Top Ten Boys Who Made Me Swoon

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Yes, I’m coming off a romance high, so all I could think about for this week’s TTT was to talk about swoony boys. Now I will specify first off that there is a difference between shipping a ship and swooning over a guy. I swoon when a guy is just so absolutely perfect, dreamy, and romantic that I want him in my life. SO THERE. Click on the banners to go to my review of the book or it’s Goodreads page!


Cade is the primary inspiration for my topic choice this week. Oh my gosh guys. I cannot even right now. I’m not a big New Adult fan, but this book. And just Cade. I can’t even imagine a better boyfriend – he’s smoking hot, super supportive and perceptive, but will give you an honest reality check when necessary. HE IS GOLDEN BOY. Dream come true!


Will effing Fletcher, man. I’m still not over my immense love for this book. I will just always keep dreaming of that scene where he gives Vicky the most perfect and thoughtful birthday gift in the history of ever. I wish a guy would be that considerate for me.


I absolutely adore Charlie and Braden’s relationship. Braden’s just an amazing guy and the best listener ever. He quickly becomes this guy that Charlie can just tell anything to, so she becomes addicted to their fence chats. I want that ;___;


I’m not usually the type to love a guy in uniform, but Chaol totally makes it work wonders for me. He’s so brave and stoic and charming. And especially in Crown of Midnight, he is smoking hot.


Finn makes me laugh and FEEL ALL THE THINGS. Basically. *cough* Just everything he does to help and support Em…. Oh god, here come the feels.


Hahahaha mostly because of the movie, but OBVIOUSLY I HAD TO INCLUDE THIS. Christina would understand my spine-tingling, edge-of-my-seat feels.


Okay, this one’s a bit different, because Ignifex is a little scary at the start, but he’s the tall dark and handsome type. He’s a mysterious bad boy and it TOTALLY works for me. He’s just pure sex to me. *shrug* and when he later becomes so perceptive about Nyx’s character? They compliment each other so well, I just can’t even.


Oh my gosh you guys, I can’t wait for my review of this to go up and for you all to get your hands on this wonderful little book, but back on point: MICAH. He’s rough around the edges but seriously has a heart of gold. And the THINGS HE DOES FOR LAINEY. That ending. Swoooooooon.


2014-04-22 17_09_53-Twitter _ micahbakes_ @SnugglyOranges What's up, ...


Thorne is Thorne. He’s badass, cocky and hilarious. He has a tough outer shell, but he can be sensitive too. All I’m saying is I wish I was Cress because hell yes to that.


And of course, another Kasie West boy. Honestly I could put all four of them on this list but I’M TRYING TO KEEP MY FANGIRL IN CHECK. Trevor is artsy, quiet, but super caring. I will never forget his pure sacrifice at the end of Pivot Point. Forever ♥

That’s my list! What was your topic this week?

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18 responses to “Top Ten Boys Who Made Me Swoon

  1. Boys on this list I’m DYING to meet: Braden and Micah.
    I think I’d want to pick every KW boy too. Xander is still my favorite, but why choose when I don’t have to? 😛
    And now I think I’ll have to start the Losing It series sooner. 🙂

    • Oooh yay, I hope you get to read On the Fence and The Art of Lainey soon 😀 They’re so adorable!!

      Kasie West just knows how I like my guys. I don’t even know who I’d really pick as favorite. I think I need to reread all her books before I can make an informed decision, hahaa.

      The Losing It series is faaaaaabulous. So…. yes. You should.

  2. I ship Chaol with the power of a thousand fiery suns. And it makes me sad that my bet is at least one, but probably two books til we see them together again 🙁


    Obviously you know which 3 I totally agree on 😉 I’m kicking myself for not including Braden because I adored him and Finn! Chaol got an honorable mention from me because I limited myself to books read in the last 6 months. I REALLY need to get around to A MAD WICKED FOLLY!

    • Awwwwwww thank you Lili 😀

      Micah, Thorne and Ignifex are all kinds of amazing hahahaa you have excellent taste 🙂 I almost forgot Braden as well, tbh, because I don’t have a physical copy, and I usually peruse my physical shelves for TTTs. Oops. You must you must read AMWF!!! o_o don’t make me stare you down at BEA.

  4. I am saving this and saving it for future reference so I’d know what book to read if I want swoon worthy boys 🙂 thank you for this post!

  5. Chaol…yes, he is smoking hot. And Trevor and Finn, love both of them! And Gideon…I wish I could see the movie, but I can’t seem to get it here (U.S.). I can’t wait to meet Braden and Micah. Kasie West sure knows how to write swoony guys…Xander is my favorite so far (but I have yet to meet Braden).

  6. Chaol & Thorne of course! I love those broody, stoic characters like Chaol, but at the same time also snarky, sarcastich guys like Thorne. And in a strange way Ignifex too. Nyx & Ignifex are a gorgeous ship <3