Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Fluffy Romance

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I wasn’t originally going to do this topic, but then I thought, hey, it’s summer, all I want to do is read fluffy books, and I might as well tell people why. I kind of wrote about this once before when I made the case for banterfluff, but not as structured and clarified as a ten point list. Fluff rocks. Here’s why.

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Fluffy Romance

1. It’s an escape.
Life is not always sunshine and rainbows and happiness. But in books IT TOTALLY CAN BE. There are few things I love more than, after a tough day of work, diving into a happy world where the characters are adorable and lovey dovey to each other. When they make me giggle for reals out loud, they actively make my life better.

2. The characters are easier to relate to.
I love fantasy as much as the next avid reader, but at the end of the day, being the character reader that I am, I’m only going to really find myself in fluffy contemporary romances. Their lives are not too complicated. They struggle with real world, banal, “first world” problems. They are flawed, but they learn. And they’re just trying to get through life one day at a time.

3. They make me happy.
Kind of the same as point number 1, but SERIOUSLY, these books make me so happy. Fluffy romances will often have me giggling, laughing out loud, aww-ing, and just straight up flailing in my bed. And how awesome is it that a book can have such an effect on me?

4. They’re quick to read.
Just a practical note, these books are typically short and since they can be so addictive if you’re sucked into the ship, you’ll breeze through them in no time. I’m not the fastest reader, so it does feel good when I blow through a 300 page book in one or two sittings.

5. Nostalgia feels.
The characters live lives that are more similar to my own, which means I get to be transported back to my high school days. All the typical heartbreak and drama, the fun adventures with friends and family, the classes, the studying, the anxiety, the football games… There’s something really refreshing about it.

At the heart of a good fluffy book is a killer romance with an irresistible book boyfriend. WHO DOES NOT LIKE TO SWOON?

7. Fuel for daydreams.
Yep. I’m a hopeless romantic. A hopelessly 4-years-single romantic who desperately wants to dream of some lovely first kisses and the kind of chemistry and passion that give me butterflies in my stomach. Fluffy romances may not always be 100% original, but those classic moves like surprise kisses, accidental nighttime cuddling, and freaking hand holding make my heart soar every time.

8. My favorite tropes.
I’m a sucker for a few key romantic tropes, most prominently fake dating, hate-to-love romance, and best friend romance. And obviously the best place to find these are in fluffy contemporaries.

9. Significant character growth for REAL characters.
These books are often focused on the characters, and though they’re not going through BIG SAVE THE WORLD type issues, they are in that phase of self-discovery and growing in small but definitely significant ways. That’s beautiful. I’ll often read a fluffy contemporary book and learn something about myself, like my struggles with anxiety or how I need to get out of my comfort zone or how I should unapologetically be myself. Self-improvement through fluffy romance – can I get a hell yes?

10. Hope for a happy ending.
At the end of the day, being the hopeless romantic that I am, I like reading these stories and thinking that one day, that’s gonna happen to me. Because we all deserve such fluffy happiness ♥

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3 responses to “Top Ten Reasons Why I Love Fluffy Romance

  1. Alright, Christina clickbait trap totally worked. :-p

    1. Escapism is totally undervalued as a reason for reading, and I really don’t get why people think it’s shameful. Like, honestly, basically all reading is escapism in some sense. And why should it be worse to escape to something pleasant??? Especially if it’s good for your mental health. Down with this bias, I say!

    2. Hmmm, I’d never really thought about that, but you have a point. I relate to fantasy characters, but it’s more personality than life circumstances obviously.


    4. I love fat books too but tbh there is nothing like feeling superhuman because you read something SUPER DUPER LIGHTNING FAST. I mean, okay it was just short but whatever I’m amazing.

    5. I never want to be back to high school, but I’m generally thinking more about college anyway bc idk. I didn’t really have much of a social life in high school. YA does sometimes help me process and reflect on things in healthy ways though.


    7. Obviously I can’t do this so much at this point but girl I have been there.

    8. TROPES. Hate to love forever. Fake dating hate to love is the tippy top best though. Especially if there’s also gender bending. (HOLLA COFFEE PRINCE—I just figured out why I love that series so much.)

    9. YES CHARACTER ARCS YES. You cannot do a good fluff novel without serious character building and arcs. In genre fiction and serious topic stuff, you can skate by on plot but not in fluff nope nope.

    10. Happy endings FOREVER. Sad endings are rude and just why.

  2. You know that I relate to literally this entire post 100% and I would have written it exactly as you did!!! So perfect! I LOVE the escape because yes, they make me happy. The world is tough enough and I just really like light contemporaries to give me warm fuzzies and make me smile. And yessss relating to the characters. I might be twice their age now but so many of their stories either remind me of myself or are total wish fulfillment for teenage Morgan haha. Which leads into the nostalgia I suppose 🙂 SHIP GIVE ME ALL THE SHIPS. ADMIRAL OF THE SHIP FLEET. Now I need an engaging narrator and some awesome friendships, family feels, etc, but when I go into a fluffy contemp for the romance, I need the ship to work for me or the whole book is over. I love when I get butterflies in my stomach from the simplest, most innocent moments- that means the ship is really working 😀 HELL YES, I love the idea of self-improvement through fluffy contemp. I like when they deal with real issues and act like real people, but the happy ending hope is so important to me. Maybe they break up in college but as long as it works now, that’s what I need. THE TROPES. I forgive so much more in contemporaries than I do any other genre because my number 1 priority is finding a book that I would watch as a rom com a million times. I love all the tropes when they’re done well and I don’t care if a book is predictable. Sometimes that’s exactly what I’m looking for.

    Your list is the best!!!!!