Top Ten Auto-Buy Authors (2015 Edition)

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This was one of the very first Top Ten Tuesday topics I did on the blog – all the way back in 2013. I wrote up my list before looking at that post, and hilariously only ONE author made both versions of the list. I suppose it makes sense – in the meantime I’ve read at least 250 more books and gotten to know so many other authors… and tastes change. These authors I’ve all read multiple books from (if not their entire oeuvres), and something about the style makes me confident that I must have all the rest.

Samantha Shannon1. Samantha Shannon

I adore Samantha Shannon. It is known. Seriously, the woman is a master of words and world building – and though adult fantasy can be challenging for me to get into, The Bone Season is just an amazing, creative, so well-developed story that I couldn’t help but get swept up in it.

I’ve Read: The Bone Season, The Mime Order
Coming Soon: The Bone Season #3 (and an unnamed, unsold, WIP high fantasy I must has)
Sarah J Maas2. Sarah J. Maas
Duh? Pretty sure she’s on almost everyone’s favorite authors list and for good reason. The woman can write. Her imagination is off the charts. She creates dynamic characters and worlds and throws in a bunch of heart-wrenching plot twists that get you completely hooked. More please!

I’ve Read: Throne of Glass, Crown of Midnight, Heir of Fire, A Court of Thorns and Roses
Still To Read: The Assassin’s Blade
Coming Soon: Queen of Shadows, A Court of Thorns and Roses #2

Kasie West3. Kasie West

The mistress of fluff ♥ She stole my heart in Pivot Point which combined excellent romance with a killer twisty-turny plot in a creative paranormal setting, and ever since then she’s been making my heart happy with her adorable contemporary romances. This woman can do no wrong in my eyes.

I’ve Read: Pivot Point, The Distance Between Us, Split Second, On the Fence, The Fill-In Boyfriend
Coming Soon: P.S. I Like You, The Sun, The Moon, and the Truth, By Your Side
Marissa Meyer4. Marissa Meyer
My love for The Lunar Chronicles knows no bounds. It combines some of my favorite things: science fiction, fairy tales, and Sailor Moon. And those SHIPS though. Seriously, the story packs a punch and I have no idea how I’m going to be ready for it to end in November. (Spoiler: I probably won’t be.) But also I can’t wait to see her do something different in Heartless.

I’ve Read: Cinder, Scarlet, Cress, Fairest
Coming Soon: Winter, Stars Above, Heartless

Victoria Schwab5. Victoria Schwab

I still have a few of her books to read, but everything I’ve read so far has made it onto my all-time favorites list. Master storyteller. Seriously though, her stories are epic and so exciting. And her characters asdfjkl; *hugs Wesley and Victor tightly*

I’ve Read: The Archived, The Unbound, Vicious
Still To Read: The Near Witch, A Darker Shade of Magic, New Beginnings, Second Chances, Last Wishes
Coming Soon: A Gathering of Shadows, This Savage Song
Kody Keplinger6. Kody Keplinger
Kody’s books always hit me in the heartstrings. She can write romance and chemistry like whoa, but it’s all about those characters. They’re flawed and they struggle with things in such a realistic way. Almost all of them have brought tears to my eyes.

I’ve Read: The DUFF, A Midsummer’s Nightmare, Shut Out, The Swift Boys & Me, Lying Out Loud
Coming Soon: Run

Rick Riordan7. Rick Riordan

I love the fact that I genuinely learn things about mythology from Riordan’s books while also experiencing a unique, fun story. So many jokes! I didn’t like The Heroes of Olympus as much as Percy Jackson and the Olympians, but I don’t see myself giving up on Uncle Rick anytime soon.

I’ve Read: The Lightning Thief, The Sea of Monsters, The Titan’s Curse, The Battle of the Labyrinth, The Last Olympian, The Lost Hero, The Son of Neptune, The Mark of Athena, The House of Hades, The Blood of Olympus
Still To Read: The Red Pyramid, The Throne of Fire, The Serpent’s Shadow, Percy Jackson’s Greek Gods, Percy Jackson’s Greek Heroes
Coming Soon: The Sword of Summer
Emery Lord8. Emery Lord
I probably wouldn’t have said this after Open Road Summer alone, but after The Start of Me and You, I must. These romances are just so beautiful and emotional and the kissinggg. Lord showed a lot of growth between her freshman and sophomore books, so I’m stoked to see what’s next.

I’ve Read: Open Road Summer, The Start of Me and You
Coming Soon: When We Collided

Liz Czukas9. Liz Czukas

You know I’m all about the banterfluff. And so far, all of Czukas’s books could be classified as such. She makes the most hilarious characters and dialogues while also delivering on a heavy dose of swoooon. Her books are the perfect pick-me-up reads.

I’ve Read: Ask Again Later, Top Ten Clues You’re Clueless, When Joss Met Matt
Coming Soon: Untitled NA
Miranda Kenneally10. Miranda Kenneally
Much like Czukas, you can always count on Kenneally to bring the swoons. Her romances are just so delightfully shippy and she writes damn good kissing scenes. Yeah, her series isn’t as diverse as we would maybe want, but they are the perfect books for the summer. All quick, delightful reads.

I’ve Read: Catching Jordan, Stealing Parker, Things I Can’t Forget, Racing Savannah, Breathe, Annie, Breathe, Jesse’s Girl
Coming Soon: Hundred Oaks #7, Hundred Oaks #8

Who are your auto-buy authors?

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11 responses to “Top Ten Auto-Buy Authors (2015 Edition)

  1. I love how you formatted this post. It was great to see the books you’ve read from each other and the books that are coming up!

    Our lists only matched with Sarah J. Maas and Marissa Meyer but you have some great authors here! I also love that you don’t stick with one genre. Some blogs are all romance or all fantasy, but you have a nice mix of everything!

    • Aww, thank you! Yeah, my reading preferences are super mood dependent. I love complex fantasy and sci-fi, but sometimes I want nothing but 20 romances in a row. 🙂 At least that means I can pretty much always find a book to recommend to people!

  2. Number 1 to 5 *nods* I like that you added the ‘coming soon’ section. I still need to get into Rick Riordan and I haven’t read anything by the other authors you’ve mentioned. I have my eyes on Ask again later for when I’m in the mood.

  3. Sarah J. Maas and Marissa Meyer made it onto my lists too! I’m so excited for Winter and Marissa’s new series 😀 She does such a fantastic job of writing series.

  4. Yes!!! You have some of my favourite authors on here as well, Maas being right at the top for me. I love her and her books, they get me in the feels every single time. West is also an auto buy author for me, I have never been disappointed by her books. I read and loved both of Emery Lord’s books and can’t wait for her next one to come out. I need to continue the Cinder series, as I am sure I will become just as addicted as everyone else seems to be. After reading Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer, I now really want to try more by Rick Riordan. Great picks 🙂

  5. The Bone Season is next on my list. I decided it was time to read it because I spotted her awesome tweet regarding a book needing a range of ratings. I decided she was awesome, and I have slated her book on my TBR list for a while now.