Most Wanted: January 2016

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Happy New Year’s Eve!!! Oh man, I can’t believe 2015 is actually ending. This year has FLOWN by. But, new year, new books. Let’s start at the top! Here are the books I’m most excited about coming out in January.

January 5th

Truthwitch Passenger The Imposter Queen

Truthwitch by Susan Dennard: Umm, yeah, pretty sure this is the most hyped title of 2016 so far. *jumps on bandwagon* *hides from hype-makers*

Passenger by Alexandra Bracken: A VERY TRUSTED friend did not have favorable thoughts about this book *cough**cough*, but I’M STILL VERY INTRIGUED. Time Travel is like MY THING, you know? It sounds so good.

The Imposter Queen by Sarah Fine: I was actually offered an eARC of this, but I turned it down because I DON’T KNOW. It sounds like a fantasy storyline that could totally work for me, but it sounds very much like The Girl of Fire and Thorns and The Kiss of Deception which I’m kind of mixed on. I’ll be keeping an eye out for reviews.

January 12th

Bookishly Ever After

Bookishly Ever After by Isabel Bandeira: I actually already read this one and it was SO SWEET. It took a little for me to get into it but at the end I was just aww-ing all over the place. Definitely recommended for fans of fluffy reads 😉

January 26th

The Dark Days Club The Possibility of Now

The Dark Days Club by Alison Goodman: NEW BOOK FROM ALISON GOODMAN FINALLY OMG EEEEEEEEEE. I need this to be amazing. The cover already kicks ass though. And REGENCY LONDON – oh god yes.

The Possibility of Now by Kim Culbertson: (1) I desperately need more fluffy contemporaries in my life, (2) LOOK AT THE ADORABLE COVER, (3) this is all about a “planner” finding out she has to live in the now, and HELLO SUPER RELATABLE MC.

Which January ’16 titles are you most excited about?

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4 responses to “Most Wanted: January 2016

  1. Oh, you should really put The Impostor Queen up on your TBR is so, so, SO GOOD, definitely one of the best fantasy I’ve read last year thought I didn’t read TGoFaT or TKoD so I can’t really say if they are somewhat similar or not :/

  2. Ahhhh I REALLY loved Passenger, but I’ve had friends feel blah about it. It’s one that will most definitely get mixed reactions, but I do hope you try it! 🙂 I’m SO, SO, SO excited about The Impostor Queen! I’ve heard such great things about it, and basically anything fantasy gets put on my TBR. I also want to read both Bookishly Ever After and The Dark Days Club, the latter more so. Eep it’s gonna be a good month for book releases!