Top Ten Book Nerd Problems I Have

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BOOK RELATED PROBLEMS, HUH? WELL THAT’S HARD. *cough* I don’t just want to copy my Book Nerd Problems posts, so I’ll try to mix it up here and there.

1. Overflowing bookshelves

Admittedly I do not have this issue so much right at this moment, as I just moved and got a ton of extra shelf space. But sooner or later, we’ll return to how it was back at my old place: books doublestacked, piles on the floor, EVERYWHERE. I’m trying to get better at constantly culling my bookshelves though. This weeked I actually managed to sell 13 books, and I got €35 back! (Of course I did go out and order 3 more books as a result but THAT’S BESIDES THE POINT.)

2. I’m a book buying addict though

I did write a whole post about this. I just can’t help it. I’m constantly hearing about awesome books and finding pretty covers. Amazon is opened five times a day to add things to my wishlist or a cart that I just barely manage to keep myself from purchasing. *sigh* And I know I have like 100 unread books on my shelves, but I swear I have NOTHING TO READ.

3. The hype train

I have a serious aversion to book hype, which I’ve talked about at length. Like, I like how shouty and excitable our community can be, but sometimes the hype gets so intense that it’s just impossible for the books to live up to it. I’ve taken to muting certain book titles on Tweetdeck so I just don’t see that stuff (especially if the book’s not coming out for ages *cough*ACOTAR*cough* DO NOT SPEAK OF IT).

4. Matching covers / series redesigns

My problem with this begs repeating. I am very perfectionistic and shallow but I just neeeeeeeeed matching covers. Especially when redesigns suck, my heart BREAKS. But if they’re awesome, then what do I do? Buy the first in the redesigned paperback and the rest in hardcovers? THAT DOESN’T REALLY MATCH EITHER. Seriously, I’ve re-purchased so many series to achieve optimal matching and it is a never ending process.

5. Spoilers

Honestly, I hate spoilers. And I’ve talked about how I take enough precautions to keep myself unspoiled, because I expect spoilers lurking in some places. But still, I wish people would be a bit more courteous.

6. I’m a slow reader

I’m not completely a turtle, but honestly I feel inadequate sometimes when I see the speed at which some friends blaze through books. I’m lucky if I manage 3 per week. And not only do I not read particularly quickly, I have whole bouts where I just don’t really feel like reading – I seldom read before bed and often hardly read in the weekend. Which leads to a ton of angst about ALL THE BOOKS I want to read but am not reading and will probably NEVER GET TO because I’m SO GOSH DARN SLOW.

7. Reading with disruptions

I more or less need perfect quiet while I’m reading. That’s why I like reading in the train – particularly in the morning commute. BUT IF SOMEONE DARES GET CHATTY NEAR ME… a glare or two WILL be sent their way. Make no mistake. On the other side of this, I also get a bit peeved if I let slip on social media what I’m reading and I’m bombarded with EITHER “OMG THAT BOOK IS SOOOOOOO AMAZING” (because hello hype train) or “UGH I HATED THAT ONE” (because hello RUDE MUCH?) – so I mostly don’t do that anymore, unless I already have a pretty firm opinion on it.

8. Containing my feels

This comes in two parts. When I read a book that is particularly feelsy in PUBLIC – like on the train, as always – it takes a lot of effort to keep that inner fangirl contained. I have often wondered how awkward I must appear to others with the sly grins, soft giggles, half-gasps, and trembling feet (containing my flailing). THIS IS PERFECTLY NORMAL OKAY, NOTHING TO SEE HERE, MOVING ON. I also just can’t help but ramble on for ages in my reviews.

9. Books > People

I wrote about this in one of my first BNP posts, and I still love it. I just love reading and love the time spent by myself. However, it makes me feel kind of socially awkward at times because I have so little ELSE to talk about. Right now at work it’s the worst, because none of my colleagues care about the books I’m reading at all. Yeah those “What did you do over the weekend?” questions will only get short answers in that case. *sigh* I mean I guess I should make more of an effort to go out more though. But…

10. Too many series!!

I think we’re all on the same page as far as the series plague goes. Don’t get me wrong, I love series – I love getting majorly invested in a story and that story having the room to have excellent world building, characters, and plot development. But there are just SO MANY. I’m in the middle of SO MANY. And I want to start new ones, but um that’s probably not that good, because then I won’t remember what happened in that other series, and I’ll have to reread all of it before I continue and ASDFJKL; And when do you give up? That first book was rather average, but the ending promised some more action and stuff. So should I stick around anyway? BUT SO MANY OTHER BOOKS AND ASDFJKL; And do I really want to start a new series and then WAIT for years in between for the eventual resolution 2-5 YEARS from now???

Those are some of my book nerd problems…
Do we have any in common?

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11 responses to “Top Ten Book Nerd Problems I Have

  1. Spoilers need to die. Seriously, I recently read a major spoiler for Allegiance and it was just something that was casually thrown into a post! UGH!
    And also yes to the containing of feels… I’m so bad at it and have cried while reading on the train…

    • Oh nooooooooooo. Though seriously it’s impressive that you managed to stay unspoiled for so long. But yeah, people need to STOP. Yesterday I tweeted that I was about to watch the season finale of Broadchurch and someone REPLIED spoiling everything that happened. (Luckily I was watching in full screen so I didn’t see it until I finished.) But seriously, what is WRONG with people? Why do you feel that that’s okay?? What kind of sick pleasure do you get out of that?

  2. This is such a great post! So many booky truths;)
    With amazon around it’s way to easy to continuously buy more and more books! And that Lisa Kudrow GIF puts it perfectly because even though I have so many books I have yet to read, I still want more!:P
    I completely get the series redesigns one! I always have a favourite cover of a book or series and sometimes I order it and somehow I get the other cover or I see it in the bookstore but it’s the cover I don’t like and … so much conflict! And it’s so nice to have all the books in a series with matching covers!:)
    I find it impossible to read with disruptions too- and it’s hard when I really want to read the book but can’t find a place to read it:(
    ‘Containing my feels’ is definitely a problem for me because I can’t hide my love for a book and the laughs or tears it brings!
    Awesome post with awesome gifs:D

  3. Spoilers are the worst, especially when you’re reading the same book as another person and you have the awkward “did you get to the part where…” conversation. Also, now that you mention finishing series I should probably do that too…

  4. Ahahahaha, the bookshelves gif. That is perfect. What is it from?

    100 unread books. That’s like nothing. I CANNOT COUNT MY UNREAD BOOKS FOR THAT IS THE WAY OF MADNESS.

    Oh man, our lists are very similar.

    I KNEW you would have redesigns on here. I thought about it, but I don’t super care if my series match. Mostly I’m just offended for the good art being replaced with shitty art. Also, why do they never redesign the Richelle Mead covers?

    Ooooh, the need for perfect quiet must be rough. I read with distractions pretty frequently. The only thing I can’t handle is talking, so, if I’m in public, I have to put in earbuds and play music. UGH THOSE SOCIAL MEDIA PEOPLE. Yeah, my GR status updates are secret and I only mention books on Twitter if I’m confident about how I feel.

    Oh man. I have seen people complain about too many series and then I whip out my series spreadsheet and they’re like “never mind, i have it so good.” Also, it’s like it would be nice to wait for them to all come out and then read, but then the hype train would roll over you. *grumbles*

    • I honestly have no idea where that gif is from. I just found it on some random post sometime and saved it for a rainy day xD though obviously this is an anime I should be watching.

      BAHAHA, 100 is an estimate but likely not that far off. I can’t handle the guilt of having so many unread books. Especially since I organize my shelves so those are separate xD maybe I should stop doing that.

      asdjfkl; I need matchy matchy goodness. I’m still sad publishers haven’t offered redesigned dust jackets for previous books… I know Penguin did it as like a special giveaway from Anna and the French Kiss and Lola…. but they should do this more often!!! I will pay extra for this – for reals, just let my books maaaaaatch.

      Oooh I can’t read if there is music playing. That’s another thing about the silence I need. I don’t actually mind like dull background noise in the train – like people chatting softly a few rows away. I usually put on my headphones but don’t play music, and that acts as a slight sound barrier. But yeah, I get distracted easily.

      LOL yeah, I know your series spreadsheet is massive. But you also read so much faster and so much MORE so that’s just to be expected 😛

  5. I don’t know what God you pray to, but obviously you have been blessed with a talent for gif searching. I need these skills. That gif is the best book gif I’ve ever seen. Hands down.

    Isn’t it weird? I don’t even know what it is. I can’t figure out why I can’t read any of the 200 beautiful and lonely books that sit on my shelves. They are so lonely “Readdddd usssss.” I’m thinking it’s because I’m a mood reader and there’s just something so satisfying about buying a new book.

    I’m not a fan of hype either. I’m very worried that I won’t like An Ember in the Ashes. It’s been getting so much hype.

    It makes a lot of sense that you’re a perfectionist. I keep looking at your blog design and….yeah wow. I love beautiful designs. It always makes me tear up when the redesign is awful. You know what redesign I did love? The stephanie perkins’ anna and french kiss trilogy. So beautiful and color coordinated. So matchy.

    YOU ARE NOT ALONE, DEBBY. It’s tough in the book community to be a slow reader. I can’t tell you enough how much it stresses me out that I can’t read as quickly so I can get reviews out faster.

  6. I didn’t do this post as TTT is Bekka and Lyn’s thing, but man, I have to say your list is right on, Debby! I am currently dealing with #1 and I am trying to find a box I can dump books into so I can take them to Goodwill and donate them to free up space on my shelves. Right now they are stacked on the floor in front of my closet. O_o

    And yet I keep buying them or getting more for review, which brings me to #2. Whyyyyy do I do this to myself? I have enough unread books on my shelves to last me at least five years!

    And more and more I am finding myself affected by hype. There are still a lot of hyped books that I haven’t read or series that I haven’t finished.

    I also agree about needing complete silence to read. I am easily distracted so having a husband who likes to watch TV and not read with me is an issue because I can’t be out in the living room with him when I want to read. 🙁

  7. The series problem is HUGE, especially when I get behind on a series and need a reread. It feels like there’s no catching up!

    At least for some stuff we have Recaptains. I’m so angry at myself for buying the 6th Casse Clare book in the Shadowhunters series (whichever the main one is, I can’t keep up with her anymore) because I don’t actually want to read it. I just want to know what happens. But I swear I am DONE WITH HER after this. I can’t take the ridiculous drama of that series anymore! It was a great week when I binged it all … but no more. I SWEAR IT.

  8. Oh, yes, to so much. When I get upset, or I need a reward, or the wind blew the wrong direction, Oh, I need a book! Yah I found one! Seriously, it has to be some type of OCD.

    And the overflowing bookshelves. I don’t even try anymore. Piles of books. It is so horrible.