New Look, New Me!

Posted August 11, 2015 by Debby in General

If you happened to pop onto the blog for the past two days, you may have noticed something’s… different. And if you’re reading this in an email or through Feedly, or something, you might want to just click through and actually visit the site for a change because…

Snuggly Oranges has a brand new look!

2015-08-11 06_03_31-Snuggly Oranges

Yes, it has finally happened. After roughly two years with the same look and feel, I finally changed up the blog design. I’ve been itching to since last Christmas, pretty much, but inspiration was so hard to come by, and themes were expensive. Luckily, the Tweak Me v2 theme from Nose Graze is relatively affordable and has pretty much all the customization options I could ever want, so when I finally knew which direction I wanted to go in, it was super simple to set up. I had, like, a header, when I decided to make the change, and the rest all came pretty easily.

I’m still tweaking a couple things – new About Me page should be coming soon (testimonials are welcome – you might be featured ;)) and I’m going to make some new post banners – but the brunt of the work is done and I am loving it!
But… why pink and orange?
Because pink and orange are best fucking friends. No seriously, I have always adored this color combination, and I thought by adding another color, I can keep from getting overloaded with orange (though, that color still is awesomesauce, don’t get me wrong – don’t diss the orange). Also – I got particularly obsessed with the combination when I got the curtains for my new apartment back in February. My blog now matches my home! ♥

2015-08-11 05.49

Basically, I love this layout. It is more feminine while also being more minimalistic than the old one, and I finally got to tweak all the fonts and headers to my liking. There’s going to be tons of better looking posts heading your way now!

So… what do you think?



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29 responses to “New Look, New Me!

  1. This looks so slick, and you’re right, the white space and the extra splash of pink does tone down the orange, and I agree, orange is a great colour, it’s fun and bubbly like yourself, but it does make it look lighter, brighter and as you say, more feminine. I love the new look Debby, looks gorgeous! 🙂

  2. LOVE the new look and especially in love with the header. Having fun clicking around and checking out all your pages. What a massive amount of work you do/did/are doing!

  3. I love the new look!! I’m a huge fan of all the black. I think that in particular makes everything look super crisp, then the pops of colour add some extra interesting tidbits. 🙂 Love!

  4. Someone loves PINK! And I totally agree with you – the pink and the orange look great together, and they do compliment one another. I’m so thrilled to see that you love your update. It is always nice to freshen up to help you get into a new frame of mind.

    Also, your new picture is so adorable, I have huge hair envy over here.

    • Awww, thank you so much 😀 The new look definitely gave me new energy to make some new beautiful posts. *punches blogger fatigue in the face* HA.

  5. Ohhh I love the watercolor header! Very pretty! I love pink and orange together. When I started college, one of my friends and her roommate did their dorm in pink and orange and I always thought it looked so cute and collegiate. For some reason, the combo has stuck with me as this very cool, feminine chic style.

    (Also, I just noticed the word “banterfluffy” in your about me and I went all cying-laughing emoji)

    • Feminine chic! I like it 😀 Teehee, I’ve always loved the combination, but especially when I found my curtains I was like YES THIS IS ME.

      Bantefluffy 4 lyfe ♥