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I know I’m royally late in wrapping up 2015, but better late than never right? A week or so ago, I shared my 2015 End of Year Book Survey, but now it’s time for the numbers. You know how I like to get nerdy about my reading. The following charts and graphs were made using my yearbook spreadsheet – and if you’re interested, I did this analysis for 2014 last year here!
General Statistics
2015 assorted stats

Last year, I read a lot more (128), but this year there was job hunting and actual adulting to be done, so it makes sense that it’s less. I’ve also had a fair few reading/blogging slumps. I did however get in more re-reads (9, as opposed to 3) – which was one of my goals. I want to give myself the freedom to revisit old favorites, especially when finishing series.

Less series started (45 vs. 46 – STILL COUNTS) and MORE finished (16 vs. 10), so I feel like we can call this a successful reading year. I did read less debuts, but I’m okay with that.
Yearly Overview
2015 books read

2015 pages read

2015 average rating by month

Seriously, it’s been so long that I did a double triple quadruple check on March. Holy crap, how did I ever read 19 books in a month??? That’s an all-time record. December was a bit of a fail, but I enjoyed my holidays, so that’s all that matters.

What I do think is really interesting is that there is a definite upwards trend in my average rating per month. And I think that’s mostly because I started seriously cutting down on review copies in the latter half of the year. The difference is CLEAR. I enjoy books so much more if I can pick them out based on my friends’ advice and opinions.

2015 ratings distribution

So much better than last year! Last year I still had one 0 orange rating, and overall the average was 3.38. I feel like in 2015 I learned SO MUCH about which books are definitely for me, which ones I should be more hesitant with, and which to avoid at all costs.


2015 series

Okay, that’s actually hilarious. The pie chart is EXACTLY the same as last year. But the average ratings got closer together. So.. basically this doesn’t tell you much. But I would like to read MORE standalones.


2015 classification

I read less YA this year (71% vs. 80%) and much more new adult (17% vs. 10%). That also contributed to the reading spike in March – I went on a total NA binge. But let’s not be fooled – the average rating is much lower. The hunt for really good NA continues. YA increased significantly in average rating – almost by 0.5!! Huzzah for YA!


2015 genres

Contemporary decreased from 43% to 36% and fantasy increased from 18% to 29%! I swear I didn’t realize that at ALL. I think it’s a review copy thing? I’m skeptical of contemporary ARCs but always tempted by the fantasy ones. Also sci-fi decreased significantly from 17% to 8% – which is almost ALL The Lunar Chronicles (Fairest, Winter, and my re-reads).

2015 average rating by genre

Horror seems high, but that’s based on one book: Feed by Mira Grant, which I loved in spite of it being a zombie book. Other than non-fiction, it’s higher ratings all around – the biggest jump being thrillers, thanks to the fabulous Every series by Ellie Marney.


2015 publishers

Okay, so I still read HarperCollins the most – but it did decrease (30% vs. 33%). And Macmillan soared to second place (19% vs. 7%) – but that makes sense, because at the start of the year I was still on their mailing list. Surprisingly many indies, but that’s again because of the March NA binge.

2015 average rating by publisher

See, indies don’t lead to good things with me. Which is why I still will NEVER accept them as review copies. I inflict enough pain on myself. But otherwise, the ratings are good! All of them had big increases, the biggest being Macmillan with a 0.74 point boost. Allen & Unwin profited off of the Every series, and HMH has the His Fair Assassin series to thank. Heck yes to series binges!


2015 sources

I was all ready to throw myself a party for having less review copies this year, but it’s actually almost the same as last year (47% vs. 48%). That one point decrease deserves some confetti though, right? *limply tosses confetti* Better luck next time.

2015 average rating by source

BEA is based on one finished copy from 2014 that I just got around to this year, so don’t freak out about that. That would be amazing otherwise xD I am very happy with the high ratings for purchased, won, and gifted books though. Good book choices 🙂 And there were MASSIVE jumps for Edelweiss (3.53 vs. 2.8) and NetGalley (3.42 vs. 2.7). WOAH. Yeah, I got a lot better in selectively choosing review copies.


2015 format

Slightly more hardcovers, almost half as many paperbacks, 50% more e-ARCs… but the biggest jump is e-books. Which, again, is because of the NA binge in March. I really need to work on reading my unread physical copies…

2015 average rating by format

4.07 for my hardcovers? HELL YEAH. Smart purchasing decisions. Anyway, the rest is basically just good all around.

Onwards to 2016!

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4 responses to “2015 Reading Statistics

  1. It is really interesting to see that you break down your ratings by format, and I am interested to see my own, if I should do the same. I wonder if I would have the same outcome for hardbacks, because those are new releases that I really really REALLY wanted.

    I love this, Debby. Thank you for doing it again this year!

    • Awww, thanks Lyn! I’m glad you like it 🙂 I’m stunned by my ratings by format tbh, but I’ve been a lot more cautious purchasing books for the past year, so it does make sense.

  2. This is simply amazing and I wish that I had the mad Excel skills that you do so that I could figure out my reading life in such a visually perfect manner. But I bow down to your awesomeness and wish you an even more spectacular reading year in 2016!

    • Hahaha, thank you! Honestly, Excel isn’t that hard and *whispers* I just used the same file I used for it last year, just changing fonts and colors on the graphs a little. So yeah, it takes a little time, but then if you have the basis, you can keep using it 🙂