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Calling all YA readers and fans! As you may know (by the extensive promotion and squealing by yours truly for one), 2015 brings us the book-to-movie adaptation of one of my all time FAVORITE books: Kody Keplinger’s The DUFF: Designated Ugly Fat Friend. That book not only has one of my favorite romances ever (I’m all about hate-to-love romance), but it had such a great relatable character growth arc and message, and the writing was on point. It was one of the first contemporary books I ever read, and it totally opened me up to the genre because of how such a realistic story can make you feel so much less alone.


OBVIOUSLY, I’m really excited that a story that meant so much to me is making it to the big screen, but I want as many of you as possible to enjoy this brilliant story as well. SO: there’s a read-along happening, and I REALLY hope that you’ll all participate! Whether it’s your first time, or whether it’s a re-read, let’s all bask in the glory of The DUFF and get pumped! There’s even a Twitter chat at the end with Kody Keplinger (!!!!) where participants of the read-along will have the chance to win cool prizes!


(Re-)Read the book!
Tweet your thoughts with the hashtag #ReadTheDUFF!
Participate in the Twitter chat (#DUFFchat) with Kody Keplinger!
Win cool prizes!


Read-along: January 13th – January 30th
#DUFFchat: 8 PM EST, February 2nd

The Movie

In theaters February 20th!

Don’t own a copy of the book yet? Enter to win one here!

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