Most Wanted: December 2015

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It’s the MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR~! Oh, man, I do love December. I love Christmas, I love the music, the food, the decorations that come with it, and I love curling up with a mug of glühwein on a cold wintery day. Let’s not forget books. It’s the gift giving season! Surely there are some new releases that have caught my eye? What? ONLY TWO ON MY LIST. You guys are going to have to help me out.

December 1st

Their Fractured Light

Their Fractured Light by Amie Kaufman and Meagan Spooner: *siiiigh* I was a major black sheep for This Shattered World, so much so that I’m very skeptical about the conclusion to the trilogy. But I think it’s worth a shot. I do want more original sci-fi in my life. I just hope these characters win my heart.

December 10th

Spinning Thorns

Spinning Thorns by Anna Sheehan: Okay, I always want more fairy tale retellings, and I do adore Sleeping Beauty. But it confuses me slightly that this author is doing a SECOND Sleeping Beauty retelling. I mean, this one sounds more fantasy while A Long, Long Sleep was sci-fi. But still. But on the other hand, that cover and premise. Me wants.

Which December 2015 titles are on your list?

I must be missing out on a TON.

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3 responses to “Most Wanted: December 2015

  1. Ohhh, excellent picks! I cannot wait for the last book in the TBS series.I am sad it’s ending but I think Kaufman and Spooner are going to do it justice. I have faith, especially after Illuminae.

    How did I not know Anna Sheehan had a new novel coming out!? I picked up a Long Long Sleep because of you and Christina made me curious. So this is awesome to hear she’s pubbing again… and very odd it’s a retelling of the same tale. Let’s hope you’re right that this is more fantasy and they aren’t too similar.

  2. Barg, this is the second time I have seen Spinning Thorns, and now I want it even more. The cover is beautiful, and Sleeping Beauty retellings needs a bit more coverage!