Expectations for NYC/BEA 2014

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So, umm, BEA is happening. We are now ONE WEEK AWAY PEOPLE. ALERT. ALERT. I’m pretty sure all fellow attendees are in full fledged panic mode, packing, getting ready to fly (or drive), and getting way too freaking excited about all the epic bookishness about to go down. I have reached levels of being UNABLE TO CAN, but at the same time, I’m trying to hold everything together. I’ve been fully packed since Sunday, although I’m not leaving till Saturday. I have a schedule. Prioritized. And I have a buttload of expectations, some slightly exaggerated, some not, but whatever, this is my blog, I do what I want. Debby attempts to make you LOL in 3… 2… 1…

I might cry when meeting bookish BFFs for the first time.

You guys. You guys. I love you guys. And I have to say that meeting you is right now at the top of the list of things I’m excited about for next week (yes, above ARCs, Rick Riordan, Sarah J. Maas, Kody Keplinger, and ALL OF THE THINGS). This community is amazing and I have made friends that I feel closer to than most people I know IRL. SO. I can get emotional, especially if we go drinking as has been discussed, and I might ugly cry on you. Plzdon’trunawayinhorror.


Epic drinks are to be had and I will embarrass myself.

I am definitely in the running for queen of awkward, and while I do not have a good filter on most days, if I just have a couple drinks, I will most likely reflect on the things said that night with one big facepalm. BUT. I also get giggly and loud. You should remind me of my volume because I cannot control it.


I will attempt to network with industry professionals but fail.

I talk a big game about networking, but the only kind I’m good at is SOCIAL networking. But that in itself is a strength as a marketer, right? *cough* Anyway, I will be graduating in June with my MSc in Marketing and would really love to work in publishing, so I should use this opportunity as much as possible but… I get nervous and awkward turtle and most likely will be distracted by books and bookish friends. Oops. Most likely any attempts will be like the following: “Hi…. I’m Debby… I have a blog… and here is my resume… I’m like… good at marketing and… stuff… andiloveyoukthnxbai–” *cringingly backs away*

But most likely that will be how I am the entire week, not limited to professionals. Queen of awkward.

The line for Heir of Fire will be miles long and I will wait for hours. I will whine.

This is my top book priority but it is everyone else’s too. So. I knowwwwww the line will be long, but hopefully I can spend the time with friends. But I get impatient. Especially when there are SO MANY THINGS TO SEE and SO MANY OTHER BOOKS and that whining will slip through. I will try to control myself.


Upon meeting Cora Carmack, I will fangirl rant about Cade.

I’m still on my Cade high, so much so that I might just want to reread Faking It on the plane. I will go in full fangirl mode for Cora, I just I can’t too many feels.

so pretty

IF I get a ticket to Rick Riordan’s signing, I will become mute.

I’m usually okay talking to authors. But like. Rick. UNCLE FREAKING RICK. IF I do get a ticket (*sobs* and I really really want one) I will work myself into a bouncy, yelling mess, but I think the odds are pretty high that when I’m there in front of him all I’ll be able to do is stare. Unless someone’s with me, poking me into saying something. (plzGabyGilliandon’tletmedown)


I might cry meeting Kody Keplinger.

Kody Keplinger will be at the Kid’s Author Carnival and guys. Guys. asdfjkl; Her books changed my life, pretty much. She writes such relatable stories, they just speak to my SOUL. A Midsummer’s Nightmare is one of only FIVE books I think in the history of ever that have made me cry. And trying to convey to her how much her books mean to me? I don’t know, guys. If I meet her I’m going to go all sentimental and blithering idiot.

There might be tears involved.

Every time I hand out a business card or say my blog name I will cringe.

This is not really because of the self-promotional aspect, I’m fine with that. I just still cringe a tiny bit whenever I say my blog name. I KNOW. THE ORANGES ARE SNUGGLY AND HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THEM. But when it’s like my face, and I say it out loud, to strangers, or AUTHORS, I’m still like PLEASE DON’T JUDGE ME LIKE I’M A FOUR YEAR OLD. My blog name is a clear branding strategy, and helloooooo, it works. It got Neil Gaiman to recognize me (“Oh YOU’RE the Snuggly Oranges person!”) so I’ll never regret it, but it does make me feel awkward. I like putting myself in awkward positions, clearly.


Sleep deprivation and overexposure to awesome bookish people will make me obnoxious.

I’m a bit shy, but I imagine that once the ice is broken I will have moments where I act obnoxious to try to get a few giggles. I do this. I try not to. But I can’t help it. This is part of my sense of humor. You have been warned.


There will be poking.

Awkward silence? No slutty brownies? Long wait time? There’s that author over there? You’re not paying attention to me?

You can ask me to stop but… I’m a poker. But srsly if it annoys you, do tell me.

Leaving will be the most difficult thing ever.


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7 responses to “Expectations for NYC/BEA 2014

  1. Can’t wait to meet you!!! *flails*

    It is going to be amazing and you will have the best time ever. I PROMISE. SIGH, the first year I met though..totally started crying when I had to leave Anna. We all teared up when we all met but when we said goodbye I looked at Anna and just started bawling and she started bawling and then everyone else started bawling that was with us haha. All in the subway station. The goodbyes are the WORST part of BEA besides the my feet hurting like a bitch 🙁


    Even if I did run away in horror, I’m very slow, so you’d be able to catch me probably. Though I probably won’t run away. I will either sympathy cry, because looking at other people crying is one of the things that makes me cry OR will go there there like a gif, because I am so awkwardlikewhoa.

    Ha, I also get giggly and loud but am still bitchy, so we will be much fun.

    Oh my god, I am so bad at networking. Like, so bad. I walk up and they’re like “yes?” and I’m all “umm hi do you want my card i guess not okay bye now.”

    Yeah, I’m concerned about the Heir of Fire line. Vair vair concerned.

    The Rick Riordan line you will be in without me, because I am far too lazy for that ticket nonsense.


    Awwwww, embrace your snuggly oranges. Wait, that sounds a bit dirty. I understand now.

    Sleep deprivation, check. A million people, check. Obnoxiousness, yeah I’m not fun when I’m overwhelmed sometimes.

    Every time you poke me, I will make some sort of absurd squealing noise and probably jump.

    Oh man, last year I was SO ready to go. But hopefully this year is much more fun. Stupid Jersey ruined everything.

  3. All I can say is that I love the last Gif. That is the saddest Doctor Who episode. Also, I’m not interested in the Heir of Fire, so there will be one less person in line for you 🙂

    And if I got a Ticket to Rick Riordan’s thing I would freak out (but internally) but I’m totally shy.

  4. I said I was going to cry ugly tears last year, and I didn’t. But this year there are so many more people and I know it will be super overwhelming so I don’t KNOW for sure what I will do. I am really looking forward to meeting you and so many others though.

    LOL feel free to poke. Also, glad to see you are coming for Kody Keplinger. I am volunteering at the event. Haha!

  5. I hope you’ll have a blast and get all the books you want to get and meet all the authors you want to meet!!
    But damn, that last GIF totally killed me and now I’m a bit weepy, saying goodbye to 10th was horribly hard for me!!

  6. I’m so terrified of the Heir of Fire line! Last year the Sarah J. Maas line was pretty bad. I was kind of close to the front (got in line an hour early) and it still probably took me 30 minutes to even get to Sarah.

    I imagine this year will be at least twice as bad X_X Especially because they made it clear that this signing is the ONLY time to get the book at BEA (unlike last year where there were at least two other galley drops for it).