About the Blog

Welcome to Snuggly Oranges! Wondering what exactly it is that you’ve stumbled upon?

Snuggly Oranges was created on October 20th, 2012, out of a deep love of young adult books. For four full years, the blog was a non-stop source of bookish rambles, discussion and excitement. But all things change, and people grow up. In October 2016, the blog went on a long (very long) hiatus. And now we’re back! And we’re ready to talk about a whole lot more than just books.

About me

Hey there! I’m Debby, the sole blogger here at Snuggly Oranges. This blog is a labor of love that’s gone through many iterations, but one thing’s for sure – I can’t help but want to share my excitement and passion about media and life.

Who am I exactly though? I’m a 20-something (I can still say that, yes) reader, gamer, TV fanatic, traveler, marketer, amateur cook, you name it. I love way too many things, have way too many hobbies, that I have constant difficulty choosing what thing I’m going to do next. Sometimes that’s frustrating, but nowadays I’m just owning that identity.

I live in the Netherlands, where I was also born, but I spent 12 years of my life (most of my childhood) abroad. 10 years of that was in the US, in Texas, which even got me so far as to receive an American passport. So yeah, I’m a child of two cultures, something that also has an effect on the way I see the world.

This thing all started when I blogged about books. In fact, in 4 years, I read no less than 411 books. Curious which ones are my favorites, the so-called Debby Books? Check out this page!