Top Ten Books I’ve Read So Far In 2015

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We’re already halfway through 2015?? Are you serious? But – this means it’s time to look back on all the books I’ve read so far, all 65 of them, and happily I can say that I’ve read some amazing books. Here are my favorites so far.

Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda The Start of Me and You Vicious

1. Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli: YEP. Flawless Oreo-filled happiness. Last week, when I asked on Twitter which book last made people wholeheartedly and unabashedly happy, like 4 people said Simon. FOR GOOD REASON. If you haven’t read this yet, you are missing out, for serious. Pretty much everyone I know has given it 5 stars.

2. The Start of Me and You by Emery Lord: THIS BOOK. It made me happy, called up happy tears, caused intense shippy feels, and made my heart soar with the wonderful friendships. I just love it. So much. It would be a great summer read, if you’re in the mood for something beautiful and happy-making.

3. Vicious by V.E. Schwab: asdfjkl; I still need to write my review for this, but seriously. This book. I loved it so much. I love anti-heroes, I love the great big moral questions, and these characters freaking rule. I wish there would be a sequel to this so hard. I want more Victor Vale in my life.

Grave Mercy Dark Triumph Mortal Heart

4. Grave Mercy, Dark Triumph, and Mortal Heart by Robin LaFevers: All three of these books made it into my top ten, so I can condense it to one entry, right? Otherwise this list would be repetitive and stuff so YEAH. This series is awesome. Great characters, amazing ships, super awesome plots, and brilliant writing. It is one of my favorite series of all-time, for sure.

Catching Liam Made You Up Rebel Belle

5. Catching Liam by Gennifer Albin: This *may* be my favorite New Adult title so far. Seriously. The ship was bantery and sexy and awesome, but the main character totally stole my heart. It actually has a great neurodiversity element and showed more of the NA college life which other books have ignored. I just loved it. A lot. (We’ll disregard the sequel foreverrrrrrr.)

6. Made You Up by Francesca Zappia: MY FEELINGS. Seriously, this might be the most feels heavy title of 2015 so far, because THAT PLOT TWIST. For the most part this book was cute and funny and made me happy, but then it completely broke my heart and almost made me cry. Excellent ship. Wonderful portrayal of an MC with schizophrenia. Basically, can’t recommend it enough.

7. Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins: My review still has to go up, but THIS BOOK YOU GUYS. I knew Hawkins would be a hit with me, and it’s been confirmed. This book is so fun and refreshing, the ship is amazing, and I just love how it turns so many fantasy tropes on their head. I’ll hopefully be reading the sequel next month! CANNOT WAIT. I need all of Hawkins’s books now. (And, yeah, more are on their way to me right now.)

The Revenge Playbook A Wicked Thing A Court of Thorns and Roses

8. The Revenge Playbook by Rachael Allen: Friendship and feminism, hell YES. This book is great for summer – cool friendship-filled adventures – but it’s also really important with its dialogue about sexism and rape culture. This struck so many chords with me and I can’t praise it enough.

9. A Wicked Thing by Rhiannon Thomas: Feeeelings. I’ve always loved Sleeping Beauty, but this take on it was possibly even more brilliant. It’s filled with voice and all about character – and how I love that main character. I can’t wait for the sequel, where hopefully she’s going to kick some ass.

10. A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas: My review for this will be up sometime soon, but yeah, this list wouldn’t be complete without Sarah J. Maas on it, right? I don’t think anyone is surprised. Her writing is just so amazing, and she is a master storyteller. Feyre captured my heart and made me cheer for her, the ship was pretty damn good, but also I really love Rhysand because I’m screwed up in the head like that.

That’s my list! What are your favorite reads so far this year?

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7 responses to “Top Ten Books I’ve Read So Far In 2015

  1. Wonderful list, Debby! <33 I'm planning to read The Start of Me and You and I have a feeling that I will highly enjoy it! After all, I love the writing and friendship in Open Road Summer 😀 To be honest I have *yet* to read any books from your list but some have been constantly recommended to me. Like Simon, Vicious and ACOTAR. I should really catch up to my reading this holiday. 🙂

    I haven't quite found a favorite this year. It's getting harder for me to rate a book 5 stars *sigh* But the top two would probably go to Cress and 17 & Gone 🙂

  2. SIMONNNN <3 And The Start of Me and You! Loved both so much. I also loved ACOTAR and can't wait to read A Wicked Thing and Rebel Belle- both are on my July list 🙂 I also need to read the Grave Mercy series, I have the first two books. Besides our three in common, I've also loved Rook, Grounded, Every Word, The Orphan Queen, and my rereads (HP, Ella Enchanted, Lainey, Raven Cycle).

  3. GAH, I still need to read Simon! It is a HIGH priority once I get my own copy. I also can’t wait to read The Start of Me and You and Vicious. I’m so excited about both of them. I need to read Made You Up too! And A Wicked Thing! Though I am worried about that one, because it has suuuch mixed reviews and I don’t know where I’ll end up on the spectrum. But I still want to give it a try.

    and ASDFJKL; THE HIS FAIR ASSASSIN SERIES! Some of the best books everrrrr! 🙂

  4. *Dances* I’m still so happy you love His fair assassin as much as I do. The same with A court of thorns and roses, but at the same time, what’s not to love about these books?

    Vicious was great and I’m curious about Simon after all the raving (and afraid to read it)