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I know what you’re thinking. THIS TAG EXISTS? WHAT STROKE OF GENIUS? Right. Well this is all thanks to Aentee @ Read At Midnight. When Lindsey tagged me in this I FREAKED OUT. So obviously. I had to do it. Right away.


It’s all about Harry Potter for me. I don’t necessarily want to sound like a cliché, but it’s the truth. I’ve talked before about how I hated reading as a kid and Harry Potter was the only exception. However, the series that really got me to full on book nerd mode was The Hunger Games. And I will always cherish it for that.


I am not a classic fan at all. I struggle through them. But I have a soft spot for Austen, so even though it’s yet another cliché, I will say Pride and Prejudice. Sorry not sorry, but them’s the hate-to-love spectacular feels.


I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes, but I’m honestly tired of hearing about The Lumatere Chronicles. I read the first book and it was okay, but not outstanding. But everyone raves about the entire series and it’s just… exhausting. Maybe I’ll give it another shot someday, but right now, I so do not feel like it.


The first thing that comes to mind is the Precious Stone Trilogy by Kerstin Gier. That series is SO tropey and it has basically ALL the YA clichés. But it’s done in a way that is JUST. SO. ENJOYABLE. The entertainment value is off the charts awesome.


I’m gonna go with Lindsey here and say A Song of Ice and Fire. I read the first two books, but that means there are three more available to me… but they’re just too chunky. I’m also having trouble getting myself to finish the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series even though I am SURE I will love that one.


I’m not one to really lose sleep over books – not because I’m scared nor because I just can’t stop until I finish. I’m so used to being jolted out of my books at random points anyway because I read on my commute. But the most compelling books for me that are hard to stop reading are the best fluffy contemporaries. Thinking just about this year, that would mean P.S. I Like You, Girl Against the Universe, and The Unexpected Everything.


I mean, if we’re talking OTP of OTPs, I’m always gonna have to go back to Dramione – although that lives entirely in my head and not at all on the page. Some others… Percabeth, Wes & Mac, Kell & Lila, all of Kasie West’s ships, Cress & Thorne, Katniss & Gale, Shazi & Khalid, etc. etc. etc.


It’s been a while, but the first thing to come to mind is All Our Yesterdays by Cristin Terrill, which I still feel far to few people have read. I mean – time travel. For one. But it’s also just extremely fast-paced and intriguing and compelling and I read it in like NO time.


I mean. Harry Potter. Duh. Though I don’t really like it when they keep making spin-offs and I’m already hesitant about the Cursed Child and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, I will keep reading because I can never let go of that world. I do hope, though, that J.K. Rowling won’t actually write another sequel. Prequels I would be cool with. Seeing the Marauders at school? Game. Seeing the Founders? Excellent. But yeah, let go of Harry and the gang.


Wowwww I am really dropping the ball on debuts this year. The one on my list that I am most tempted by that’s not out yet is Cherry by Lindsey Rosin. And it comes out next week. Oops. Let me know of some debuts I should have on my radar 😉


Honestly, I’m on a Kasie West high right now. This woman writes pure magic, and it seems like she just 100% gets me. I just devoured P.S. I Like You this past weekend, and it was absolute perfection. Will pre-order every Kasie West book from now to eternity and read them the second they reach me.


Hmmmm… I’m going to casually say The Raven Cycle and then just back away.


The Song Rising!!!! COME TO ME BABY PLEEEEEEEEEEAAAASEEEEEEE. It has been so long, and I’m okay with that because I know the book is more amazing because it isn’t being rushed. But honestly I need to get back into this world and I need more Paige & Warden…


Hmm, I’m thinking His Fair Assassin. I had heard AMAZING things about that series, but I hadn’t read much – or really any – historical fiction before I dove into that. So imagine my surprise when I was completely engaged – as much as I am with the best high fantasies and sci-fi dystopias. And that series is like top quality from start to finish. I am excited we’re getting more books 🙂


This one is kind of hard! I like really really pretty books, but collector’s editions? The only one I can really think of is the blue slipcase editions of A Song of Ice and Fire. Those are beyond gorgeous but SO rare that they’re now hundreds of dollars and only available via, like, e-Bay. Sad.


I tag YOU! (if you want)

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