Announcements: A Hiatus and a Monthly Project

Posted April 2, 2014 by Debby in General

*sigh* Hello there, peoples of the internets. Last Thursday, my slew of scheduled posts ran out and… I need a break. As you might have read in yesterday’s monthly wrap-up post, March was an extremely terrible month for me. Stress came at me from all sides, and blogger drama sucked out all desire to read and blog. I told myself to take it easy for a while, and I had some flexibility for sure, with my scheduled posts, but the time has now come for me to fess up and just take an official break.

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Now I’m not saying that I’m drowning in a pool of depression, really. In all honesty, I’m pretty okay. I’m fine. I’m not at the most happy place ever, but the biggest thing is just that I’m really tired. I’m constantly tired. And the stress is not completely over. I have about two months to finish my thesis at this point, and I never find the time to devote myself to that. I’ve hardly progressed in the past 9 months. When I do finally set aside the time in the weekend to work on it, it’s really hard for me to actually do it. Every time, I sit down to work on it and then think of a list of 10 blog posts that I still need to write and think that if I do that instead, I’ll still be being productive.

Basically I need to get my priorities in line, and at least for the next two months really make some headway on my thesis without having this blog thing looming over me. It’s extremely hard for me to do that though, because I still have some review copies, and BEA is coming up so I kind of theoretically want the blog to be at its highest point in activity. But I’ve reached the breaking point and need to admit that for right now, thesis comes first. The longer I don’t do that, the more I entertain such thoughts as, “Why should I bother finishing it anyway? Do I actually want this???”


For my part, I’ve not really enjoyed my college experience. This is a minor tangent, but I’m just not an academic person. I could write a whole post about how that’s been poisoning my mind lately, and I have a lot of thoughts on the subject, so I may do so someday. But I don’t enjoy academics, no matter how easy it comes for me. I’ve always been looking towards the farther future. A degree for me is really just a means to an end. While I’m not totally head-over-heels in love with the company where I intern right now, I really love the working lifestyle. I like the office environment, and I like that work stays at work (whereas, as a student, when you’re home there’s always literature to study or thesis to work on, on your own time; and no I’m not going to miss college later, srsly).

I long had strong suspicions that it would be like this for me: that once I got a taste of working life, I would never go back to school. That’s also why I decided to get my master’s right after I finished my bachelor’s – working for a few years and then getting my MBA would never happen. But it just figures that I would, by interning, put myself in this position where it’s really hard to find the desire to finish my degree. But I have to. It’s been two years and a lot of money. Not finishing is not an option. So for now, until I’m sure I’m back on the right track education-wise, I need to take blogging out of the equation.


I don’t think I’ll be gone for two months, no need to worry there. But I need some time to get the thesis back on track and find a schedule that will work for me. Once that’s done, I can see how I can fit blogging in. I’m thinking, ideally, that this would be about two or three weeks. I’m not sure how realistic that is, but we’ll see. If I don’t make that, you will see some activity in reviews of review copies, haha, so don’t worry. And of course, you can always find me (complaining about my thesis) on social media.

Some fun on the side

I am hoping that I’ll still be reading in this time (just substituting blogging time for thesis time) and I am in fact embarking on a new reading project. I’ve talked before and quite often about how I struggle with longer books. Some people like big books and they cannot lie, well, I’m running in the other direction. I dunno, it’s tough for me, because I want to keep up with my reading challenge, which involves finishing two books per week, and if I take on a longer book, that won’t happen. One could argue that if you read a couple shorter books afterwards you would be on the right track on average, but my mind does not accept this logic. I must finish two books per week.So sadly, all books longer than 500 pages or so just get pushed farther and farther down my TBR list.

Last month, I rewatched all three seasons of Game of Thrones and fell even deeper in love than before. I’ve seen every episode probably 3-4 times, and I’m just so in love with the story. So I thought, “This is it. It’s time. You need to finally read the books. You must.”


I’ve been toying with this idea in my head for a long time. I really want to know every detail of this story, but how could I possibly keep it from taking over my reading life? Blog content would suffer. Maybe I should just wait until someday when I’m not blogging anymore… BUT NO MORE.

I know people do readalongs, but I don’t particularly think that would work for me. I need intrinsic motivation, and for so many of those readalongs, I find out about them too late, after they started already, and I’m not going to put myself into a guilt spiral due to the need to catch up and everything. Just no. That won’t work for me. So I have my own schedule.

Most of my reading I do on the train commute to work. Three hours per day means that I pretty much always finish two books per week on the commute. But you know what is manageable to add to this? 26 pages per night, before bed. This divides the first book, A Game of Thrones over the month of April. This page count is just the minimum I need to read per night – and I can read more if I want and get ahead (or just finish the chapter I’m on). But I shouldn’t fall behind. And I get instant satisfaction each night when I can cross off the day – goal met.

We’ll see how this goes, but should it be successful and enable me to read A Game of Thrones in addition to my usual monthly TBR, I will be rolling it out and making it a monthly thing. I absolutely love epic/high fantasy, but they’re all so chunky. I’ll love it if this gets me to read them. Currently, the lineup includes: the rest of the Song of Ice and Fire series, the Mistborn trilogy, and The Kingkiller Chronicles.


You can probably catch me tweeting and posting Instagram pictures about my progress in A Game of Thrones (#DebbyReadsAGoT), but I really wanted to share this reading project on the blog as well. Hiatus aside, I’d love to hear from you guys what you think, and if you’d like me to make any kind of posts about this (if so, what kind).

So goodbye for now

That was a long tangent, but at least you have an idea of what’s going to be keeping me entertained while I suffer through the hell of my thesis this month. So yeah, I’ll say goodbye for now, but I will be back soon. And do keep in touch on social media! πŸ™‚

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14 responses to “Announcements: A Hiatus and a Monthly Project

  1. Good luck on your thesis, hope everything turns great πŸ™‚
    And your project look interesting, do you mind if I try that too? I have my GoT physical copy too, and I think it would be a waste not to read it.

  2. I understand that you need to take a blogging break. I think everyone needs that from time to time, especially when school/work/family/life gets in the way. I hope you’ll get on track with your thesis, so you don’t have to worry about that too much anymore.

    The schedule plan for a Game of Thrones sounds really handy. I have the same problem. i recently read the Book Thief and I must say that I did that and it was pretty good. I should make some schedules for some review copies I have that I want to finish asap.

    Hope to see you back to blogging soon πŸ™‚ take care!

  3. I am actually in a really similar boat to you right now; trying to study my Masters externally, trying to read X amount of books (and failing miserably), trying to find a job that is related to my future career, keep on top of my normal job etc. A blogging hiatus sounds like a good idea to help you manage various stresses πŸ™‚ I don’t have a thesis (luckily), so I can only imagine how stressful that would be! I am also loving your GoT plan. I think I’ll need to implement a similar plan at some stage! I started the first book on a really long plane trip, got distracted and then never finished it πŸ™
    Good luck with everything! πŸ™‚

  4. It’s fully understandable that you want to take a blogging break and so you should do whats best for you and you’re life. I can understand that college isn’t making you happy, my own educational life is making me very unhappy too and I just want to get into the job market, which is hard, but the best way to think is that once it’s over with, you can be working and reading and blogging and it’ll all fit perfectly once you had a schedule. Worry about yourself rather than everyone else and focus on what needs to be done Debby, we’ll all be here when you get back πŸ™‚

  5. You sound like you deserve a break. Before I came to college I was al for getting my Masters right away after getting my bachelor’s. I totally agree with you college life and academics is simply not for me. I want to teach and I want to start now. I’m only a freshman in college so I have quite a while to go, but it seems if I get a taste of teaching I will probably never want to go back to college. College never leaves you alone. I can forget about it for one day, but then the next day the stress is even higher because there is always something I need to be doing. I want a job where I can just relax on the weekends. I’m also reading a large book right now and I’m going to try not to let it freak me out to get behind on my TBR because this book is worth it.

  6. I wish you luck, less stress, and a happy time off. I love the calendar for reading and the pages, I may have to borrow this idea for GoT as well.

  7. I’m glad you’re doing okay, and doing what needs to be done to finish your thesis. I totally know these feels you’re going through right now. As much as I miss the social aspect of college, I do love being able to leave work at work and have a regular schedule. And there is NO way I could go back to college now. I don’t enjoy the papers and stuff. So yeah, I did all my school in a row and that’s the only way I could do it.

    Hope your thesis goes well and that your epic fantasy reading project is a resounding success as well.

    And I’m always around on gchat if you need to rant. πŸ™‚ *hugs*

  8. This line… ‘Some people like big books and they cannot lie’ made me SNORT.

    And I looove your Game of Thrones idea. If it means you’re able to read more epic/high fantasy then HUZZAH.

    As much as I love reading your blog, it sounds like you’re being smart here. Get the thesis done, put it behind you and then you can move forward from there!

  9. Best of luck with the thesis. I was ready to finish University after I completed my BA; I can’t imagine having gone back to do my Master’s immediately after. Then again, I can’t ever imagine going back to do my Master’s now…so, yea. Catch 22? Haha

    I absolutely love your schedule for reading GoT, and I’m really interested to see how you make out with it. If it proves successful for you, I’d be really tempted to give it a shot myself. I love the show, and my husband assures me I’d enjoy the books. But they’re SO LONG.

  10. Debby, your writing really hit me in the feels today. I lost a lot of myself when I went back to school for my B.S. in education. I felt this looming doom when it came closer and closer to graduation. I was starting to fear that I made a huge mistake. I loved the kids and I liked teaching, but the other things that are involved with teaching? It was turning me away. To summerize: no jobs for new teachers, took a job with a preschool, and hating every. Single. Minute. I finally hit my breaking point and I put in my two weeks notice in last Friday. I have another office job with a very nice company. A company that promises a lot of growth, nice pay, and a way to still use my degree.

    Debby, I hope that everything falls into place for you. It is great that you are taking a break from blogging. Don’t be fooled – I am going to miss the HELL out of you! Your blog is one of my favorites, and I hate to see you go away, but your happiness is a priority. You have to take care of Debby. Debby comes first.

    *all my hugs*

  11. I’m sorry that things have been difficult lately, and I hope, hope, hope things get easier to handle soon, and that your college situation works out to be better. Also, I am inwardly CHEERING for you, because I think it’s fantastic that you’ve decided to read GoT since you love the series so much. I hope to see your review for the first book (if you decide to write one) up here sometime in the future. Happy offline time!xx