Top Ten Characters I Would Want With Me on a Deserted Island

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Okay, so I have a love-hate relationship with this topic. First I thought, “Huh?” Then I had some IDEAS and was like, “LOL”. Then I got stuck and I was whining. But whatever. So here’s the deal. If I got stuck on a deserted island, first things first – I would establish freaking dominance of that island. Queen Debby rules the world island! So we’re clear on that point. BUT, to be honest, I would not like to be stuck there for all too long. So my first order of business as queen of this island would be to set up a team to get me the hell OFF the island when I see fit.


This team consists of:

Katniss from The Hunger Games: We need a hunter to get us some food and shit, right? Katniss is an obvious but excellent choice.
Aileanna from The Falconer: Aileanna kicks butt if there’s ever any need, but she’s also a kickass steampunk inventor. That’s gotta be useful when trying to find a way off the island.
Raffe from Angelfall: Well. He has wings. >.>
Leo from The Heroes of Olympus: Another inventor person! He pretty much singlehandedly invented a flying ship. Plus, he’s good for the lols.
Celaena from Throne of Glass: This is more of a self-defense back up plan, you know. I mean what if it’s not a deserted island? What if there are enemies, like in Lost? I TRUST NOTHING. I want this kick ass assassin by my side.

Now while the worker bees are working hard, Queen Debby will be in need of entertainment, if you know what I mean 😉 Hence the second team.


I mean, if I’m stuck on an island, I might as well have some gooooooood times with my harem. Right? RIGHT. Here’s the team break down:

Percy from The Heroes of Olympus: Let’s disregard age for a second, but it’s Peeeeeeeeeeercy. He is my love. He makes me laugh. I needs him.
Thorne from The Lunar Chronicles: I swoon like mad for this man, and I do believe he’d be spectacular in the sack. *shrug* Sue me.
Daemon from the Lux series: It’s been a while since I’ve had any Daemon in my life but I just remembered how freaking hot and irresistible he is, so I would totally want that on my island. I’m all up for the banter and flirting and chemistry. Oh, yeah, we’d have chemistry.
Cade from Faking It: You know I’m obsessed with Cade. You should know. It is a well-established fact. Cade is hot and HOT and just HE’S GOLDEN BOY. I need Golden Boy.
Will from A Mad, Wicked Folly: Maybe a bit of a controversial choice for my harem, and I guess he’d be very confused, being pulled from his early 20th century setting, buuuuut if you’ve read this book, you know. You just know. He’s dreamy and he knows how to love. So. Yeah.

My entertainment on this island of course wouldn’t solely exist of getting it on with my harem, but it’s just always a good idea to have some hot guys around, you know, for this:






That’s.. it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll go look for my sanity..

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17 responses to “Top Ten Characters I Would Want With Me on a Deserted Island

  1. Thorne and Katniss made my list, too! 😀 I love the team you’re putting together – and I think Raffe is a very good choice, why not take someone who can just fly you off the island?

    I haven’t read The Falconer or A Mad, Wicked Folly yet, but I really want to – thanks for reminding me that they’re on my TBR!

    • Oooh you should definitely read The Falconer and A Mad, Wicked Folly. Both 5 star reads for me, and among my top 5 reads of this year so far 🙂 hope you like them!

  2. Hahahaha Debby this is hilarious! And also thanks for all the hot bods at the end. Definitely needed that to start my day off.

    I also have Katniss on my list, but not Caelana just because I haven’t read Throne of Glass yet. And then other then that, I haven’t read anything else on your list yet. I know, I will soon. One day.

    • You’re very welcome 😛 Always happy to provide some eye candy.

      I think Katniss was a very popular pick, but hey, we gotta eat, right?

    • *snort* yeah, I started with Team Get Me Off This Island, then I thought of the other team name and… I tried to think of something else but it stuck and I REGRET NOTHING TROLLOLOLOLOL IT’S MY HAREM I DO WHAT I WANT.

      You’re welcome 😛

    • Thorne rules the world. Or at least my heart. I REGRET NOTHING.

      *snicker* you can thank Christina for demanding those gifs.