no possible comparison. Every Day couldn’t have been written by John Green, it feels so different from his books. Pleaaaase give it a try!

  5. I’m with you on Brandon Sanderson & George RR Martin. I think I probably won’t pick up A Song of Ice and Fire until the series is complete. . . that way I can read at my own pace.
    I don’t know what hole in the earth I’ve been living in, but I have actually never heard of Brandon Sanderson before last year. And I KNOW his Mistborn trilogy is considered one of THE best fantasy series, so I really do not know how I did not know about him. But lately everyone has been talking about his books!
    I’ve only read one David Levithan book–Two Boys Kissing–but I thought his writing was beautiful(and really, better & totally different than JG’s). But even though I’ve technically read a book by him, I still feel “behind” since he has so many other popular books!

  6. I adore George R.R. Martin, Julie Kagawa, and Katie McGarry – all amazing authors. I put off Martin’s because they were too big, but I found if I read a chapter a night and kept notes, I did just fine. The Iron Fey series is amazing. She incorporates Shakespeare into it 🙂 I didn’t care for the Eternity Cure though. It was a bit dry for my tastes. Katie McGarry was one of my first contemporary authors and I gobbled her books up. She is brilliant.

  7. I’m excited for you to read a lot of these authors. I know what you GRRM–I’d feel the same if I hadn’t read him through the years. Looking at all the books with all the pages–that is a lot of reading. I agree with someone above that said the show is as good. They are doing an excellent job adapting it.

  8. I haven’t read the majority on here….I need to read the Mistborn series desperately. I have the first one, I just haven’t done it yet!!

    I’ve read Game of Thrones and The Diviners (loved it) but other than that…I’m with ya on these!

  9. I felt the same way about The Diviners before I read it. You don’t have to let the size scare you at all. I read it in about two days, which is highly unusual for me and a book of that size, but it’s so, so good! It’s very creepy, but in a good way.



    So yes, I suggest you read Mistborn immediately because it’s awesome. I broke down and bought the Kindle trilogy bundle yesterday because my print copy was one of the cheap mass market ones and leaves ink on my fingers. No bueno.

  11. Ha ha, I put a pretty similar disclaimer before my list as well! Brandon Sanderson is definitely one of the ones I intend to remedy before too terribly long.

  12. It might be because I’m already a huge Libba Bray fan, but when I read The Diviners last summer it really didn’t take me long at all! I had a few hours here and there to read, and I read it in a few days, which surprised me because it is so long! I just had to know what was going to happen next, so it never felt that long – hopefully that’s the case when you can finally read it!

    And, wow, I think I’ve only read three authors on this list. I plan on reading some of them in the future, but there are just so many authors that I shy away from because of all the hype! I definitely share your fear of being the black sheep.

  13. I still need to read something by Ransom Riggs myself, and I’m planning to do so, hopefully soon!
    I have to say I’m NOT a fan of faery books, but I loved the Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa!

  14. I’ve been curious about Julie Kagawa, since many of my book blogging friends have said that I will love the way she writes. I’ve got an aversion to faery books though, and am a little hesitant about vampire ones, so I may just wait for her dragon book to come out! I’m also excited because I’m finally reading all of Marie Lu’s books this year, and it will be EPIC.